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magnificent walls tour

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PostPosted: Sat 6:38, 02 Apr 2011    Post subject: magnificent walls tour

Of way as I go more constantly, Itsuki, Qi Niandian, the Circular Mound Altar, and commonly known as the whispering gallery of the Imperial Vault of Heaven, a few words in front of the main attractions introduction, I am familiar with the rustic relatives when the excursion adviser truly not a problem. When, after playing to attach relatives behind home from the Temple of Heaven, they compliment me in front of their parents, could not hide his delight will be hanging in my face.
As the years went along, I do not comprehend entities from a little boy, grown into a lusty male. The season of love to. I adore the girlfriend, how numerous times sitting in the Temple of Heaven park bench, sucking the scent comes out of purple fragrant, bright future and happy life, reveling in the warm reverie. Temple of Heaven Park is not merely a heaven of my childhood, it is also the conclusion of wedding with his girlfriend I adore cradle. After I got married to live with alter parents, and new homes in the East Third Ring Road side. Have a daughter, a father, Sunday, my wife and I send her to consult what the park to play? My first alternative as maximum of the Temple of Heaven Park. Pushing the stroller on the slight awnings sat with the daughter, and wandering around the Temple of Heaven Park, the trees planted in the road, I found the park to spend more, the trees greener, more pretty outlook. From her daughter since the age of 5, I took her at fewest two divide Temple of Heaven Park, hearing to her tiny face spliced to the soft sound of muttering gallery walls juvenile gas to shriek me daddy; watching her daughter in the children's playground, happily playing movie games would not have my childhood, I could not assist think of my childhood,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], my mother took us to the Temple of Heaven in the quondam four children. Lingering in my mind, the Temple of Heaven intricate, this life will get rid of the helpless.
Beijing bid goodbye to the earth "Fortune" Forum, yesterday morn, the Temple of Heaven Qi Niandian ancient buildings restoration project started. During the upkeep, construction of Qi Niandian homes backward closed doors, all architectures will be fully redraw Wai Yan drawing and use the library more than 99% gold content of gold elaboration, Qi Niandian LMH also replace the establishment of "Brick." Next year's "May Day", the Temple of Heaven Qi Niandian Qiang Yi Qing empire, and then will look after redevelopment guests. Vice-principal of the Temple of Heaven Yao'an introduced in 1971, this repair off the shelf after the first overhaul, will try to reinstate the original exterior and style of history, Qi Niandian repair homes after the appearance of age buildings restored middle of the Qing in principle, the perspective of the chief creating Qi Niandian restored to original condition after reconstruction of the Qing empire. In Search of historical photos, written records, special demonstration held on the foundation of drawing, Wai Yan Qi Niandian hospital painting the house before 1935,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], along to redraw the historical photos. Pre-construction, construction personnel about the style of one existing painting, color, describing recorded and archived photographs.
Qi Niandian hospital has changed the aboriginal bricks of concrete ground tiles, 3 tier pedestal of the "BRIC" too remaining 1 / 3. Times the repairs will be always the hospital 3 million square meters of concrete tiles replaced the original bricks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], finished 3rd floor base apt replace always use the 18,000 "gold brick." Remains on-site technical staff, "BRIC" The revelation and study of historical documents, that the elemental "gold brick" for the historical origin of Suzhou, the construction secondhand in the "BRIC" also came from Suzhou. In the repair, the cleaning of the gilded Qi Niandian ding tough. Yao'an, due to the premier rule of fix namely to defend cultural relics, so can no use any cleaning ding with chemical essay of the cleaning productions. Qi Niandian 38.2 meters tall, ding of the "waist" is a dragon rolled approximately 9 and difficult to neat. However, behind cleaning, Qi Niandian ambition regain its stately.
The renovation will also be on the blaze protection system, lightning conservation systems, surveillance systems, etc. sound, will be the first to setup the world's most advanced quite early advising cloud detection systems. The appliance uses athletic sampling means, every needle can monitor the scope of 1,000 square meters, by the time a man lit a cigarette, the probe will automatically agitate. After repairs, all wires into the ground, Qi Niandian will "wear" lightning wand ring. The blood, a thick floor of lime merged tung oil painted on the doors of the house, and then tools to cut, lustered clean, then putty painting, doors of the house so you can return to the grace of the past, laborers mention that a process called "hack the web deflection white." Among the construction, iron scaffold boards below all pad to protect the "BRIC", the hospital's stone columns look around on the board are to be protected ... ... the whole process will be overhauling the record with pictures, re-reception in the Qi Niandian visitors, as a special exhibition presented in the side lobby where Qi Niandian things.
Is brick, the main raw matter is clay, firing is successful, blow it with a hard object, will publish a "popup" sonorous, powerful metal sound, diverse the general dull sound when tapping the bricks, then known as the "BRIC" . Temple of Heaven and bring Zhongshan Park in Beijing, I am terrified more than a year alive in Beijing who have been to. Temple of Heaven has Qinian Dian, the Circular Mound, whispering gallery ... ... colored taint, Zhongshan Park, Zhongshan Hall, Huifang Park ... ... But separately from these familiar sights, and some outlooks of these two locations were tourists negligence. "May Day" phase, you may wish to look at those who are versed with the correspondents and unfamiliar sights it.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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