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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Tue 12:15, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

Jingshan Wufeng in due time the "Five Pavilion" is the performance-oriented view of the pavilion, which is especially matchless to Jingshan Park, smart, spectacular. King Hill, too known for Meishan, long live the mountain town of Hill, King Hill Pavilion was built five sixteenth year (1751), which for the copper sculptures, Power Allied Forces intruded in 1900, "Chunting million" in the Vairocana Buddha devastated, the remaining 4 were stolen. Jingshan five kiosks can be said namely numerous of our pavilion in a extra representative.
Five booths for Jingshan actually reflect and show our citizen pavilion traditional architectural beauty and unique manner of aesthetic prettiness. Jingshan structure five booths to the peak of the "million Chunting" as the most, retention the three sharp edges of eaves-style yellow glazed tile roof; something of a double eaves and two peaks of the octagonal retention green glazed tile dome of the pavilion, east Dubbed as the "Week Rewards Pavilion ", west of the" rich browsing. " Two kiosks outdoor the two peaks, but also built two double eaves and glazed tiles blue surround Cuanjian Ding kiosk, the east called "wonderful view of Pavilion", the west is called "series Fong Ting." Symmetrical four booths, with the tip of the "million Chunting" constitutes a agreeable natural beautiful patterns. Especially in the peak of the "million Chunting", is the largest ancient city of Beijing lofty. People boarded the "million Chunting," overlooking the plenary city of Beijing, and feel deeply the excellent capital of the motherland - Beijing, is really spectacular.
Three hundred,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], China yet had early on, such as ((Book Guansui "where there is one archaic musical instrument bells and drums playing the verse:" My Fair Lady, bells and drums fun. "With the social evolution of Buddhism from Yongping Han Emperor Ming was introduced into China years. As the Buddhist spiritual life to the needs of the monastery, Buddhist bells and drums will gradually forged a bond with, such as the preparation of the Ming and Qing temples, general, Buddhist temple, "door", the thing the bulk on both sides of the second ground there are 3 hundred - eastern of the tower, west of the Drum; different instance, when the old Beijing Lama Temple once a day, one by one before the day is no shine in the "Yin" before the time, the bell will rang nigh approximate and far; day after sundown shi, lighting Xushi antecedent - that evening when the light from distant drums favor thunder, a accumulation of hymning monks to Dianshang. Over the years, beside residents living in the Lama Temple , hear the drums every day. Not only that, but once the old Forbidden City in Beijing (also known as "Palace") to handy residents, but also heard the Meridian Gate on the ideal time. "Chen Yuan know a little" in also reads: "Where, as North Korea, the Ming bells and drums in the upstairs. driving out of the Meridian Gate, ring the bell. Zeyi drum celebration to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral Temple."
Beijing Di'anmenwai Avenue three hundred on the second floor (always built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years) is the Ming Dynasty, "Yamen''round one. Unity in dictate of the timekeeping task of Beijing city. Son, ugly, c, d, e, Shangsi, afternoon, no, shen, Xu, Hai, in ancient times the twelve hour, every hour for two hours together immediately; 23:00 to 1:00 afterward morning to "midnight"; 1 pm to 3 pm for " Chou Shi ", and other yin shi, Mao Shi, etc., can be on. According to memories of old Beijing: Beijing Bell and Drum Tower before day, reported at fewest three times more (ie timekeeping). the morn and drums ringing bells timekeeping, known as the" brighter "'the Sino-Japanese drums ringing bells at noon, the name day" Kenneth More "will be lighting the future, that is, before the drums ringing bells in the man-Hai Shi timekeeping, known as" for the better. "
According to legend, the old Beijing: Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong before the Bell and Drum Tower in Beijing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is the city daytime and night to whistle the unity of area. Its functions are: ring the bell every day at noon, Japan; night is reported to be more five times, until the yin shi dawn. After the Qing Emperor Qianlong, then gradually the provisions of circadian timekeeping drums ringing bells, change into the night only twice more the weekly. The first time, every man-Hai Shi in the evening, so will the drums ringing bells chime, referred to as "for the better"; the second time, every day before dawn yin shi, so will the drums ringing bells chime , shrieked the "brighter." The nighttime drumming ringing bells chime the two is quite interesting that every time the drums ringing bells before the reunification of the two responsible for the drum to marker the watchman in town were boarded bell tower, pay attention to mobile " lanterns ", the first control bit distant with each other, as a semaphore. Therefore, the old Beijing will be the signal known as the "kid of light."
Watchman with each additional "babies of light" namely completed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then followed into the creating were ringing bells in the drum. Accordance with the provisions of the array, is the 1st drum, and ringing bells. Drumming, disburse care apt tempo, the age Beijing popular saying: "tight-eighth, eighteen slow, unhurried meaning eighteen." Drumming to the final morsel yet every period, forever stop a moment to show the clock spire of the watchman to arrange, and then followed at a loud bell spire above it flying to the city to open to, the number of ringing bells and drums the same is "tight-eighth, eighteen slow, unhurried and eighteen", before and after the drum and peal 2 statements together, for a total of an hundred and 8 beneath.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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