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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Mon 7:01, 18 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

Chicken feet alley children
According to experts, research, registration of thousands of old Beijing hutong, have two babies alley chicken feet, a four arches in the eastern of the East and one in the west Xizhimenwai Lishi. The last centenary, the fifties and sixties, my childhood and youngster, is in this second chicken house, the road south spent the first courtyard.Analysis it is immediately, chicken babies really easy this appoint was apt: from east to west, begins favor a four-meter alley, go down to walk, the road interlocking the south yard has more than a dozen bigger way, to Road North merely incoherent three courtyards, the formation of the 2 to the northwest fork, straight exercise road, alley deserving west out of coming to an end after a large portion of the south Shui, and more inside the alley between North and South is wider, whether Draw a bird's eye view, have to be an oversized feet. Large ample to have a small alley football floor, the two come to an mature embrace, yet a large locust tree east column, horizontal at elm trees at the West.
That this lane and simple, but also because people who live in the alley. It is said that long ago in this city with a donkey (Lishi name of the resulting), did not lived Sheriff rich, have not been out of historical allusions (like chicken feet that children in the East, but also lived in Duan and So change the name good warning alley); liberation are also mutual people, How come? At that time the school did not so much class, if it were not for always daytime, when work is not so many an hour at the most finished, and plenty of local alley, but also almost the same school, so almost the plenary mad alley the children play attach, who do not know Who. Parents are tailors, and have pedaled carts, and carry a big one in the granary, with the Xinhua Printing House when the workers there when the eruption stove workers in the coiling mill, a railroad when the signal workers, stevedores , the most so I appreciate the dark child's father, opened the train, then a big old long train slipped in his hands to stop, to linger away, also today, tomorrow Shanhaiguan Lanzhou, and many cattle wow.
Especially in the summer night, the narrow namely a massive playground, talk, and practicing martial masterpieces, and leave wrestle, and activity, and activity "to save and sprint", and listen apt the elders differentiate stories, and this one, gives me the maximum Several of the neighbors apt play melodious instruments. Do no play to adults shrieking, and never work family. Next Yan Qing courtyard there was a big brother ambition be cried the flute, fiddle pluck the same courtyard there ambition be a brother to play dulcimer, animate the 1st period I listened to "Thunder in a Drought" and "Yudabajiao" is namely he played a; alley west end there is an uncle plays the accordion; gate in the courtyard there was a publishing factory employee band, the age pellet in the plant to the accompaniment, and often the trumpet, saxophone take family to train in the alley; too sing Hebei Clapper Opera Peking opera of appraisal; there is somebody please priest funeral orchestra, they constantly play pop music at namely time, I memorize quite clearly: Once they thump the song is "actually cheerful dead," suddenly made me feel the coffin is not so terrible. Under the inspire of these human, I know what is String Band Percussion, what is the 3 shot four shot, what is the dance march.
Because my household was poor, with restless, especially its beauty --- a cavity in the net is actually able to come up with bamboo manoeuvre so nice, I began to play the flute, so Yan Qing brother influenced me the most, often to play with him, I know Lu Chunling south northwardly Fengzi survival, a variety of techniques known how it was. Slowly, I'm anchored. No money to buy a flute, I remember the first branch to buy the flute is not a film gross twenty-one single flute; way to educate, vacation, after meal, in the gateway, in the street, in the metropolis moat, by the time the time regardless of position, pick up to blow. Second exit lane northwest side of the road a half open-air public toilet, and once I play the flute brim to edge stool, I remember there was a smile uncle said to me: your kid grow up to be a singer prospective. A joke to me imagination.I remember the first full blown song music instructing materials on the "beloved children in the mountains Mountain", the first stage in the fifth grade when the school's gathering, the air was "small cattle." Old time radio broadcast Sen creation, playing a alone, "Little Village, King," call me mesmerized, although can not tell a Ziwumaoyou, but I look for water in the mountains where there are peasants, to some tunes, then the adults that is called "mood." So I went back with the flute to the Fragrant Hills Village, seeing for mood. With the basis in the alley, very easy to get into tall school after the school band and switched to clarinet, schools, professional instructor in the level, please, speak read music, speak music gratitude, and said to train professionals, did not expect to just be a little fingering, "campaign" to come ... ...
Children leave the chicken feet from the alley has been virtually four decades,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the piece of alley from the earth there are nearly two years. But ashore that alley to me ten years to develop the "problems" must with my life was. Listening to music playing music is the entity I am most happy and feel agreeable music to clean, work off steam, a health curative powers, which I applied successfully, mistrust. I am also glad that the ideal of the lavatory then failed to achieve, for if really agree in a vocational,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you must use it to feed their families, it is laborious just like today, so put; there is my own children is a semi-indulgence type of viewpoint, and never coerced her how how how how to be, I deem that would be counter-productive, so that we tin definitely not interested in the things of her artistic hobby, never begrudge the money can furnish, and does not consider What the studies can, almost what level test --- like her dad is so grown up.
Chicken feet alley children of "fat children" who, the neighbors,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], where you are now, all right? Yan Qing heard his brother graduated from high school to work in the Housing Authority a few years ago I have twice found nobody of the Trustee to do so, if the ensemble is then a "Happy Encounter" (Fengzi save one of the representative), then this is what savor? The good newspaper is, in my new residence approximate the small park, came to know a group of forty years ago should be aware of people who really have done a professional, my evaluation of their absence of manners, but a most by listening, "You practiced playing the flute lad power." People live to be as comprehensive for possible that, due to detachment point --- It is more interesting. So, I often calculate of the alley piece of enlightenment for me.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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