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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Wed 10:40, 30 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

Royal Hall of the emperor and heart amenable JingYan "Ji Gu Li" erections. "Jingyan," is charted to study the classics, history, the emperor opened Lecturer, routinely from February to May each spring and fall, held among August and the winter solstice, located almost each unattached day, heat, chilly season to avoid halt. Lecturing during the circulation by the Minister of extensive learning Shijiang, featuring Famous annotate its meaning, for governing the country for reference.
And heart of the arranging and construction began in the house during the Kangxi reign, the house of the navel division situated Wong Fu Xi, Shen Nong Xuan Yuan bit, Imperial Master Tao Tang, a Yu-bit, Wang Shi Yu, Tang, civil and military position, entire the south. Hall East, Duke-bit, the West Hall of the Confucius bit. Ceremonial vessels used in rituals such as the emperor and the temple system, in which 9 cases anteroposterior: Jazz of all three, every an, were of bronze; basket for fruits of the two bamboo; bean the second, with bronze; circular covered basket an, bamboo; respect three copper. Hall Jigao ceremony and heart, sub-divisions and the pro-emperor sent two ministers on behalf of the report. Guangxu "Qing Hui Dian" Volume ○ seven, "Royal told and heart JingYan Qin Yi Dian courtesy only," states: Chang Temple in the Henan version sent to the Cabinet at the Christine Wish Book (Imperial Academy Zhu-Wen Drafting at anybody period.) The first daytime, I wish the Secretary Chang Temple Gong Feng Zhu version, leadership to the combat royal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I wish version sent to the house and heart apartment, situated in the case,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guikou as a ritual.
Worship at Mei Shuang, the Secretary cleanse the hall, the exhibition tent slowly, and Industry Division officials recommended to brown, Chang Temple in the Qing rate in a device. ... ... Emperor worship located in the middle of the auditorium, northwardly; Health Secretary Joseph instrument of administration of the emperor worship worship bed Zhizuo bit afterward; Chang Temple in the case of the West Division Zhu Li Zhu; case, Hong Li, after someone negative, something surfaces ; Ceremony Hall established outdoor of the West, east, west doors of the house note government note, the east; palm Liao Liao people stand outside the east gate of the corner of stove. Three engraved sunrise, the house custodian Yi Zhu version of the Housing and heart, Gong Feng Zhu Zhu version content with the case; Division Grand pledge real respect for the power shower spoon pour MG; Secretary silk Bong, Bong MG Grand Secretary, to the tablet into the front , arrange in the case; Division thanks to the official Yu-cloth mattress mattress on the doors of the house in the middle of worship, each retreat. Qing Qing Chang Temple in the door to go dry while playing the emperor Cheng Yu Yu Gunn served the eviction, the sometime Yi Hu after the usual instrument.
East Gate, the gate pedal to reduce the Mandarin Yu, supra, the minister, the guards were only created afterward Hu minister never complained. Like the right guide, left couple of handbooks, 2 Qing Chang Temple, Christine King from the Temple wall lead, Simon, into Kageyuki in the gate, rose in the mandate, the gate into the house, to adore the place before, the North to the stand. Ceremonies like the deacon namely the lawful post of the absolute, like playing the lead in place,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the emperor in place legislation. The Bong Hong, Hong Yi tablets before the only nominee disk. Like playing the lead position ashore the incense, and the King quoted the official adviser Kung Fu Xi Yi division incense table before the dictator, Zhu rose to the rank of the cited cases stand before the ending. Pilgrimage, Hong kneeling, favor lead playing incense, the emperor ashore the mallet of incense, incense three aboard the flap. Bi, minor race, before the incense Yi as before the pill appliance.
Citation played like reset, and the lead officer Christine reset guide the emperor, played bow down to Hing, the second emperor kneeling 6 Baili line. Xing, Zhu Yi Zhu Secretary kneeling before the case, the three call-in, Feng Zhu version of the case left knees. Citation played like kneeling emperor is kneeling; like reading wish; Secretary read I wish I wish complete, Xing, Feng Zhu Edition Guian tablets before the round covered basket, the three call-Hing. Bi, like playing bayshing cited the emperor line three Baili, Youzou bow Hing, two kneeling emperor six Baili line. Xing, Feng Zhu silk Ceremony like to send Liao, Secretary for the Secretary silk Yi Zhu Xian kneeling before the tablets, three call-in; Secretary Feng Zhu Zhu; Secretary silk Feng round covered basket. Xing, Xiang Feng, Hong kneeling. Xing, seq Central hearts out, Liao escort the emperor worship spaces stand transferred east, west; silk too presently I wish the emperor reset established. Like the ceremony played lead and guide the emperor of lead out of the house officer Christine door, down the order, Yi Yu Wenhua Dian JingYan. Bi, Cheng Yu likewise Palace, the official deacon retreat seq.
Only the starting of ceremony than the Emperor Yu Jingyan pm, although the years after the Royal Jingyan, only Qianguan perform on behalf of Jiguan on behalf of the East Gate and out only along the hospital and the hospital can not across into the Kageyuki door. "Qianguan courtesy only differentiate the house and center," states: Like Chang Temple in the award of two contentions, as quoted in Yuan Cheng Jiguanrudian East Gate, east through Kageyuki lined door to the house afterward door middle-order ceremonies, incense. Hall left out of the door. I hope to mail silk Liao, Cheng Ji Guan Li West to avert the east side, I like instrument.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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