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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Tue 9:21, 19 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

Suspected by the law to raise the toilet and into China with Buddhism. Various laws in the early Buddhist, the monks logged the use of public toilets Buddha guidance chips, such as, by the Lumbini Master Volume VI: Er Shi Buddha in Rajgir, a recluse, Brahmin caste. Net and more dirt, the grass on the toilet to raise scraped Road, scraping endless injuries have broken it, broken is the color pessimistic. Made all monks asked: "how thou settedst little haggard why Huanku color?" That Dayan: "I do not wish evil on the net when the toilet, massive scraping or by raising the body from injury, the substantial incidence is not music."
In answer, Sakyamuni Buddha said: "start-stop is really, scratch that by raising the net net. Swab so without raising the walls of the net shall no be ashore the lavatory slab Fu swab in net, no stone, not with grass clods Qimu cork rind soft leaves are not secondhand; to those applied to wood and bamboo reed because chips. metric method, a very aged one hall, the shorter four fingers. vibration that may not have been tainted by the net who can not raise the net in. is the name of the restroom with the toilet to raise law. "Sakyamuni Buddha lived in BC, six, seven centuries, these commandments are written in a hundred annuals after his death,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so the view from the new literature, the history of India to use the toilet to raise many earlier than in China. Buddhism began to scatter into the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, 1st introduced only some "after", and the journal life of believers to make clear the requirements of "law" is from the three countries started to raise the Chinese folk to use the toilet since the premier records of the three countries also beginning to raise the toilet so that the new passed by the Indian or tenable. However, this does not eliminate the Chinese human to use the toilet before the piece, but there is not testify of it. The ultimate reply may must future archaeological findings to give. Chip method using the toilet with the introduction of Buddhism from India, and after raised to the toilet paper was began by the Mongolian Yuan reign royal household. Swab from the archaic Chinese custom of offensive flow openness of the Chinese culture can be seen from the micro-known writing, the Seeing, Glimpse of the Chinese country can be preoccupied from entire the fine achievements of the human institution.
A third "Chang'an Avenue," said Kwong Street have been completed in Beijing. Kwong Street, was created in the before fifty years, is the south of Beijing city aorta. Kwong Street before the line and then had the antique lesson of the Ming and Qing period Sanlihe. So numerous names have Kwong Street and creek narrated, such as the South Bridge Bay, sub-channel, large stone and so on. From west to east, Caishikou, and garlic Zhushikou Kwong Street, City, I can count to amplify this line of history and culture of the three reference points. Let me talk about cinema culture, near the mouth of the famous edible market Huguang Guild Hall, where the playhouse is now a very small digit of Chinese are still using one of the ancient theater. The jewelry City, a small river near the mouth of the alley, though of Theater Hall Hinata not be exploited, but Beijing is the largest and best erection the maximum exquisite elegant,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], well preserved theaters in the Qing Dynasty-style civilian works.
Caishikou the greatest significance namely the 1898 Reform Movement, "Six Gentlemen" in this brave sacrifice, the South China Sea Kang dwelling hall "Seven Tree Church" and Tan's residence hall in Liuyang, "Mang gray vegetarian" are likewise beside. And in the West Banbi Street Zhushikou source according Escort, the same recollections as part of the history of the land. Escort and Tan is the landlord and jot a story make the sword a period of 5 sovereign. Wang Wu and Yuen Shun knives Escort is also seen as a Chinese folk culture is worth learning the instance. The same can be base in Kwong Street, the scenery of Buddhist and Taoist mores. After entering Grandmaster Kwong Street, the road south Baoying Temple, the temple of the Tang Dynasty, the Ming and Qing reconstruction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], well-preserved; Beyond the North East reported that the outstanding Ming Dynasty Jindaiji Temple, Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is the cultural capital of the outstanding mall ; contrast echoes in the south near the jaws of garlic Yaowang Temple City is the largest one in Beijing Yaowang Temple. Plenty of room at the east of the temple here has been dismantled, merely the 3 cardinal hall and the western side hall is still intact. In the 20th centenary, 3 to 4 decades, South Yaowang Temple is Beijing's largest mall division store wholesale market.
Kwong Street, the development, so that they have been deep in the narrow streets, thronged residential elements to seem in the streets heritage. Kwong Avenue widening, the Hinata House of Theater Street, only 600 meters away; Kwong Yuen Shun Escort avenue from the street is a few steps; Qi, after years of road opened up, South Yaowang Temple main hall and three things side hall, equitable in the southern segment of the sides, and the Temple of Heaven echoes. Kwong Street, the development of a invaluable show that three cultural heritage of one opportunity. The same can be said that this chance is an important proposal --- Conservation and coordinated development of urban construction.
Hinata Center of Theater Research Center of the architectural neatness and history of Chinese screenplay has important historical value, the current pharmaceutical Tong Ren Tang has served as a storage. In recent years, has again called on the public protection and utilization of Hinata House, but are inaccessible for of the taper lane not implemented. With Kwong Street project started, four of the Beijing Peking Opera Theater of the development of the first of the Hinata House was eventually proficient to put on the programme. Experts recommend that Hinata House mend, both as a cultural attraction for visitors, but also as venues, staged in Beijing, Kun projects. King Five in the Hundred Days Reform sword, Boxer Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion against the aggression of a famous fable. With the broadening of the Guang'an Avenue, to the public for how to exploit the source along Escort also made nice proposals, recommendations comprise restoration or prejudiced restoration of the original Escort, attempting martial arts, part of the house rotated into galleries and additional flat exhibit Wang Wusheng .

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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