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excellent walls tour

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PostPosted: Thu 11:55, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: excellent walls tour

Sixteenth year on November 25, accusing him of Emperor Qianlong in the Cining Gong Zhu Shouli to celebrate his mommy Empress Dowager Xiao St 60 anniversary. Keiju this day, the first minister of the thrones of the Qianlong Emperor to the Empress Dowager line rate of six Su-three knees two Baili, the liturgy is the richest colors of the Manchu Emperor Qianlong clothed in costumes, holding the brandy banquet, to dancing for Queen Mother Chen He, Prince, Huang Sun, and the quantity of Boo were also dance back him in turn.
Positive for the Empress Dowager Ci Ninggong Palace, the early Qing Dynasty and the rise of the mid Cining Gong phase, when, behind the prominent Xiao Zhuangwen Huang, Xiao Xian Queen St has lived here all. Junji, Kangxi and Qianlong DDD famous filial fidelity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the Empress Dowager Ci Ninggong Keiju often prop the observance. However, afterward empire, the Qing dynasty fell into ebb with the treasury vacant, the then Queen of filial piety and Rui palace had to tear spending, Ci Ninggong gradually lost elapse reputation. When folk pamper in the Forbidden City and sunny buildings, an old male with a measuring tape, the superb palace into a boring number. In the label of Fu Xi's architectural historian, the Forbidden City palace courtyard space and the place were measured. Of the 20th centenary, 40 annuals, China Building Society has painted the Forbidden City and the Road architecture and turrets Wu Yingdian the drawings, the next half a centenary, the Chinese specialists in structure, examining and charting of the Forbidden City for numerous times. This period, obviously for another purposes. In counting to trying to understand the exact scale of the palace appearance the community, Professor Fu is still looking for something? He hoped that the file from this pile perplexity, detect out what mysterious?
Just as the ancient pyramids and temples of foreign, the construction scale of the Forbidden City secluded many figures, it is remove they are not free to appear. If not using the information, a general who travel would be laborious to discover the recondite. Old professor chosen for his day a very inviting field calculations. Forbidden City Yourenruzhi this day, people did not pay attention, one with a tape of the retired, are discovery their eyes to create a secret this ancient palace, the Forbidden City from the construction interpretation of the figures who set the password. Sleep after he first measured the combination of the Second Temple courtyard, north-south length of 218 meters from east to west width of 118 meters, both the ratio of 6 to 11; the former compound composed of 3 main lobby, north-south length of 437 meters from east to west width 234 m, the ratio between the two is 6 to 11, and the former courtyard of the length and width almost double the compound after the sleep, that is, after the former courtyard area is four times sleep. Then he measured what parts of Liu Gong temple and five things, the length and width scale consistent with the compound after the sleep. Creation of the old Forbidden City, the proportion of professors to make such speculation: China's feudal dictator "of the home for the country" concept, so the emperor's family, which is modeled after the sleep number, in proportion with additional buildings in former Community Planning.
With the measured depth, normal further show --- Ming Mukden Palace, Hall of Supreme Harmony is the Qing Dynasty, the palace namely accustom in creating the highest level of fashion, Miankuo nine, deep into the 5, the ratio of the two 9 than 5; Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony coexistence of massive earth-shaped base, and its north-south length of 232 meters, the object breadth 130 meters, it seems that there namely no puzzle, yet about two minutes, the antique professor base , the percentage of the two are just as the 9 apt 5. Yin and yang of antique figures, weird for positive, even as the yin. The number of sometime palaces in the Forbidden City are entire portion of positive mathematics and then nap some number of the palace are always negative ones. The highest number of nine of the sun, five Masahiro Nakai, the outcome constantly nine ancient character of imperial authority and the five, understood as the "Ninth Five of the sculpture." Meridian Gate tower of Preserving Harmony, etc. are nine bay front house. Obviously, the wording of these figures with those gorgeous ode apt no feud, always expressed aboard the royal deference. Obviously, the number of levels here as a meter of the status scale. As the maximum assured number, "Nine" is in prevalent building the Forbidden City. However, an exception will be base.
Observant visitors will find today's Hall of Supreme Harmony, not nine broad, but eleven, tin no prove the upon statement. In fact, this is because after the Mukden Palace was destroyed in Rereading Beijing, the Qing Emperor Kangxi eight years (AD 1669) reconstruction, the old hand-made nine technicians beam model, because of the nice gold find Phoebe, had the Miankuo to eleven, to shrink the span of beams. The number of the beasts of the palace eaves ridge is ordinarily an odd number, that is, positive numbers, up to nine. The Hall of Supreme Harmony beasts ridge eaves, there ten. The colossal scale of the palace courtyard, often makes the details of this ridge beast easily ignored. In creating the palace, just set a puzzle here. Hall of Supreme Harmony is the array of spinal animals: dragon, phoenix, lion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hippocampus, horses, fish charge, Ni, Xie Zhi, bullfighting, even lines (monkey). Even an more line. Animals on the ridge of ancient architecture, even the line appears merely once, that is, Taihe Dian Shang. Why is this?
Compared with animals high above the ridge, doornail number of "errors" may be more promising to be found. Imperial palace doornail usually nine road every fan, every nine,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], meantime the afternoon nigh the door and the Donghua Gate of Yemen approximately the door and side door, but are only eight each. Obviously, this is not to create those carelessness. As we all know, "golden ratio" in ancient Greek architecture in universal use. So, the number of buildings from the eastern relations, will find that the ratio of the mystery? This one is said to be the most will find that the ancient Greeks considered the quantitative relationship among the ratio of the most smart. In the Battle of Issus, Alexander the Great because of the left pinion in the Persian militia and the central junction point of the onset, and victory. Some people see this as the "Golden Ratio" in the warfare use.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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