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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Fri 3:17, 11 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours

Especially the empire, the throne once he wears robes and yellow gown reward to Chahan Living Buddha, which in Qing history and the history of Tibetan Buddhism is matchless. In adding, the historical Buddha World Cha Han Emperor reward peregrination tin take the yellow car, this handling is also unusual. As Chahan Living Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism and the Qing dynasty, differentiated merit, was the status of adore for the black temple and Huang Temple in the chief have become a outstanding Tibetan Buddhist temple. Now living Buddha as the ninth World's Chahan World Chahan Darkhan Hutuketu loose that day Buddha (formerly that wood Gilles), Lunar New Year 1944 was connate October 18 Alukerqinqi Chifeng City, Inner Temple, Su Han Wood herdsmen Kampot family. Is now administrative manager of the China Buddhist Association, vice premier of the Buddhist Association of Inner Mongolia.
Ninth World Chahan quest that the Living Buddha base at lax by the Fifth World Yangsong Ji Yan wood Buddha (also known as Buddha alternatively the living Buddha Monk smoke,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Cha Han Living Buddha, Living Buddha with the infrequent west of the 3 Living Buddha Temple, which the Temple is the basis of mores Alukerqinqi Temple) individually chaired over the inquiry, at the age of 2 by the Panchen Lama formally recognized masters and Kangchenjunga,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Gree Geli Ge give 法名罗布桑 quick as up by far. In order to restore and rebuild Beijing Black Temple, Cha Han Song Buddha several times that day, report it to the authorities and made recommendations. He said: Black Temple, rehabilitation and reconstruction of my life one of the maximum important long-cherished wish.
In 1860, British and French forces invaded Beijing, Summer Palace the night ahead in the looting that namely stationed in the Black Temple. Madian time is a quagmire space. October 5, the consolidation forces to the northwardly vanguard Andingmen, Deshengmen approach advancing. 6 May, one thousand copied to Deshengmen Tucheng outside. Qing convert scared at this time, contains the history, "Colts are looking shadow fled, the step group likewise caught on channeling that reverse Yi for unhindered." Coalition by the Huang Temple, Black Temple, instantly towards the northwest, bombard the Winter Palace.
Black Temple, Huang Temple and Lama Temple Beijing for the year with the most important monastery. The Temple of the exorcism of devils, each year during the Spring Festival is an important influence on the activities of civil society, in the fifteenth Lama exorcism of devils, black temple exorcism of monsters in the premier month xxiii. Shandong Mr. Yang Aitang's Unpublished writing, reminisced in 1922 to visit the Lama Temple Black case dozen ghosts. The story stated: Temple in the northwest Deshengmenwai approximately, the points nigh the Temple, the Temple hosted the Living Buddhas and lamas of Mongolia, the Manchu forces of a magnificent time, that appeasement policies. During the first month xxiii, the exorcism of demons, will be huge activity. Or the specter of cloud that Yang Qilang play. Yang Qilang by barbarian terror, that fear Shichiro the ghost. Yun kick above is Beyond The Grave, for fear of afflicting person Beyond The Grave also. Regardless of what is unknown, said two co-exist it. Nothing more than a superstition. Temple arrived when the mountain is placed outside the gate of a carriage. See Qunseng surging out of the circulation, playing the ghost who face disguised in pearly raiment, holding a pearly abrasive, with the run with the Caesar. Exorcism of demons by key Technicolor Dreamcoat, playing Ma Tau face, blushing or green cilia, big teeth or fangs, are holding a whip narrating anyone to play. Called the exorcism of demons, but in reality kick. Ghosts Before the guards of prestige, for percussion. Ghosts followed by melody, the living Buddha. Finally, the yellow chariot, chariot of the puppet, or that Buddha also. It shows that in 1922, Black Temple is still busy at the religious and prim.
Black Temple should launch related ebb. Guangxu sixteen years (1890) the fourth day of the ninth lunar month, in mandate to clutch military trial (culling of naval workers), the Ministry of War in the Black Temple tribunal tents, tents outside the ride mat cabins, tents set up checkup shed, edible shed, shed the results of the kitchen by midnight launch. At that time, said the fire files: instant flames vacated, Mars flight outbreak, nevertheless the members served along the Department in time because the fighting, etc., no such mat huts cozy apt fire, the fire burned extra pang. This many clamor obtaining bigger, so that military trial and therefore delayed.
But from the material point of outlook, the fire has not among the Black Temple also many damage, so Mr. Yang Aitang still there in 1922, the exorcism of demons, watching the bustling observance. Since then there have "burnt down the lobby among the Republic of China, Temple,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then vanquish," the log, but now the fire has not found a specific time and records. 1948, Black Temple had only the two deserted lobby, where some human do take avail of this uncomplicated Yanshan from the private school, to the early period, the school only a few dozen students. Later, Muslims here became the basic school site Madian, Haidian District, after renamed the National Primary School.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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