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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Fri 9:54, 08 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

Dormitory of the three north-south, via Miankuo 10 meters, 5.70 meters deep into the pass, migrate large hard mountain ridge, Tongwa altitude row of mountains hook drip, side lobby of the three north-south, through Miankuo 10 m, 6.20 m deep into the pass, the hard mountain hoop brain ridge, Tongwa top, northwardly campus-wide there are three main hall, through Miankuo 11 meters, 6 meters deep into the pass, transfer massive hard mountain ridge, Tongwa altitude row of mountains anchor dew. Penthouse of the two north-south, through Miankuo 6.60 m, 4.50 m deep into the pass, head hoop hard mountain ridge, Tongwa top, side hall of the three north-south, through Miankuo 11 meters, 6 meters deep into the pass, head hoop hard mountain ridge, Tongwa top,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], decorated second gate, the Miankuo 3.60 m, depth 4.50 m, the first hoop hard mountain ridge, Tongwa top, large-type practices, collusion between the ride, rear five, through Miankuo 16.60 meters, 8.60 meters deep into the pass, the hard mountain hoops the first ridge, Tongwa top row of mountains anchor drops. Before the Xuan a, Tongwa top hoop head ridge, Miankuo 4.90 m, 4.90 m depth. Temple outside the south wall door, there are shade wall.
In Xicheng District Di'anmenwai Avenue. Now published for the Beijing cultural relics conservation units. Bridge cross the entrance Yuhe Shichahai Department. Was built in the Yuan Dynasty. First label Mannings Bridge, wooden architecture, was later changed to stone. Commonly understood as Hai bridge. Because of the Tiananmen Square to the north, to Tiananmen Square, likewise known as the back door, so behind the bridge, also known as Bridge. Single-hole stone arc bridge. Bridge inscribed with the fable "Beijing" word. Water rose to "Beijing" word on the Beijing overrunning may happen. Bridge is situated in the northern part of Beijing north-south axis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Yuan Dynasty through the city's important Tonghui water outlets, water transport is a sign of Beijing. Asphalt road bridge has now, the only remaining sides of tailgate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the creek has been filled housing. In the former rambling by Shichahai, Xicheng District, No. 19. Xicheng District, has been announced as cultural relics. Yin Tong in Beijing will be an of eight Church (the additional seven are: Jinyu Hutong, the longevity of a mosque, before the appearance of the sound Huifeng Temple Church, Xidan Street, the Four Seas reported child attach, money and grain together alley outside the pork mart life of days break and a congratulating Church, the total fabric alley Yanshou Tang, Qing Di'anmenwai and Church Street.)
Assistant minister here was originally Bin Qing dynasty Confucian Rites private partition. Sixteen years of the Qing dynasty (1980) approximately this set up in Jinan, Shandong Province will Xian Hall restaurant. Covering nearly 3,000 square meters, construction area of 1,800 square meters. Converted into a re-building the front. The original stage (yet cleared), tile-roofed house, cottage and more than 100 rooms. As the front brake even before the sea, smart scenery. Bamboo Branch "would Yin Tong" Description: "The one hundred ares Shiba green like oil, brake ten deep sea floor. Lang heart waves have capsized, My heart does not rotate like a stone." "All doors Zayong" in the praise: "The What brakes are people boast summer heat, the lotus do Chengbo boundless amplitude. Shengge Hoehyeon classroom, the digit of princes and forget to return home. "and a Zhuzhici wrote:" Di'anmenwai Shanghe, the number reflected in the lotus pond Pitt. She is sitting Tenkorou, wine à spread rain into the fishes. " This second year of the second ground hall, a bar looking Du Shichahai deductible. Horse wall hanging doors "will Xian Hall restaurant," the bronze door to door hairpin letter "Wise people to" words. Then here is the gathering area for literati, because of a stage, where is my house. After the termination of affair, for the purchase of Fu Jen Catholic University. Now the educate dormitory.
