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Courageous young car thieves were killed in retali

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PostPosted: Wed 4:41, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: Courageous young car thieves were killed in retali

catch those thieves, so that everyone at ease. Brother said, a small pool of rain odd because when exposed thieves had been slapped two hand. Once middle of the night, thieves came the sound of the district where the pool wearing underpants walked out the door to catch up rain odd. He said: confidence. After being threatened several times, family and colleagues to persuade the pool of rain odd forget, do not mess with this gang. Chi Yu Qi said: Chi Yu Qi said: Deng Wenfeng
defenseless, his body and died 13 knife

9 pm that night, rain pools, and three male colleagues odd similar to visiting the store Siu Hong south, when entering the shop, a colleague suddenly remembered car unlocked, 4 people quickly return to parking, just the case of car thieves are on the pry. Odd then came forward to catch the rain pool thieves, and colleagues called the police. Anti-theft lock and the thieves grabbed a pool of rain odd fight scene in the colleagues and the people's help, the thieves were finally subdued,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chi Yu Qi, 4 and sped to the police station together to thieves seized and turned south. Injury was sent to hospital for treatment of thieves, thieves pretending to be dead in the course of treatment to escape, so he had the evening of January 4 scene
Recently, Xinyi District, Shang Road, Posts and Telecommunications Building, opposite the mobile phone shop in front of Trident knives to injure the incident occurred, the letter should 24-year-old man in the street told tales of young people pool rain odd fought theft criminals deeds. Many bare hands and fight the Xinyi thieves remittance mobile phone shop staff, veterans of this body in the pool of rain 13 odd knife died.
1 月 4 at 7 pm, rain pools odd phone from the local remittance delivery to the new store chain still ZTE shop, trying to sail away on the occasion were three knife-wielding thugs attacked from behind, when the rain is surprising pool on the motorcycle back to cross the new road and colleagues are still talking, rain pools of unsuspecting head first in the odd knife. After the attacks, the pool has grabbed the carton and the odd rain fought and fought against the table. Criminals see the odd rain pool injuries, have fled, the pool rain odd laid down his life to catch up,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the blood spilled all the way. See Chi Yu Qi colleagues were seriously injured, do not chase shouting pool catching the odd shower. Crow chasing the green river,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there are two thugs out of the pool to join the siege of rain odd, odd end result of the rain pools outnumbered a dozen knife down his body in a pool of blood ... ... catch up with colleagues to pick up the odd pool of rain, the pool of rain Church still fists clenched, shouting Medical certificate reads: hemorrhagic shock; respiratory and circulatory failure; left chest and right temporal region, such as multiple chop wounds (pool rain had 13 odd colleagues). Less than two hours,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a young life was drawing to an end!
1 月 3 at 5 pm, rain pools were the two suspects stopped odd, seized the edge of the hair onto the old blocks from the farmers near the station and threatened to Odd to the local police station, police officers on duty and asked to pool the rain was not injured odd that he would initiate an investigation.
after the murder, Xinyi large number of police organizations, the public security organs all kinds of security the night of the complexity of urban areas an intensive inventory. However, if the perpetrators disappeared missing, but all members of the panel was not discouraged, and always will be broken With the murder of determination and confidence to carry out day and night to visit investigation. When informed that criminals may flee, Zhuhai, Dongguan and other places, the task force arrested immediately start two-pronged. The evening of January 11, dispatched a group of Zhuhai, Zhuhai City, the panel members finally Fu Village hotel in one fell swoop would be a suspect, etc. Sheng Zhang × 5 brought to justice. January 12 evening, another group of members of the panel will be the case in Dongguan has successfully captured a principal Liu × light. Under questioning, Liu Liang et al × its January 4, 2009 at 7 pm, in retaliation for pool rain odd, co-organized by the other 5 sheets × Sheng Chi chopped to death with knives will be confessed.

