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beijing an daytime tour

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PostPosted: Fri 7:05, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing an daytime tour

It was a snowy a.m., I umbrella, facing the snow, hike out to the front of the King Summer Palace Sai. Gust blowing, cut out the cotton snow as flutter, float around without a destination. Very calm all around, no sound, only the snow gently falling on the umbrella, the publish of Falling's loudspeaker. Everywhere distance, An Liu fortresses, bridges and causeway, were covered with a thick membrane of snow. Seventeen Arch Bridge, hazy in the snowing smog, when the time is now hidden, Ruoyouruowu, full of mystery. Bai suddenly memorized "Everlasting Regret" in the verse: "Juventa the sea mountains, between the mountains ... nada ..." ah,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], see at it snowing smog of Longevity Hill and Pai Yundian, does the reproduction of sea mountains! Come to achieve, suddenly felt loosened and merry, movable in the climate whether the cents ... ...
After a lapse of several years, I more than once narrated to friends and home that enthralled at the superb emotion, a friend hear that the so-called "Man and Nature, two asset I forgot," is probably referring to this kingdom. "Static tourism" true averaging, does fair this? Deng Tuo, "Milosevic three parks" in mind: "If the Summer Palace, Le Shoutang front yard, them the piece of the 'Qing Zhi Xiu' big rock, originally base in rice million minutes from the Fangshan. He wrote a" stone in idea ", describes the stuff. to the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong to move it to the Le Shoutang, and wrote" Qing Zhi Xiu Poetry ", much appreciated." It is said that in the Liangxiang "Haotian Tower" an lawful beneath the road, there is a large bluestone left the Ming Dynasty, despite the dingy clouds the sun drying, dust does not cover the magnificent lofty latent. Good old lavish Emperor Qianlong skilled in the art of gardening, to Qingxiling predecessors, sojourn Liangxiang palace, heard this great joy, because he understands a stone to activity rock, is building the "Qing Yi Park" (previously the Summer Palace) requires the United States U.S. Huan boulders dotted round scenery.
Thus, Qianlong sent craftsmen porters to move a large bluestone Qing Yi Park, along to fashion, polish, named "Qing Zhi Xiu" and swipes wrote "Qing Zhi Xiu," the words carved in stone. He also wrote "Qing Zhi Xiu" poem to express feelings: "... ... Laomi Hong Huang Shi Xue mountain, did not hear an at 1 aperture in the Gold Building, Ying Yu Festival Fun correction. Friends of the stone tin not be induced and Regards, compel differ entities marital. wise enjoy life benevolent Xi, Huang Shan Ho Dongting husband have? " "Qing Zhi Xiu" from Fangshan, factually correct, yet from the Fangshan and where? "Qing Zhi Xiu" ought get busy large Shiwo. Big Shiwo Huanglong Mountain making stone; Huanglong Mountain, Castle Peak interlocked the Stone Hill, the mountainous peaks linked to the East off the village, "leaves the Grand Canyon," Grand Canyon a rock cave,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the cave with water and mingle stalactites, "Qing Zhi Xiu "is dried out of stalactites ah! Fangshan unique, unique large Shiwo, conceived the capital of the king of the stone. When we entered the Forbidden City hospital security and send up the rear, watched Royal Road Stone "sea cliff Yunlong Stone", the better feel for the king a large stone Shiwo of the gas.
Yongle Emperor Zhu Di, the third throne of the Ming Dynasty, creative, judged apt push the capital from Nanjing apt Beijing, Xu Da, general bid of naval and civilian life to construct Beijing and the Forbidden City. Great entire in mandate to build unparalleled and excellent palaces, showing the supreme regal power, "the sea precipice Yunlong Stone" volume unprecedented, great, and this stone boutique carrying the "white cruel", heaviness 250 tons, jade, its texture, color like snow, in fact, a heaven-sent, heaven-sent stone aboard which, the matchless great Shiwo. Year as the construction of palaces, temples, West Beijing South Shiwo gathered craftsmen from all overthe country, resulting in the formation of villages. According to the Republic of seventeen annuals "Fangshan County" contains: Early Republic, colossal Shiwo has approached hundreds of household, over a thousand people, mostly craftsmen talents from across the country due to its complexity over a hundred labels. Can be said namely the Forbidden City, temples, Feng Shi Zhilong relief from the basis, from China to the chart sundial Yunlong Royal Road, Tiananmen Square, the Golden Water Bridge, the Marco Polo Bridge, etc., mostly from huge Shiwo the stone, "the sea cliff Yunlong stone" of the substance is their emphatic representatives.
"First big Shiwo, after Beijing." Today is the big support of Emperor Shiwo approximately, leaving Yongsan almost at the quarry pit that the largest of which were "white pool", one hundred and twenty meters from east to west , tens of meters from northwardly to south, deep over 4 architectures. Way behind when, masonry mining day and night, thousands of people in dozens of camps in order to flag for the whistle to rise and fatigue flag, flag fall back to camp. That big Shiwo Daqingshan northwest side is the place flags, at present, the mountain is also well preserved in the direcotry with the flag lowering of the flag pole with a stone, as opposed to two rectangular stones, nearly ten feet on the floor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are four pairs of the upon column-sized eyes, to nail the flagpole. Set out the history of Dynasty, the temple rebuilt Palace Road, the 3 stone treads, the stone and mining proud Shiwo, one stone weight of 300 tons, with porters two million people, nearly two thousand horses and mules, made Han Chuan shipping, spent nearly a month Stone arrived in period to the capital.
Today, we stand overlooking the capital of Southwest, it is not magnification to say that, when a large stone Shiwo, Royal Park laid the foundation of lifts is cherished in this great city for centuries. Summer Palace World Heritage Site, cultural heritage, pretty scenery and landscape, and its merit in the world of heritage tourism accounts for a lofty situation in the imperial gardens. However, in modern Chinese history, Summer Palace, alternatively a political struggle to war every stage, the Empress Dowager lived into antique old the Summer Palace, the Summer Palace, a late Qing Dynasty, when the actual orders to all portions of the ruling heart.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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