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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Fri 8:05, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

Gold "North Port" city in the east coast of Gubeikou Chao. Built the city, where the Dongshan and Nanshan ridge, the stone is the Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall, be used as a "North Gate" city of the south and east wall. The new north walls, east of the East Peak; the west walls, the southern tip of the South Peak, are swiftly Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall. That both sides of the wall,beijing city tour, west of the north gate because of the Jin Dynasty, the river mattress is about ten meters lower than the city-based, so the digit of completely built at the foot of a few meters to ten meters lofty mountain stage.
City are the northwardly, south two, lower the north door, in a restricted mound; in the southeast, than it is now extra than ten meters of normal hill third annual of the Great Wall, there is a more than sixteen meters deep, wide and less than two meters in the metropolis cavity , is the Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall, "North Gate", was accustom for the new "North Gate" City of South Gate and the city appoint. Outside the northern city is the lessen streets of the mountains, approach the rill west of the city. The city of more than four meters thick, solid high-five meters or more, is built with colossal stones into lime. The city over 4 hundred meters north and south, someone more than three hundred meters, there are two north-south alley west today is more avenue and a street in the west, there are multi-chip mountain terraces. Available throughout the city area of over one hundred thousand square meters. Commanding the city, surrounded by mountains, an side Linhe. From the east, west and north, merely a small road guiding to the city. Defenders were standing aboard the isle, tin peep enemy operation.
Ming capital of Nanjing, the result of "North Port," the city is small, the eleventh year of Hongwu (1378), the dictator sent Gubeikou Xu Da to build the city. Gubeikou city again, "North Gate" about the Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall-meter thick with bricks as the walls north of the city; in the mountains south of the Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall, built south of the wall. Lifting the city with the mountain,beijing one day tour, airing, showing polygonal prism. City-based rock shall not, appearance of the bricks from the top class by cutting straight chisel built up instantly on the rocks five to six meters, the inside is still the altitude, so the appearance of the city, merely from the looks merely not the city. Below the outdoor, mow mountain cutting, so namely the enemy can not be beneath siege.
Gubeikou City, according to "Changping outlook in idea," periodical folded under the twenty-nine four in the three hundred and ten steps. Republic of China three years "Miyun County," frontispiece "Ten Maps" contains the eight thousand seven hundred and fifty feet; built among two mountains in the north and south are East Gate and South Gate; the north door is cut off the Great Wall and the "North Gate", pieced thirty meters mountains, built of twenty four meters wide and five meters, 12.5 meters high north, south brick fourteen meters high top of the city without holes. North outside a barbican, six meters wide and long and forty meters, five meters high. Urn north of the elemental "North Gate" City Avenue, renamed the South hill. "North Gate" City renamed "fetter city." Condescending, hard to attack easy to defend the "North Gate" city, there were defensive character, consist in ... the general use of the Northern Qi Dynasty City Wall Gubeikou so Gubeikou new city in the mountains, higher and more dangerous as the "City of the City" the.
According to historical records, construction of the Great Wall of China, began in the Spring and Autumn. Qin, Han, Northern Wei, Qi and Northern Zhou Dynasty and the Sui and so on benefit of the nomadic tribes in the frame of North and the Great Wall where are built. Hongwu of Ming Dynasty, Wanli to justify against the North Tatar, Wala minority of the intrusion, the construction of the West from Jiayuguan, east Shanhaiguan Great Wall, the aggregate length of about 6 thousand 7 hundred kilometers. Engineering is one of the great history of the world. Beijing Great Wall partition in particular, in recent years via the Beijing cultural relics ministry of cultural relics examine, focused on its labor-intensive field surveys and investigation, has snow-capped mountains in the West Village, Changping; Deer Township, Yanqing County, called the Village, pots, fresh vegetables universal Township Village, Township Hong Tuncun, West Village, Shek Kip plectrum Township; Huairou County, yellow, and three rural countryside of East Side Township, Taoyuan Village as crossing; Miyun County, Township, New Chengzihe qiangzilu village, township Dongzhuang Wo Simatai, three River, later the River; Mentougou torrent Hau Tsuen, Park Village as other places were base in the Ming Dynasty brick fifty-nine, lime kiln two. According to locals say, the brick size of two common points, the huge height of about four meters, meantime the small altitude of about three meters, three meters in diameter, respectively, and two m, all circular.
One large kiln to scald three thousand, a small kiln to scald two thousand. A lot of bricks engraved with the dynasty and in the other camp, such as: "Wanli five years to build Tong", "Wanli Ningxia create a five-year", "Wanli Shandong left to create a five-year", "Wanli five years to create a vibration Krupp cavalry" "Yan Sui to create the 1st year of Wanli", "Wanli Zhenwu 1st year to create", "Cao Lu Wanli first year to create", "Wanli six-Tong lead the course to create", "Secretary of Shenyang in spring against the right Butou made", "Shenyang Camp Second Secretary Ministry of the spring opposition the right to create, "" create a town of convict cavalry "," Baoding left to create ",beijing travel service," Hejian to create a "and so on. Also in the Ming Tombs Po Dingling base near the city slaughter pavilion unearthed bricks are inscribed with "Sun Zongyi Carpenter Yiyou eight out of the potter stone", "BingXu Linqing □ □ Austin on the entire made builders Zhao," "Pro Cui Qing Wu potter craftsmen in the forest-made "models such as Ming. Po also has books Linqing Chengzhuan words. Ming and models from the on place kilns, brick kilns can be discerned as described on are created in the Ming Dynasty Great Wall of firing by the crews in location, and Wanli in Ming Dynasty brick mausoleum was firing by Linqing and brick engraved with the names of the potter, and craftsman, the quality is better than the Great Wall bricks.

beijing hutong tour

beijing one day tour

Forbidden City Tour

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