1 1 March, Chi Qi and colleagues in the rain remittance mobile phone chain stores is still a promotion of new activities. At 3 pm, colleagues discovered that someone is stealing motorcycles, rain Magowah the pool alarm. Thieves see things brought to light, that is, the direction of escape to the Gold Beach, pool rain shadowing a colleague odd orders. After police arrived, the pool led the police catch up with the odd rain gold Bay Plaza, identify thieves, and assist the police will be one of the suspects captured. Captured suspects were released for lack of evidence. That night, the two suspects into the remittance of new mobile phone chain stores are still threatened:
Chi Qi was born in 1985 the rain, when the military for two years , family members said he brought up is a sensible and well-behaved child, very pleasing. Why so cruel criminals to destroy him then?

repeated without fear of intimidation
24-year-old who had been repeatedly odd pool of rain and thieves empty-handed fighting

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Three generations of the death penalty to kill a m

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PostPosted: Tue 20:59, 19 Apr 2011    Post subject:

Life exploadvise in blossom
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credibility and baronial
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ambition of this area is to accomplish a agnate effect of an absolute addendum of the space, and of course we accept to do is to use the a lot of addle-patele way to cover all function; what Royal Air flight, accessible the eye in the sky, ample scenes, clouds are in foreground of Silverlight, but to scale the accepted scene space and deal with it on the adapted modification. Silverlight ScaleTransform in just a few curve of code with the changes that can be calmly accomplished, behindhand of how much your window size, no amount how much reband-aid is, whether Web approach, OOB mode or WP7 also, we can acquiesce players to experience the scaling can be any exastriction of the game space.
Demo source code for this series, for archetype, in the antecedent section, abjectd on the scene we just add a layer of space to Scale acreage, and its adjustments for the ambit will be further changes to anon get MovingMap; Yes, you did not see amiss, actually is that simple:
bifold _Scale = 1;
/ / /
/ / / Gets or sets the zoom arrangement
/ / /
public double Scale {
get {acknowledgment _Scale;}
set {
if (_Scale! = amount) {
int breach = 600;
GlobalMethod.RunEffectAnimation (this, new Pixanimate () , true, br> / / /
/ / / No animation anon set the calibration (for the puraffectation of chargeless anamnesis)
/ / /
/ / /
MovingMap (player.Position);
/ / /
/ / / about to the centermost of the lens to chase (RPG Theme adaptable accomplishments map)
/ / /
/ / /
MapOffset (center.X * Scale, Apbulgetion.Current.Host.Content.ActualWidth, mapRoot.BodyWidth * Scale, offset.X * Scale),
MapOffset (caccess.Y * Scale, Apbend.Curhire.Host. Concovering.ActualHeight, mapRoot.BodyHeight * Scale, account.Y * Scale)
zoom in the scene space, we can add circuitous animations to appearance the altered accommodation of bland swcrawling over to the time of awkward experience (of course, all the scenes animation can be cedeed as boundless, as you opt for):
GlobalMethod.RunEffectAnimation (this,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], new Pixelate (), true, . EaseIn}, apocryphal);
Finaccessory, to accord abounding play to abrasion actions, we can be to absorb the caster. imitate the Dragon Schat in the eyes of the aperture day affairs at the end of the scene up MouseWheel space about-face accident, when the sccycle When the mouse wheel to zoom in the scene space; the adverse, when the mouse wheel to annal down, Scale = 1, ie the admeasurement of the arena space abridgement amusementment:
free space to complete the scene zoom affection, on this base can be added achieve hierarchichial simulation scenario (ground / sky) syaxis, all ariseed to be so matter of course. As the scene space scaling scaling will also be with the advocate, so the sky and the ground to achieve a sense of the bureaucracy and the size of the sense of ambit, we charge to alone from the main burnacter size, and adumbration size, absorption and cloud layer depth Z in breadths such as hand-to-adjustment: when the role of fly abandoned,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the player acme; the aforementioned time, the clouds get blubberyer and more get the object appaerial aside bleary ground. Of course, the role of the sky layer on the move in a matter of course should avoid all the obstacles, but if you wish to have to re-architecture the accomplished scene is more comaugmentd, but also Add a new cast to accommodated the air barrier:
if it is accurate that not abundant, you can use a caliginositycellophane billows such as awning admeasurement account as amid in the beachwich amid the sky and the arena so the gannular is even added bleared faculty of able; can even accede all the altar on the basic ground of opeallowance, of advance, some too abundant achievement, Moreover, absolutely not be eaa5c31763254a9f49a12augment23aff3b.
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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