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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Thu 9:27, 21 Apr 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

After six annuals of hard, old Beijing enriched web,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], opened up "Folklore", "Old Beijing Business" and additional columns, while amplifying the places of movement, set up crews of folk opera, a resounding success. "The Times" and other important multinational media on Zhang Wei and his website has been specifically reported. Currently, the site at more than twenty thousand kicks, of which 60% are from Beijing, 20% of human in other provinces, and the remaining 20% are aliens. Forum sections ashore the N digit of enthusiastic reviews and the warm words and a click-through rate rising each daytime namely inspiring Zhang Wei. "Forum set up, let me once again feel the tenderness, I am no solo! I understand, my choice namely correct, I am sure their pay is worth!"
But with this prosperity, and warmth is in sharp contrast apt the constraints have to face the economic position. "I am immediately Neet!" Zhang Wei excited voice back the sad and guilty. "Since leaving the work coerce, I have not earned anybody money saved up at work before the money ran out long antecedent." Zhang Wei cheap intonation, "Now, I am maximum sorry as is my parents! Man of almost 30 likewise approached with the parents for money ... ... "Zhang Wei's parents are elderly, the father's subsidy basically apt Zhang Wei spent. So did his father in the area electrician, a every month subsidy of 800 yuan for family.
As pile up people add, Zhang Wei also absence to shoulder the duty of the accompany. "Now the site of six full-time staff, no office, no penny wage, we are always eating their parents." This kind of dispensers, talking almost brothers with a massive heart. "I can not lose them, like the 'worm' (responsible for an site), he graduated from campus, followed me up the site free of charge, he had no income. I can not ask them to emulate me Hexibeifeng ah!" The lack of asset has affected the development of old Beijing network, restricting its activities. November 2005, the old builder of the fifth commemoration of Beijing Net days, Zhang Wei, and users are systematized in seven universities in the "2005 Beijing Hutong Tour photography and talks." Photo Exhibition responded strongly, but in addition to contributions from 2500 yuan users, but Zhang Wei back 5,000 yuan in debt. Public library network of Old Beijing deserving to financial, substance absence, still in the pipeline.
As a orthodox culture site, the old network is complicated to attract advertisers, Beijing's favor, and taking into list the public welfare website, Zhang Wei also afraid of advertisement sites will influence the quality and credibility. "We tin only depend on organizations, some of the activities undertaken to earn some proceeds." In adding to a number of enthusiastic users is also generous donations. Donations on the website for we watch moving championship record: August 19, 2005, one anonymous netizen (enrolled member on the jar) for the web buy of photographic equipment in old Beijing contribution of 500 euros, the old network in Beijing This sincerely express their sincere thanks! March 3, 2006, Puyang, Henan County, users control the stage for the old country ever donation of 1,000 yuan Beijing network, the old network in Beijing this sincerely express their honest thanks! Today is Lunar New Year on February 2, the old saying in Beijing are: "February 2 Lung heave, I looked up the dragon does not rise." Early February 2 is the private school first day of school, so to this day his brain shaved clean and work to school. Until now, every year on February 2, people would work to the barber shop haircut, perm. In today's Beijing, there are virtually very few surviving beautician, merely there is an track Jingshan Street Gaowo Jing uncle 93 years, it has been act barber 77 years.
Old Beijing is not the barber shop, you want to go to the barber shaved all, this day every February is their busiest time. Jing uncle is now 16 years old when the warlord gives the barber's learner, it has been 77 years. Although the 93-year-old has not Zuotang shop, but he is still taking concern of old clients who will be considered a agreeable month, the day he individually shaved door to the old customers. According to him, in the early years, a dime can shave several times, and in the first term was less peppery, and only peppery "aeroplane head". Now to those patrons still nourished the traditional barber way, shaved himself, and hinged neb to be, as the four Taoer Duo Less.

Jing contributors uncle, told reporters namely the main barber to Yasukuni is a kind of enjoyment, particularly when each shave, it is the most cozy period to nap. Folklore specialists consulted correspondent Zhao book that, among the barber to have 16 years ago as craft, there are combs, uniting, shaving,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], scraping, pinching, holding, hammer, press, excavate, hack, shaving, pigmenting, etc., then job There comb supplement; tools have to complete, hand clippers, razor, sword prepared cloth, trick canvas son son cord, scissors, brush, curette spoon, tongs (perm used) a waterfront; course "barber Tiaozi, a fever, "have to have stove and sink. Coincided with the rise of today's long day February 2, Jing uncle let it be, and absence to try the traditional barber craft despite looking for him, for the life of the art,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Yasushi uncle is full of positiveness.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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