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beijing personal tour guide

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PostPosted: Mon 9:49, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing personal tour guide

We play mostly savage ice. In truth, there are normal rink Shichahai; regular ice time in today's market east of the lotus, the long bamboo mat with a surround nigh them; everyday hand cleaning, splashing water, achieving the ice; we often see to clean off ice and ice ballast child attach into the heap at a hill. Here is the ticket to the night market there is mini lighting seems a little expensive. General there skating, are regarded as mains of the older children; saw them like the flexibility to fly the shuttle in the crowd, some seven or 8 people draped elbows, lined up like Side do a lot of old Beijing before the Chinese New Year ready to buy a lot of entities - eat, drink, dress, appliances, toys, etc., unification of the name "New Year."
Eating and drinking in the diet category is the highlight of New Year, we ought staple food, non-staple food, dry, fresh, raw, cooked to all get ready. Of Moon was not open to the fifth day of business, if the transient lack of what can not be bought. The present age is not too small, have had similar memories of Beijing: Reform and prologue up previously, companies or Vegetable vegetables are generally located in the track and street kid where kid are broad, each year before winter, a listing of the cabbage When the sale of the short-lived set up something a lot of cabbage, I saw another automobile in that automobile cabbage, continuously transported to the city, and piled favor hills. Whether or gray bricks and gray tiles cottage tenements Tongzilou, cabbage is full of engaged moving eclipses. At that time especially good neighborhood relations, is a shopping, several assist youth people to be responsible for moving food, old people responsible for the guidelines to stack dishes, even the kid have first-hand a cabbage, gray winter days with these rare green for fun the stream of people behind family.
Generally necessitated to buy a fashionable cabbage sunny area to dry in the climate two days ahead neatly yards in the eaves, the wall side, the passageway ... ... In short, anything you can let go of the area will be accustom on. If alive in the shanty, alternatively have a big yard, and that some people will excavate a vegetable cellar, a twenty-three meters deep, the outcome was very good store. If on the open-air, then placed in protective skills and cabbage is even more momentous, to neatly stack dishes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is required to save space and not also mobbed, you also need a good fodder mat sub-pad, plastic canvasing, and then must cover the old cold quilt, deepest winter, these green treasures of the table, but rare, ah,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], need to be adored and protected.
May dine extra cabbage, and a food chart in the old Beijing tin make a lot of satisfactory end. Can package cabbage dumplings,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], steamed buns, and can be fried leavened vinegar cabbage, snatched cabbage, boiled cabbage for pasta, meatballs cabbage soup tin also be pickled cabbage, cabbage salad ... ... always the clever fancies, is apt let the humdrum days babies eat extra gusto. In increase to cabbage, Beijing winter vegetables contain carrots, potatoes, conveniently slide down can too retention some green onions. Of way, these vegetables are infrequent in the fresh winter vegetables, do no eat on the daytime. Time to the corner of the centenary, the Beijing people, types of winter vegetables above the table suddenly enriched. In 1999, the entire vegetable greenhouses and greenhouse district of Beijing reached 21 million mu, the winter not merely eat the cabbage, for cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kale, broccoli, fresh vegetables, etc. are formerly unheard onto the dock. In addition, it has been not only satisfied to eat fresh vegetables, alphabetical vegetable, organic vegetables, healthy vegetables and so on have been gainful as the people. Now, the winter vegetable mart in Beijing can be said with anything, once the "sovereign of vegetables" - Chinese cabbage has long been on the pounds do not absence to cache, buy a single zero-trees, with the buy with food; major supermarket vegetables on the counter, a variety of fresh vegetables can make people pick dazzled. Beijing's winter supper table, and eventually attain a "food to mouth," the merry dream, this may be a thousand years the city of Beijing, Beijing people have been looking forward to life in the winter it.
Preparation of the twelfth lunar month into the door of a child New Year began, the first is ready to boil, "Laba" Laba rice and while the foam with the "Laba vinegar" with the vinegar and garlic. The twelfth lunar month twenty-three buy "Jizao" with the Kanto sugar. Then began to prepare pork, meat, poultry, pig and pig launching more popular. Some households buy hi rabbit, pheasant, fish, frozen fish. Beijing-season vegetables was very little in the winter, only a small quantity of Fengtai Nengchan Huaxiang eighth countryside of cucumber, leek, cucumber every two pair, coated in tissue paper inside, external Calceolaria packaging, cost per chip on the occasionally lofty ample to silver, the general public prohibitive, celery, spinach and similar Suanhuang Green leek is a good New Year dishes. Eight vegetable sauce, pickles, essential, with the small frying meat "pickles D" is the old Beijing Spring Festival favorite dishes, drinks, eating cake is very suitable.
Fruits chiefly Shan Lihong, crabapple pudding, frozen persimmon, apple, pear, citrus and so on. Rice cakes, moon bun, honey afford, and visit relatives to send the snack box, but also in the pre installed. Beijing has a Chinese New Year eating is important, and this is the "salad children." Thickness of the two sub-salad, small salad equivalent of today's mixed maintained fruits, salad where there are some rough preserved, but also add a lot of sticky peanut, walnut sticky, piebald sugar peas, sunflower seeds, Japanese pumpkin seed, hazelnut, gold cake Article Article Preserved Peach, sugar, winter melon strips, made a dozen, what business can ever laced dried fruit. New Year's Eve the whole home like to eat their own category culling, very popular.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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