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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Wed 5:16, 23 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours

Goral State 2 apt protect animals, first-class Convention aboard International Trade of animals namely strictly prohibited transactions. In the Beijing space are primarily distributed in Baihuashan, Matsuyama two ecology keeps and Fangshan, Miyun and Yanqing, Changping, Mentougou and other areas in the mountains, is a subspecies of 7 subspecies in North China. Emerging in recent annuals, Beijing has a important circumstance of hunting goral, such for the Township in Changping County, peasants have hounded a goral. Although the animal habitat of the mountain is no lofty, yet in general is very steep, laborious way of the mankind. Treacherous terrain is profitable to sprinting and hiding while it is frightened, particularly in some trees and shrubs will assist apt lest the sleet or heavy rain buffet the peppery sun. Goral see from the appearance of animals like goats or less, so in the Beijing zone is generally believed namely it is a wild sheep or said Qingyang, goats. The body length of 100 to 120 cm, elbow altitude of 62 to 74 cm, heaviness 28 to 30 kg. Its angle is small, black, wavy found.
Length soft and thick, gray-black or dark brown in winter, summer, dark colors, dark perpendicular lines on the back, without the mane hair, large throat patch, with taper white or russet. Tail of the longest species of goral North China, with the hair up more than 30 cm. Goral solitary temperament, never gregarious. Jumping ability and agility to ascend as many as serow. It was observed that the goral menagerie, you can bound cross the 1.8-meter-high obstacles. Brown-eared pheasant country one protected animals, infrequent birds, endemic to China. Mainly located in Beijing and other nature reserves in the Baihua and Matsuyama. It is the main color is brown body feathers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chief tail feathers and very long, high tilt, loose drooping advocate, such as tail feathers, accordingly the name brown-eared pheasant. Also famed chicken, black pheasant, COLLECTED PAPERS chicken. Brown-eared pheasant is very beautiful, dressed in dark brown body feathers, in adding, the head and neck showed a gray-brown, bright ruddy cheeks were not birds, there are a bunch of white feathers backward the ear, back the DPRK out, angular shape. The tail is well amplified, there are 22, long and fluffy.
It is for of this beautiful "clothes", it about brought misadventure. It's tail more than the ancients embroider called "Guan" cap and give the generals, the variety of hope they study to fight not to brown chicken life in the gallant morale. Starting from the Han Dynasty until the Qing Dynasty, Guan dressing two thousand years, also will greatly reduce the digit of brown-eared pheasant, has only a few survive in the mountain areas of northern China. Its activities during the day in the shrub in habitat in the tree branches at night fork. Food was mingled, with the vegetation roots, twigs, buds, seeds; also dine insects, ant eggs, worms and so on. Because of its short wings, relatively heavy body, combined with tail and long, so the flying skill is not high. It is good long run, frightened when it premier mound run to the ridge at the wings before take-off, gliding into the valleys. Encounter predators, and quickly perceive into the dense thickets. Normally, brown-eared pheasant often groups activities to spread the spring when propagating activities. Hen cock fight often occurs deserving to fighting, and noisy sounds abrasive,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tin be heard as distant away as two kilometers outside. Cock, the pate Shenjing, feathers high tilt, and the cock like family, really beautiful.
Spoon of chicken nation two protected animals. In Beijing, mainly distributed in the northwestern mountains to the forest. It is also understood as chicken Diao, angular chicken, chicken willow, mountain Chicken and so on. The cap feathers brown, black with bright green occipital length of the brim of the cap stretching back pillow, ear under a colossal pearly plumage. Pillow petticoat than male crown and a short tail. Spoon chicken mini flying habitat outdoor the jungle at night accommodation in a large broadleaf trees. Pairs of male and petticoat birds year-round activities, very few clustering. Them beneath the tree every day ahead dawn or later dark, the tree will be published calls, time of Sustainable half one hour. More often than the morning chirping dark, rainy days than sunny days shriek and a long period, song as fair a small school called the cock, the last sound prolong. No chirping from the trees after Shimoji, so spoon the chicken is very easy to ascertain.
When it finds an instantly after the move, rarely conceal. In the feeding, usually before the rooster in the hen. Plant-based food to peck. Breeding time is 3 to 7 months, the litter from 4 to 9 eggs, an hatched chicks can be neutral activities. Great Bustard country a protected animal. In the Beijing area are located in Western Hills and Mountain area. Also known as the Great Bustard to Pu, the sheep have to Bustard, is the largest bird, is the world's largest flying birds in an. General body height 60 cm, Liang Chi amplify up to 2 meters. Weight 10 to 15 kg. Dark gray head, throat feathers protruding fiber, much like the beard, not female. Reproductive changes from white to maroon throat, body feathers spread out like a hair enhancement. Body was brown and black markings. Three-toed feet, very robust, appropriate for running.
It inhabits grasslands Kong Hei slope and depression, usually in groups activities. To entire appearances, it seems fatuous, in fact, it is very vigilant, always look around the rise of movement, to discourage predator aggressions. Its ability to run the poor fly, like the pre-flight as the airplane took off, the first wind run a few steps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then take off. And flying very low, just like the aeroplane take-off rank. The birds generally do not tweet. Usually the cardinal food because the grass green, but also eat insects when breeding, of special note, addicted to eating locusts. Breeding season in spring and early summer, more than single or paired activities. 2 to 3 eggs per trash, large eggs, 70 mm 50 mm, weighs 130 grams.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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