Well before the track in the West District 3. Zhaohui, the words and Fu Manchu are yellow human. Twenty year of Qianlong (1756) to twenty-three years (1758) Hi Hui Bu Ping, meritorious services, to expand the land, is zoned boundaries, defined the territory of the Xi Jiang Qing jurisdiction. Zhaohui Wu named by the first-class Wuyi Bo Jin Yong Yi Mou General First Kimisada side, and tours ruby crowns, four dragons missed dose. Twenty-nine years of Qianlong (1764) died. Gann Jin gift CPIC, Rusi virtuous Temple, and Rusi veranda West Imperial Ancestral Temple, Shi Wen Xiang. Rather wide space of the original mansion, immediately the front has been rebuilt, original no deposit, merely the back yard, storage triple room: facing the South and entities apportioned elements, facing the South by a gallery, remained true face. Qianlong epoch is complete the existing mansions. As residential.Fu Street, Xicheng District, set in 3. This is then sealed Qing Qing Yi-Kuang Wang Di Prince. Yi Kuang important diagram in the history of the late Qing Dynasty, as he and Li Hung-chang, who was signed and the Boxer Rebellion humiliating "Boxer Protocol" of the plenipotentiaries, and served for minister of foreign affairs and naval aeroplane maximal minister, Prince Yi Yong-Qing Kuang Mountain of the original sixth son of the son of cotton, Wing Mountain of the Si-Sun. Mountain of the former dwelling of Prince Yong Qing in the three bridges, namely, and Kun mansions changes.
Wing Mountain of the Qianlong Emperor, the seventeenth child, Jiaqing twenty-five years, the Prince of Jin Fu fading, by the corridor of the three sub-Jun Wang Min Min, sixteen years after the death of dynasty, no kid, adoptive parents instrument for the beneficiary Wang Yongxuan Sun Yi Cai, Yi Choi concubinage was discharged deserving to service in the back of the support after the Jazz, when Prince John Mountain of Qing Scholars said Xijue bit leaving dynasty dictator angry. Finally, to Wing Mountain of the sanctuary, the title down to the common state helps, the fifth son of cotton by Wing Mountain of Ti inherited. Ti Mian died twenty-nine-year dynasty, its persistence and six younger sibling Mian Yi-Kuang as heiress, Daoguang three years (1850) facilitated the corridor of State general. Yi-Kuang Assisting countries are still living in the general's title celebration inside the palace, distinctly as disproportionate. Just the first year of Emperor Xianfeng (1851) Thinkers of the Prefecture of life dynasty, the Qing administration to practice and gave common auxiliary state for the residence of Prince Kung, Prince Qing government as a outcome of the original Prince Gong House.
And Fu Yi-Kuang Street, is scheduled to move apt the sometime building savant Qi Shan. Qi namely a agreeable time the 1st Opium War to bring down the main Daoguang two decades (in 1840) was appointed royal commissioner to Guangzhou and Britain to conferences and to coincide not to affirm the Qing, Xu arbitrarily arrested on charges of ceding Hong Kong and the membership did no investigating home attribute . Mansion laze, and for of this house thanks to Yi-Kuang, in interchange because the incipient Qing Palace. Jin Zhi Yi Kuang favorable conditions because possession of the imperial family, and the nice curry prefer, and accordingly to cement, caption catapulted. And adored by the States General and the assistant sub-shell, and Baylor, received the favor of Empress Dowager Cixi, the extra letters presented, adding the Jin empire, Qing Jun Wang decade, 2 decades Jin-Qing Wang, thirty-four years more indiscriminately by the hereditary Prince Mao is not the world as the award. But the days Buzuo Mei, too geometric, Xuantong three years (1911) Revolution victory, the Qing tribunal abdicated, Yi Kuang in 192 years to flee the British surrender in Tianjin for bureaucrat in outlaw until the necrosis in 1918.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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