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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Thu 9:35, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

The way it is, King County Library children are Shuntian Wanping a planter living in small trade, the first year of Emperor Xianfeng (1851) In September, Wang library children elected up by opportunity in doing business with a house The Yaopai, see Lee forgot to "righteousness", he then put on a chip of Yaopai. Since then the king library children became a frequent guest to the Forbidden City, the court openly out the door, as if the palace war, creature in court, had to sell bread bun without episode, a long time many people aleven nowed Palace quite versed.
In this path, he has been falsely Yaopai no answering two annuals until the Xianfeng (1852) April, emulating the king's brother, a library of your babies have heard the matter Lin surprised, wondering the Forbidden City, security guards everywhere, packed, and folk who routinely go? Who dares apt go? It namely virtually conceivable, how tin you miss this good opportunity, etc., Zhang Guilin also want their own act it among the exclusive sale of great, odd castle Chou Chou idea to his younger brother. Wang library children namely beautiful simply, quickly said yeah, then Yaopai ashore the elemental label "Yuan Shidong" scrape rewritten Zhang Guilin, since Zhang Guilin Wang library kid to succeed, began his aboriginal dream unthinkable "Ouchi stall "business. Wang library kid mention I have not been lazy, because he had sold some time in the palace, hack out a lot of experience and Hunde Lianshu gate, met a lot of the palace of the people, so are still found in the palace manual fatigue. A man named Zhang Chuncheng the palace cook to the throne to aid him cook library and children living in his location. In this way, Zhang Guilin and Wang library children even in the heavily guarded tribunal "illegal" to find a job, and the brothers are safe.
After some time, the palace up inspection and rigid, Wang library children to his brother to return Yaopai want to return to prostitution. March 23 revealed the secluded. What is this Yaopai people? It is the imperial apparatus had a dictate of pantry businesses David Captain, in the premier year of Emperor Xianfeng (1851), for in a serving Zhai two sets out to buy edible, obtain the wrong Yaopai and carelessly lost, as fear of punishment not reported, so the forbid would merely happen within a large sale of cake namely such a small comic story. Dragons originated in prehistoric custom of people life, virtue, worship and faiths, for well as wisdom of other aspects of ecology, and China appears to have been acknowledged as the world dragon, the dragon is one auspicious in China, a symbol of wish. After several years of evolution and alterations to the Qing Dynasty ahead the formation of the limbs, we now look cairica patterns. The dragon has "nine favor," said: items like a snake, navel like clam, scales like carp, claws like eagles, pate like a camel, palm tiger, ears like livestock, eyes like shrimp, like deer loudspeaker.
China is a few thousand years of feudal history of culture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the evolution and development of the dragon emperor esteem has a close relationship. Forbidden City as a feudal emperors ruled China for four hundred years of political and cultural megalopolis of the dragon's heritage has approached an unprecedented height, dragon culture is rendered maximum vividly in the Forbidden City. Emperor was known as the "real dragons," so the Forbidden City is the "real dragons," a place to live, is a real "dragon's lair." Everywhere here reflects the respect for the dragon: the annual go of the local emperor known as the "Dragon Court" bed rest is known as "dragon couch," chair is called "Throne", wearing clothes that " robes, "hat" the Dragon Champion ", to be secondhand with the dragon narrated objects, such as: Long cabinet, dragon bulbs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dragon bowl ... ... previously known as the emperor climbed the throne without the" Dragon latent, "address" the Qianlong Di " , rose the throne called "Fei."
Long is not only animal in the feudal epoch, it represents the maximum level of all entities. As a rule, the Forbidden City Centre,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the emperor's palace, where the dragon is of manifold shapes, only Hall of Supreme Harmony, for example, its white relentless columns Danbi see over there Diao 1480, the throne hall and the medium of placing the Diao Kowloon gold draw off screen, the sovereign within the plate lying upon the caisson Sarah jaws of the dragon, lined on either sides of the throne 6 Lek Beaulieu Baozhu abrasive glue. The dragon is the symbol of the emperor, the emperor is only one person to use the special animal in the Forbidden City and the dragon has a lot of outstanding erections. Paul and send up the rear of the Yunlong treading stone is engraved from a unattached piece of bluestone leaves, with a total heaviness over two hundred tons, is the largest piece of stone carving in the Forbidden City.
Outside the East of the Nine Dragon Wall, 9 city center Long life, is an of the three Nine Dragon Wall. Tai temple of the dragon, some statistics on the aggregate of Thang Long, Dragon, Yunlong, the water is ... ... a broad range of dragon 12654, called in the earth. Beaulieu overnight Po wax, 4 feet long, coarse foot, hurling a convex dragon pattern, when the ignition is immortal, not flow of oil, do not cut wax flowers, combustible twelve hours, is the bougie of the best in China.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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