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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Thu 5:59, 07 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

Backstreet melody in Jingshan, Dongcheng District, Happy Home 23. Originally the three great temples side at side: east of Laws Temple, the temple for the worship I hope the west Chi Chu Temple, is the Ming Dynasty and the Han by Fan by Plant Factory site. Temple in the Song Zhu, east porch with a copper alarm, cast ashore the "barbarian by the vegetation," works the West porch with a copper panel, on the actors "Han by the vegetation," there is a monument Ming Jang essays "barbarian by the plant in mind." It contains: The plant was the lawful flare, met life, New Year and additional festivals as Buddhist temple in the IAC. The date of decease thing, an play Veda, the northwardly hold pestle set, I Phi Maya web,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reminding advocates conch assorted musical instruments, favor singing sutras.
To night, five parties will set up the Buddha, odd five dispersion, during which dozens of human in single document line, the so-called nine reg code, its line of more than ailment, nine serial change, then the body quickly, if the birds carry on the spectator dazzled. Also, along to records: Crocus by plants, read the study by the Western psalming. Where to hear to reason, officials inside the factory dressing Fanseng hat, wearing red robe, yellow nab, yellow Belt, do one to three days and nights. The plant was a student of the Han Buddhism entire products by the study, wearing hats, wrap robes, wearing colored clothes Buddhists, and monks dressed the same, just do no shave cilia. Buddhist completed, are still wearing the minister clothes. To the Qing Dynasty, here is the usage Yuan, Song Zhu, Chi-Pearl River Temple. Is almost Tooker Figure Fanseng Zhangjia Zhuxi area in Beijing. Of Laws Temple: facing south, around the house a total of five. Temple gate three, large-type Xieshan Tongwa top immeasurable after the house shape with the King Hall. Main Hall five, with a post-Bao Xia, head for the big hoop-style hanging ridge. Apse cleared deserving to long, so I do not know its shape. Main Hall ahead the original "Law Yuan Temple Inscription," the monument. Turtles or dragons, the engraved and Chinese languages. Monument is 3.5 meters broad and 1.1 meters, 0.5 meters thick, tortoise or 2.82 m long and 1.2 meters lofty.
Chi Chu Temple: facing south, after the House from the gate house to house a total of six. There outside the gate and the red mountain walls, gate three, for the large-type hard-Hill Tongwa transfer large ridge. The amount of stone lintels, "Chi Chi Jian Zhu Temple." Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for the bell tower, bell hanging beam angle. King Hall three for large-type transfer large Tongwa hard mountain ridge, with a kiss on the beast and the beast down there Revolving painting, three-step single-Ang brackets, built within the thorough Shangming, five beam. Red wall on both sides of the hall. Hall amounted to "Bao net light tone." So together as: "Hong Yun Bianfu really as industry, Haoyue Chang Ming snug days." Hall of the Quartet for the third wafer house eaves. On the 4 turns of eaves Tongwa Cuanjian Ding, ding on with brick, five single-step single-Ang Alice brackets, angle beam hanging bell. Yan Zhu with QT under three foot single-Ang brackets. Miankuo depth are three, with galleries, Revolving drawing. Rear five, large-type Xieshan Tongwa transfer large ridge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Revolving painting, five single-step single-Ang Alice brackets, angle beam hanging bell, within the wellhead smallpox. Clearly have amounted to among the lintel "is calm", so the house known as the "purification Hall." Both sides together: "The light of God CONSORT Miao Ying, Ming Hong Lin Jing domain virtual card." Associated with the front hall of the coupler are Qianlong Yubi. Hall for the final five, with a corridor in front of huge mountain Tongwa crank-style hard ridge, with a kiss on the beast and the hanging animals, there Revolving painting, with QT. There is a second floor rear, Miankuo seven. East of the pass from the Temple Song Zhu Temple.
Song Zhu Temple: Take the Southern North, establishing a larger scale, are extra neatly. A absolute of three columns, the main temple in the navel. Road for the apartment, flat delivery, the temple, the Church and so on. West effectively Lama housing. Road: From the door to the rear ground, a total of 5 temples. Gate three, for the large-type hard-Hill Tongwa migrate massive ridge with a kiss on the animal, the beast down, a bucket two liters brackets. Toru Shangming made among, 5 beam. Bell spire as the maximum major article creating. The canopy is Xieshan Tongwa migrate massive ridge, with a kiss beast, the beast down,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a bucket 2 liters brackets, four-seat railings Zhou Youping; together beneath the canopy for the ridge angle Bo kiss, on the lower angle of beam hanging bell, rotating sub-colored pattern. King Hall three for large-type hard-Hill Tongwa transfer large ridges made among Toru Shangming, 5 beam. On both sides of the house with red wall, altitude of the wall for the Tongwa transfer large ridge, on a brick kiss beast. Open a pass on each side in the hospital.
Five main hall with gallery, large-type hard mountain Tongwa transfer large ridge, Yan Zhu a bucket two liters brackets, with the smoke pate QT. Horizontal pill between the main hall for the next "wizardry mirror out of these." There is a wooden framework across the brick hanging mountain ridge Tongwa hoop head, with a kiss beast and the hanging animals. Temple Mount Tongwa for large-type transfer large ridge of hard, some kiss the beast, the beast down, spin sub-colored pattern. Have three things left penthouse. After mansion seven, two, as eaves and ridge of the hard mountain Tongwa transfer large, with a kiss on the beast, the beast down with QT, as every apartment skylights and doors on the eaves, there are flat seat railings, domes within the wellhead. Between the amount of problems out, "Hui light bright." Together as "Bi Yao-order mystery Spring now, China and Japan Qihua chicho fresh." West side of the Union: "The Vatican listened three fine nights, Toru Asaka nine days." Qianlong Emperor are handwritten. East from the monastery and a door to pass laws Yuan Temple.
It contains: Song Qing Emperor Yongzheng wish monasteries ten year (1733) is almost Tooker Figure Zhangjia built. Weaving and Dyeing in the Bureau of the native site of the Ming Dynasty. Thirty-seven years of Qianlong (1772) shift construction site today, for each generation of the Qing Dynasty Zhangjia Buddha reincarnation do burn mend premises.Qing Emperor Qianlong, the Kangchenjunga virtually Tooker Figure Feng Zhao to Beijing, Home Song Zhu Temple, was set Tripitaka sutras, Zhangjia almost Tooker sixth Dalai Lama photo, this his third "call will Lehan "(Mongolian word for" incarnation "), he Su Xing Zhang, Xining who died after the chief.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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