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beijing hutong tour

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PostPosted: Thu 9:43, 17 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing hutong tour

Speaking of the Buddha rank Ajia Ajia Xi Rao also said Sambu II (1642-1707), who was nativity in Qinghai Huang Li mountain A's kin is from the Tibetan monks to the Monastery transmission means is to return to Chu Chen incarnation, was the Tar sixteenth France and Taiwan,beijing hutong tour, thus fashioning the Arabsalabo kin alive Buddha, afterward renamed Aka Buddha. In 1689, he presided over the largest expansion of Tar by the Church. III Tony Gyaltsen (1708-1768), in the year of Qianlong (1746) to Beijing for acknowledged an spectators, a glance of "state Road door rare" title. And to serve to stay in Beijing, Zhu Xi Lama Temple, vice Zhasakeda Lama. Buddha Lama Aka position that the construction by this time.
In the Qing Dynasty, the Buddha Buddha positions over the establishment that the close relationship with the Lama Temple, Lama Temple also shows the position and influence. Buddha Lama has transform explicit the central warehouse and Tibetan, Mongolian local interlock between the Living Buddha. Passage of time, I am in the early nineties, often between the Buddhist position in this silence Ajia courtyard. Two rows behind the house was home to many old monk who has uda-wood, root London, Phuntsok House so, like the bus, uh, and white tones, have been lived here. Uda shag wood but not the elderly, a door for the elderly in a kind of plants grown in boils, growing lush. He was here five times Falun hymning hall of the Ministry Kanjur Tripitaka, the old man's appetite is to pray for peace and prosperity. He and several other retired monks have again carried out to amass the money under the liberalness, but with the root Tun Uda globe of wood are approximately a hundred life.
Now, as the Lama Temple in Ajia old Buddhist monk storage accommodation, the overall features on the central air conditioning, heating, pantry,beijing day trips, escaping water, toilet, the room is also equipped with a wardrobe and other furniture. Where they will attend, life, enjoying their later years.
Lama Temple of Buddha positions to harmony, heavy with the form of a solemn temples. Elderly monks stay, both well defended cultural relics, and the Lama Temple's history and culture and proceed to write further use. Who have capital of 6 dynasties in Beijing, a great number of old trees, which is the capital of the characteristics of Sophora japonica, since Yuan Dynasty, is the trees in Beijing brained tree. This native tree category with a cold, drought resistance characteristics, to adapt to the air conditions in Beijing and the natural context, coupled with magnificent tree, rapid growth, it is widely planted. Are often skillful to see the old capital, a few hundred to a thousand years of Sophora japonica, such as Beihai Park, House of Tang guhuai hasty ships, the Forbidden City Hongqiao Wu Yingdian off the eastern side of the guhuai, though after the vicissitudes of life, still fruitful leaf, and the Lama Temple in Kyoto, the guhuai,
Yonghe Lama Temple, the third door into the courtyard courtyards, you can watch extra than ten strains of age Ash. Yard deep, guhuai trees. Blooming season, cordial breeze,Beijing China Tours, which emit bursts of Guhuai elegant aroma, was in the wind, intoxicating. SJ pale green covered with wafers of cap and bring bursts of fragrance. Layers of green leaves, blocking the sun, the formation of patches of greenery, visitors to repose in the shade, chatting, perusing newspapers, production the away. July and August, SJ gradually falling, and that mini bit of dyed light green courtyard on the ground without damage, sparrows, magpies during delight, yet also a life. Near September, the autumn air blows, the Huai Huan dancing sticks, under the tree squirrel jumped, visitors coming and going, the scenery becomes a lukewarm, opposition the dispersed Sophora japonica I wade the meantime, the experience of the "Montreal Cassia Autumn Flower "of the territory. Occasional chess in the screen under the priests, "a tree Sophora japonica few fragrance, Su Ming Qu lyric embark", namely namely some class. New Year summer months, the capital agreed with flowering acacia trees Danian, flower latent muscular, the Lama Temple is no exception, magnificent, full of families to cost a day, pensive. The locust tree leaves are come to late, later distinct fall until early December. Snow afterward the trunk holding silver copper Xu, cumbersome and sculptured, the more the vicissitudes of temperament. Unique scenery, busy people who adore photography bad, not marvel then Cao has left "the great Goodwood envy, love has been expensive in the Extreme," a poem that praised the Sophora japonica.
The coexistence of antique and outstanding trees and ancient building, is the capital of the traits, but also the characteristics of the Lama Temple. Forty years of Qianlong (1783), in the process of establishing the Imperial College hall with a circlet, a 51 Cassia Park as Fachu, Qianlong throne understand that, now following the encyclical: "Where the juvenile trees can be transplanted are no granted to deduct from. Nearest transplant Imperial College in the door, the Lama Temple, the remaining trees can no be transplanted, to make use of the auditorium with a circlet project up. "Lama Temple Pagoda Tree that is, when ported from Imperial College. This guhuai mansion homes with the Yonghe door echoes the basic layout was symmetrical planting. The microstructure, the thickest 1 in the west of Yonghe Gate, more than 300 annuals, is one old tree. This tree old Qiu Jin, dingy green leaves and vitality. Trunk uneven, piebald tree scales, it seems that a partition of the TV drama tells the uncommon history of this temple tells the alterations. While the number of trees between 200 to 300 years, each with guhuai the diagram, waving favor some do, some do bow-shaped, and some quietly stand guard like a temple, it is "a foliage of customs intelligence."
Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty and is subsequent to the room along the Hall of Buddha Ash's; since the Qing empire, the Lama Temple of the God King exorcism dance (usually known for "exorcism of devils") observance is held in the Ash side; the last century, the early fifties, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and additional state leaders are also to the Lama Temple by the inspection Keke Ash; 1997, musician and painter Wang Hu Songhua theorem, the official napkin, mohair side, Yao-citizens and others are in the ink brush this under the shade of acacia trees, to salute the return of Hong Kong; these years, the eleventh Panchen Lama is the result of this inter-Ash to house preaching the Falun dialectic.

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