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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Thu 8:30, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

Into the Meridian Gate, is appearance the DPRK Wo, and in Bulgaria and the 3 chief hall. Mandarin, valiant house as the two wings. Wenhua Dian is placed afterward the "Four Books" of the Wenyuan Pavilion. Yellow glazed tiles, in the sunset light, the sparkling, still in a gold Great Wall. From the cardinal hall of the numbers on that, the 3 chief hall was built in eighteen years the Ming Yongle (1420), entire as Mukden, canopy, like body three temple was demolished by thunderbolt in April that year, the orthodox six years (1441) repair, 1562 was renamed the all-pole, in a very, quite temple was built. Present label since 1645.
First speak about the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the tour navigate told us that the Hall of Supreme Harmony area of 1,800 square meters, is the largest door to the Forbidden City. A pair of copper lions on both sides of the door. East of the lion, its front feet step on a hydrangea, the symbol of power, but also a symbol of unity of the macrocosm; west lioness, a small left chest bosom pet lion, a symbol of boom and offspring. According to historical records: The Lion, the category is no living in China, it is with Buddhism, the premier Custodian of the beast as a variety of Buddhist art in the near future fashion of the beast will arise in the imperial castle and the tombs which , became guardian of China's feudal imperial animal. Only the emperor lived in the Forbidden City, the use of the castle of the lions in front of it set to show the kind of sovereign of the gas. Square in front of Hall of Supreme Harmony, one area of 36,000 square meters, the square entities on both sides of a chamber 32. There is a jade in the fashion of the Jinshui, 200 meters long, the white stone bridge cross five. Bridge, pretty shape.
Meridian Gate with the magnificent tower, against the backdrop of the great Hall of Supreme Harmony, eye-catching. Fire water iron cylinder hospital there, something have statistics, a total of 308 in the Forbidden City, which Tonggang 231, Tong Gang, there 18 is gilded. Ming Dynasty, the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the area where the emperor Yu gate hearings. Qing Dynasty, the emperor held a banquet here. Sacrifice to the altar where the eviction of Alighting alteration. Satisfied that the emperor marital bride cost, writing stand, prepared to host the etiquette to all over this door, then move along, that is the Outer Court district. Into the lobby, the megalopolis is a 7 ground class of about 4 meters tall wooden side chart, this wooden throne of transposon shrieked Majestic. Is small, merely it is the Hall of Supreme Harmony to fashion a whole, when sitting in the throne of the emperors to become the psyche of architecture, human scale and the scale of the establishing together, creating a absolute Heaven, imperial supremacy of the air. An Diao living symbol placed upon the throne. Diao backward the seven golden screens. Taiwan has six square sides of the paste Broom Lek Kim Joo Choi, every 12.7 meters high, 1 meter in diameter, every disk around a large pillar are vigorous dragon.
Look Dianding, gorgeous painting among Liang Fang, Shi Qing, Shi sash, vermilion, roseate and bright colors desirable apt the eye. Dragon ruddy and yellow paste patterns, pose thousands. There Shuanglongxizhu, unattached dragon dancing; a line of dragon, sitting dragons, flying dragons, Dragon, dragon surrounded by smokes set off the blaze. Dianding ashore the chief caisson namely a colossal engraved dragons gold, a silver dragon in a colossal pearly beads hanging down, afterward to nigh 6 small beads, a actuator, is facing the following Majestic Pearl king, I become Big dragon, dragons, favor a dragon salon. According to construction experts, the emperor's king in the Forbidden City in Beijing axis point, meaning the essence of the regal power as a symbol of the emperor. Axis from the Meridian Gate in the south to the Tiananmen Square has been extended to the Yongding Gate, northwardly of Tiananmen Square from the Shenwu Men until the aggregate width of approximately 8 km.
After a Hall of Supreme Harmony is the Hall. The Hall was a square, aspect of the three, is among by galleries, save pointed dome, 4 sinks in the gilt ceiling of the dome below the throne hall setting, this house before the preparation for the emperor Powerbut room, equivalent to the current backstage lounge. Into the Hall of Preserving Harmony, it is smaller than the Hall of Supreme Harmony, doors of the house board, along to the briefing, the temple was rebuilt in 1765. Miankuo 9, depth 5, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, very beautiful. Hall of spacious rooms. Banquet held in this hall is the emperor and the palace examination purposes. The three main hall to build in a three-story white relentless up to 8.12 m Xu Mizuo-type platform,beijing tour package, the extra the high hall spirit. In the three marble steps, there are 18 cast bronze annoy burner mirror. These bronze annoy burner is scalding the emperor held a kind of ceremony, sandalwood used. According to research, the Qing Dynasty, China's 18 provinces, each of 18 bronze incense burner represents a province. Pedestals are accustom on each side of white jade-class leader. Long mouth has a small garden hole is LMH drains, cumbersome rain, the water flow out from the faucet nozzle, like a dragon in the water thousands of treatises, both beautiful and practical way to solve the rain outlaw problem, shows the archaic Chinese people's wisdom.
Northbound from the Hall of Preserving Harmony, via a small square, is the interior court area. The emperor and empress are living place to live. The main erection has Palace of Heavenly Purity, Kunning, allocation Thai Temple and the East and West Liu and so on. The south of the Palace of Heavenly Purity is the emperor's palace. Intrauterine with the throne, hung a couplet, plaque. Plaque with the words "above embark" 4 words. Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Emperor from the beginning, not an open stand before his necrosis, Prince, the written displacement bit edict on the "fair and square" behind the plaque, so the emperor after the death of open spaces to whom alleged passed. Special dry wash cup doors on both sides have a floral decoration with "character shade walls the walls." In painting the walls red yellow green glass decorated with floral, to the serious and stiff palace brings a festive color.

beijing metropolis tour

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