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000 yuan for medical expenses

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PostPosted: Sun 6:39, 13 Mar 2011    Post subject: 000 yuan for medical expenses

Perhaps because of this, Li-Fang Liu a bad temper, and often cursed the child, Sometimes children play alone home, called her mother in the downstairs door, Li-Fang Liu down and open the door will be cursed, The children admitted to hospital, sharing a building, said the men had not heard the neighbor kids played Huang Rong, And several students have the same floor, said Huang Rong had witnessed my mother to play,
Hospital: legs covered with fresh petechiae, a domestic violence suspect
owner Ms Wang told reporters that Huang Rong is very obedient, clever, often alone in the downstairs to play, Li-Fang Liu smacking usually not seen, but the first two days, she saw the face of the child's injuries, Under curiosity, she asked Li-Fang Liu, Li-Fang Liu said that the children playing upstairs neighbors, because neighbors apologize, there is no compensation to the other drugs. Smacking a child, shot so heavy, not pay for medical expenses? Landlord also feel strange.
6 years old this year, half of Huang Rong, Sichuan. Huang Rong on the breathing machine was blindfolded, lying in bed, although with a heartbeat, but no response to external stimuli. Doctor said that its critical condition,

doctor said, do check in early as Huang Rong, found that the facial injury, but there are many lower limb injuries. In the intensive care unit, medical personnel Huang Rong's legs off, the legs covered with dark red petechiae,
doctor told reporters that although the suspicion of domestic violence, but there is no sufficient evidence to prove the child is injured by external forces, phenomenon. Petechiae on the leg and can not prove or force the child due to his bruised.

the time being, there is no other relatives and friends, again, for fear of Li-Fang Liu, Li-Fang Liu made out to look for friends to raise money, the hospital agreed, but only as hosts to friends and relatives to the hospital, it is easy to find someone to hospital at any time.
hospital security 24 hours followed his mother
the hospital, according to a person in charge of Medical Services, 12, 10 am, Huang Rong was the mother into the hospital emergency room, the child was the body continued to twitch, unconscious, highly suspected cerebral hemorrhage. CT showed that the brain That night, the hospital also invited another large hospital expert consultation, all the experts believe that Huang Rong's situation is not suitable for craniotomy, because Recommended conservative treatment, such as a stable condition and then consider specific treatment.

Press survey: seen a woman scolding a neighbor called child

Li-Fang Liu expressed hope that the hospital do its utmost to rescue the children, The hospital has advanced by 5,000 yuan for medical expenses, she said,

Li-Fang Liu denied that he had beaten the child, The face of the child's injuries, she said to the neighbor kids to play, and leg injuries, was hit by children themselves.

□ Times reporter release author information edition photographic information into Hsiao-Times reporter Huang Yimin

6 year-old mother was recently rushed to hospital Tonghuang Rong, deep coma on admission, CT examination revealed intracranial bleeding, the doctor found the girl covered legs As the girl his mother disappeared several times, hospitals worry that girls face domestic violence, then to the Police.

However, the examination found that the pupil of the reflection off almost disappeared, although has been in emergency rescue, but salvaged the possibility is very small,
With the injury is a result of domestic violence questions, the officer to communicate with the Li-Fang Liu, but the different opinions, that is the beginning of their fight, then fight someone else said, ask When a neighbor said the children are playing.
children: The brain is now close to death
Li-Fang Liu said in an interview, the first request,
According to Li-Fang Liu, said her husband called However, she gave birth to her daughter went back home, her husband disappeared. Previously, her husband will give 2,000 yuan per month ranging from a mother and daughter living in 2007, she took the children to Guangzhou to find her husband, her husband did not find, by bank transfer to the cost of living is less, only the thousand or so.

Mother: I just have not played pinch, is child bruised

neighbor: the child is the illegitimate daughter, her mother saw she was playing with an iron bar
Why with so many children who petechiae? How the injury? Why intracranial hemorrhage? Health care workers is very puzzling. And in a pinch, Li-Fang Liu Huang Rong's mother was playing the Then finally connected with the Li-Fang Liu health care, and signed to surgery to the hospital grounds for Li-Fang Liu.
mother request: looking for the father to help pay for medical expenses
Two-year-old female Tong Huangrong obvious bruises on the legs. Liu insisted that only when
hand and pinch her temper.
-year-old female Tong Huangrong rely on every day life-sustaining respirator.

Li-Fang Liu called the police then said was

baby calf covered with fresh bruises

reporter found the Li-Fang Liu with children living in rental housing, in the South shayong the 2nd floor of a Lane.

weighing about 2

cattle Xiang after his release


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