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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Tue 11:03, 08 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Beijing Phoenix Ling Nie natural beauty of the Township is located within the Haidian District, 33 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square, with a aggregate area of 17.88 square kilometers, is one of nature's award of the Pure Land,Forbidden City Tour, a carved jade without a handbook. "King external suburbs, the suburb of the Road, Beijing Natural huge air!" Phoenix Ridge conveniences and specifics of natural beauty. Another Phoenix Ridge, Shandong, Shenzhen, and the Phoenix Ridge District of Linyi City, Shandong Province Phoenix Ridge vicinity bureaus.
Scenic mus: mountains, blue sky, the endlessly rising Pinnacle, jungle paths, plants all overthe mountain, has a nice ecological environment; the upper hand in Sheung Shui, geographical advantages, so enjoy the Beijing "green lung "said. Local water quality, clean air, neat the air purity is 5 periods the urban areas, with negative oxygen ions in the urban area more than 150 times, from April to October was 58% relating humidity, the average spring temperature is 23 ℃. Scenic cultural landscape and colorful. Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and other Eastern religious culture and health culture of the ancient sites, artifacts, relics of many, rich cultural heritage, they supplement each other with the natural landscape, together constitute the area south of the North three-four more than by the considerable attractions.
Transfer to temple Longquan Temple as the megalopolis line of a mound actual health mores of ancient Eastern practice field and has a moving story of the shadow of Beijing's largest air pavilion and Cliff lettering "Phoenix Ridge"; South Line to Gold Period in western Beijing, "the 8 water Huang Pu School, one of the hospital (divine house) as the center, there is Beijing's largest stone spire, "Diamond Tower and the most ancient Buddhist sculptures," the Northern Wei Dynasty Stone Buddha, "Lu Zu scenic holes and the prevailing air of the ancient incense road (Miaofengshan pilgrimage "Old North Road") sites; Northern Line Zeyi Feng Qi, strange stones, water, beauty, calm hole to conquer; have hailed as Huashan hazard of the "ladder", the secret ape deep hole, the world noted "Shinsen" and " Chuilian Waterfall "and Miao Jing.
Scenic enjoy the "small West Beijing Huangshan" prestige, "Qi", "rocks", "Lin", "Shinsen" for its normal scenery. "Qi": different styles, different combat fighting strange, soul-stirring Goddess Peak, Lion Peak Lung Poon Hu Ju; "rocks": rocks everywhere, Vivid, such as the rabbit and the wind,beijing tour package, such as the stone ape show days, such as Valentine's stolen language, gesture with sensation; "Lin": Gusonggubai ancient ginkgo,beijing hutong tour, and archaic trees; peach, Xinglin, Apple Lin, Lin Yuan earth, either sightseeing, but too self-picking; "Shinsen": ingredients of a rich, mellow and reanimating, spring in Need, known distant and approach. Scenic three quarters of flowering seasons the King: in spring, "Taoyuan apricot Sea", "Yi Qiaochun photos"; summer with "training Suiyu silver", "white cascade Chuilian"; autumn with "Autumn leaves", "Golden Age Gone with the Wind annoy "; winter there," scope upon scope of snow eyes "," white hung upside down. " Is the Spring excursion, summer summer, autumn tours fruit ripening, winter snow outlook of the resort.
Longquan Temple: Longquan Temple namely located in the Phoenix Heights pregnant, was first built in the Liao Dynasty, namely a set of northwest Beijing, Buddhism, Taoism, local religion, in one of the cultural attractions. Following the rise legendary recluse constantly in this practice, numerous look the red necklace Jin Yi in the companioning hand in hand, Longquan Temple accordingly the name. Three Buddha Cave: Three-hole known for the Buddha 3 Shenfo chasm, in accordance with the "Mahayana Yi Zhang," saying that Sakyamuni Buddha incarnation of three alter prosperity, of which one is the Dharmakaya Buddha, the label "Lu Zhena Buddha," mentioned Does the body is the utter truth, the left one is holding Shenfo, the label "Losana Buddha" that permits the absolute fact and knowledge is seriously tetralogy Does the body, the right one should be Shenfo, the name "Buddha" that revel school the public body Does the body alter, the three Shenfo nice carving techniques, Dharmakaya Buddha wearing a crown, hands and consistency, symmetrical, Bao Shenfo should Shenfo brain with cilia, palms behind, with his hands spread out , due to long annuals of weathering and rain erosion and person dispose, has been to see no real.
Xuan Yuan-dong: Xuanyuan hole known as "Ba Xiandong", the holes are to the southeast, lying in a bottom of the pot-shaped button sculptured from granite, the Portal of the elemental in the house, the house had collapsed. Engraved ashore the front gate, three immortal, one tugging the tall risk milked riding cross-legged, great lobe shoulder, smiling, gestures alter, 3 the left wall, right wall 2, in which three men and 2 women, both hands vertical to the afterward pubic district and female body standing hands clasped together, seated height and the same. Rainwater into the grotto by the stone of fashion strange fashions out, tin purify the air. This hole is the ancient practice after closed doors to seek their own place to run from the cave structure, favor the Liao, Jin production. Eight immortals not belong inside the grotto, which is specified, but rather reflects the Liao and Jin Period Health Qigong culture. Ridge district of Phoenix within the Xuan Yuan-dong, repair Cave, preside, etc. Cultivation in the northwardly of the practice areas have been base to save extra complete health Qigong cultural venues.

Forbidden City Tour

beijing hutong tour

beijing travel service

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