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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Mon 6:17, 28 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours

The Forbidden City is the imperial palace in Ming and Qing dynasties, at present has gone through 560 years of years of vicissitudes. Where 24 emperors had lived, as the emperor summoned the ministers at the observance and to training the powers of the place, but also the emperor and empress, prince lived, a place to activity. 3 km long and 10 meter tall walls, as whether the palace is a fortified barrier, leaving a secret.
National Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City. The palace known as the Forbidden City, annotate this? Forbidden City "purple" refers to the lavender wall MSI. Ancient astronomers of the stars of paradise is divided into three wall, Ershibasu and other constellations. Tai Wei Yuan Yuan refers to the three, Ziwei Yuan Yuan, and daytime metropolis. Zi Wei Yuan is the wall, also known as Zi Wei Palace Purple Palace. It is in the northeast of the Big Dipper. "Peace amid the seated emperor, the Qing Shen officials global points", the ancients thought it was the Emperor of Heaven lived. Son of the feudal emperor to the Emperor of Heaven itself, he handled the everyday affairs of state and place of residence will chance the heart of the world. Because of the palace is a hierarchical feudal society,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the highest class of "tabooed region", will have the Forbidden City "tabooed" words to accent the peerless reputation of the Imperial Palace.
Tai Wei Yuan south three stars be thought as three gates, namely, side door, left Yemen, right Yemen; Corresponding to this, in front of the Forbidden City set up side doors, Meridian Gate, eastern and west sides set up right and left Yemen. Between the Meridian Gate and the Gate of Supreme Harmony, there Jinshui meandering via, symbolizing the Temple of the Milky Way. King and Queen live in the Palace of Heavenly Purity and Kunning, "dry", "kun" method the world to the meaning of the word. The eastern and west sides of the door at nice doors and Yuet Wah, is a symbol of the sun and the moon Zhenghui. Palace Palaces and Other entities are too a symbol of the sky were the stars and all the twelve constellations. Palace room innumerable. Some folk say, the Forbidden City has 9,999 rooms; some say, the museum's rooms ought have a 9999 and a half,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then half of 9999 and why there is it? Where a half? It cornered out that a half is below the west end Wenyuan The little attic room. In truth the so-called half-room Palace is simply not exist. Wen Yuan Ge sodu this area is quite small, with only one up and down the stairs, but still a entire. Wen Yuan Ge is the possession of China's first "Four Books" of the premises, in mandate to obtain "Sky raw water, to Liu Cheng of the" meaning water, fire, Wen Yuan Ge, reversing the Forbidden City as the housing among one weird number train, the use of do not talk of even symmetry - 6 rooms. But for the prettiness of the layout, the western end of a construction exceptionally small, seems to be a half rooms. National Palace Museum houses in the end there? According to a 8600 mysterious field dimensions.
Who visited the National Palace Museum, all look in "marginized" Where apt see the throne namely not truly live, "Seventy-six homes, 3 Princess Palace" of life. To speak about the "three palaces and 6 families." Palace Road, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Jiao Tai Dian, Kunning known for the "three palaces." Six homes, respectively,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the East Palaces: Itsuki, Jingren Gong, Cheng Qian Gong, Zhongcui Gong, Jing Yang Yonghe Palace and the Palace. The emperor's many wives, mentioning namely "Seventy-Fei" or "Prostitute three thousand." According apt the "Book of Rites," recorded in the system of the Zhou dynasty was "the emperor behind the sixth house, three wife, 9 example, twenty-VII women, eighty 1 to master his wife," This shows namely, as early as the Zhou Dynasty in China, the emperor's wives to with his wife, example, World Conference above Women, Yu's wife and additional label, the numbers are very staggering. Feudal emperors had the "supreme" authorization, be free to prefer concubine. "More Rouge of the North palace" in the feudal society, the number of youth women locked inside the palace, life may not be free!
The matron selected to the palace, once out of like, they dead in the palace cut-off room, the extra tragic. National Palace Museum "marginized" Where? No fixed place, merely there has always been 2 editions, one that is Palace of Heavenly Purity, Changchun Gong; one said, "marginized" no nailed residence, captivity Princess, Prince's place, they phoned "Lenggong." Search over see the Ming and Qing historical file, the Forbidden City no "marginized" board, Lenggong is not the official name given by the palace. According to some historical records, the Ming and Qing era was as a "marginized" where there are several places. Emperor Ming revelation, as Fei Lee angry the powerful eunuch Wei Zhongxian illustrious, was rushed to the Royal Court from the west of Changchun Gong dry West, a live 4 annuals. House capture has been dry West, there are fixed Fei, example, and stand at example three. This "marginized" in the west of the Forbidden City.
Empress Emperor of Zhen Fei was only to fall before the King Qi said Court held in three northern North (now collapses), today this place to the west gate in Zhenfei well. If this comes from the mouth of the eunuchs of the rumors are true, then this place is also considered a "Lenggong."
Palace of the Menbian "door" in the word is not the end of straight down to the base hook-up feet, are written. Why is deliberately written in such a "door" written word "," there will be a Song. Lin Song is said to have partly, the Yudie house bombard doors of the house burned. Zaichen played, said the palace plaque in the "door" the word, the ending has a foot anchor, with the bombard pen, so shake the fire will scald entire of these plaques tin only avoid catastrophe. Since then, the palace where the plaque, written when the "door" the ending of the word are straight down, do not hook feet.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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