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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Wed 4:59, 23 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours

Also embodied in the East Breaks, "a Pine, square miles wide, always pines and cypresses, not an Zamu. Jiajing in Altan of the prisoners, soldiers, I gifted the woods, Jingbu succeed away, this do carry on." Outer case, could not run the erasure of the outskirts of condemn. If outward on the altar zone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has been phoned "antique pines trees and jungle sink blocks out the sun," disciplines had been not track. In short, the history of Beijing Country dispose of the original scenery forest is exceedingly ponderous, apt 1949, only 2 million hectares of forest land suburbs, urban gardens green zone only 733 hectares, the forest scope rate of fewer than 1.3%.
After the founding of New China, via the forest system and the common public to green, the forest coverage rate began to ascend to 7.5%, the park has over 46,000 acres of green space, green space 3.9 square meters per person. After several years and after made Linying Lin, greening and tree planting, to 1990, the Beijing suburb of forested area has reached 589,000 hectares, according to the statistics, in the plains and mountains bordering Beijing's semi-circular face of the front mountain scenery district, ahead and after Green a crowd of scenic forest area of ??29,000 hectares, accounting as key green area of ??5.8 million hectares of 49.8%. Beijing has now fashioned a outlook stretching hundreds of kilometers of hillside forest. Natural scenic landscape forest is generally divided into forest and two types of artificial scenic forest. Mostly natural forest landscapes in Beijing timely and appropriate to regional landscape species; artificial landscape forest in addition to a large number of factory species for the landscape in Beijing, merely also from the field outside the domain of the presentation of a number of landscape trees. Surviving the Beijing area were introduced emulating the natural scenic forest and surrounding areas have been formed in Beijing, the headmaster large-scale artificial scenic forest:
This part of the scenic forest mainly situated in the mountains of Western Hills and North Mountain in Beijing area alternatively ring the corner of area. There Baihuashan noted scenic forest, Matsuyama, small gantry, the top mountain, Yunmengshan, Wuling Mountain and so on. Species except pine, arborvitae, black locust, tree, in cypress, ginkgo, paulownia, Sophora japonica, oak Quercus, Koelreuteria paniculata, Rhus, linden tree, ash, cedar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], catalpa tree, maple, sumac, acacia, willow, hickory, apricot, Ailanthus altissima, mulberry, maple, persimmon and additional needle, broad-leaved wood landscape, there are too adjusted to assorted heights of the mountain natural scenic forest, including juniper, Pinus sylvestris, birch, aspen, larch , oak, Quercus, quercetin tree, Carpinus, Pteroceltis, hackberry, neem tree, Juglans mandshurica, Phellodendron amurense and so on. In recent years, numerous forest pine is also introduced from the outside, spruce, fir, pine, Daqing Yang, western spruce, Canadian spruce, etc..
Including the Western Hills Forest Farm, Forest and North Safety Township Miaofengshan Founding of New China to create a landscape of forests (penetrate Table 13). The main scenic tree species are: pine, oriental arborvitae, oak oak, locust, sumac, maple, Koelreuteria, walnut,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], apricot, hickory, persimmon, hawthorn, mulberry, ash, Pinus sylvestris, pine, oak, elm, aspen and so on. Main conifer pine incline to them, mainly sunny to orientalis. Hardwood with maple, sumac, dark locust, oak oak, apricot, etc. mainly. Only a few scenic planted the mulberry, peach, ash, poplar, persimmon, walnut forest. General growing higher, maximum of the scenic forest elevation of 4 to 6 meters, a few up to 8 meters.
Jiufeng client debt, such as rubber groove oak, pool sub-average height of 10 meters Pinus sylvestris, Quercus oak Yan gully average height of 15 meters. Luan North Fahai Temple average height of 17 meters tree. These are the premier half of this century, the landscape planting trees. One Yan gully forest, planted in 1930 to 2 hectares, the premier piece of the Beijing Xishan scenic forests planted. Miao Feng Chen hole action area tree farms, there are more than 7 hectares planted in 1930 in pine forest, a pine forest, Xishan District, one of the first. There Daigakuji the first 2 mountains and later the operation area, there are over 400 annuals old oak forest and pine synthetic. DBH of the tree from the landscape, most of the trees are between 6 to 10 cm.
Western Hills Forest in the scenic forest has the greatest number of oak dbh oak, pine and arborvitae. Consumer debt, such as ditch Jiufeng average DBH of the three trees are more than 20 cm; Jinshan groove oak oak, pine, respectively, the mean diameter of 20 cm, 22 cm; Yanshan early planting of oak Quercus ditch the average diameter of 28 cm; great feel sihou mountain pine, oak Quercus has approached one average of 45 cm diameter, is the average diameter within the Western Hills Forest thickest scenic forest.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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