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Men ask for 1 million breakup fee to be strangled

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PostPosted: Thu 18:30, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: Men ask for 1 million breakup fee to be strangled

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
case will choose a sentencing date.

the prosecution allegations, Dimou there with her boyfriend Liu emotional disputes . Last June 10 , Liu and Dimou Dimou brother with a dispute with a bag with a fierce Dimou Le Liu neck ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], resulting in suffocation death of Liu , Dimou 's brother to stop passers-by during the rescue . Prosecutors believe that siblings are committed Dimou intentional homicide .
day of the incident , she and her brother on the Liu 's car , Liu proposed to him if the break to be 1 million breakup fee . Liu tussle with her ​​in the car ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and carry bag with neck reined been forced Liu , his brother off to stop passers-by to the rescue. Later, she and her brother turned himself in to police .

(Reporter Dian Science correspondent Gilbert ) 22 -year-old woman Dimou Hebei to break to her boyfriend , a conflict with her boyfriend , tussle process, Dimou will use the bag with her ​​boyfriend strangled. Yesterday, Dimou suspected of intentional homicide in a trial in the Court ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], trial, Dimou said her boyfriend ask for 1 million breakup fee enraged themselves.
cases for trial , Dimou argued that talk about friends with Ryu, is

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Tue 4:34, 24 May 2011    Post subject:

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39476559 2009 年 10 月 17 日 20:44 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary
Huben Hutch: Dian Wei and Xu Chu (historical)
three of the world, the star clouds. As will those who both command of army generals gallop battlefields, some chivalrous exquisite, protects the main impulse array Huben. Dian Wei and Xu Chu, who was among the representatives.
Dian Wei, Chenliu have I; Xu Chu, Qiao Qiao country people; in Kingdoms is super-class home here, there is also fierce in the history books, people in extraordinary Huben. The same as they were in the Army Su Wei Cao Ren, bodyguard escort guide lord Imperial Guard, but also army set off, red array enemy, legendary. Close confidant of both Cao Cao will love, as brothers in general, have many similarities.
one looks
According to \is a tall, sturdy frame of the big guy, very powerful and majestic.
Second, the strength
Dian Wei \
Dian Wei prefer to use heavy enough weight weapons, which Shuangji re jin, which is consistent and Kingdoms (1). Dian Wei specific examples of great force, is his pet Zhang Miao charged against Sima Zhao men work, the account before a tall, large teeth gate flags, others are not able to maintained, but only one hand Dian Wei was firmly on the engine, the effort can be very alarming, therefore, caused a surprise boss (2).
Xuchu stories are more legend. Before the army, because Zeikou rampant Xuchu warriors and clan to protect the family together. Once a thief Runan Ge Pei million people to attack, the two sides deadlocked, Xuchu party food shortages, they pretended to make peace, agreed in exchange for cattle and other food. The other party to the cows when the cows ran back. Xuchu hold of the cow's tail, dragged down even a hundred steps, be described as divine! Even the cattle are not scared to Zeizhong to run away. As a result, people are surrounded by several counties fear him (3).
Third, Dian Wei and Xu Chu brave
are sturdy character, exquisite brave warriors, historical records and Kingdoms in the description in much the same, it is memorable. Chong Shang Renxia
generous attempts at social atmosphere (do not use the legal system to measure the current social climate at the time), before the army had for a friend Dian Wei Liu revenge, kill the enemy LEE Wing-wife, holding a knife killer calmly out. LEE Wing-house near the set?, Full? Shock, chasing hundreds of people come, but no one dared to close. Dian Wei's bravery and prowess is evident (4).
conquest Lu Bu Cao Cao, night attack each other four or five miles west of Puyang Zhunyu Stockades, when the break of dawn and less retreat, Crackdown Riboud personally shuaibing rescue, the two sides battle, killing Tianhundian. As fighting emergency, Cao Cao will be called death squads rushed array. Dian Wei to come forward to lead dozens of people wearing heavy armor, write the shield, holding spear only to pull up killer. Enemy arrows like rain, Dian Wei does not care, opponent, said: \. \At this time getting dark, and Cao Cao a safe evacuation. This battle, brave and fearless performance of Dian Wei's head, which won the appreciation and trust of Cao Cao, was sealed as the Commandery, and ordered to command of a large account in the surrounding Imperial Guard bodyguard escort.
Cao Cao Zheng Jingzhou, to Wancheng, Zhang Xiu Ying drop. Cao Cao was overjoyed, and hosted a banquet for Zhang Xiu and generals, and personally Hangjiu. Dian Wei held an ax standing behind him, went Cao Cao, Dian Wei held ax attention. Until the banquet ended, Zhang Xiu and the generals did not dare look up, see Dian Wei momentum of the force (6).
Xuchu conquest Zhang Xiu Cao Cao to follow when he and his men fought at the head of a gang of warriors, the enemies beheaded tens of thousands of great military exploits, was promoted to Captain (7). As Xuchu fierce tiger, and the character and relatively stiff, so the military was the \Later crusade Ma Chao, Han Sui, the Cao Cao to only one person with Xu Chu and the other meeting. Ma Chaoyong extraordinary force, secretly want to raid Cao Cao, but heard so much about the name of Xu Chu, Cao Cao's suspicions that the security entourage is Xuchu, he asked: \Xu Chu,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xu Chu staring stare, Ma Chao would not dare act rashly (9).
Fourth, under the
Dian Wei, Xu Chu not only their bravery, they are also led by the Guards carefully chosen warrior, very elite. Romance will be the bodyguard known as \Dian Wei Wan Town retaining the Lord, men more than a dozen commander \And Xu Chu's men followed him with a lot of initial investment are the paladin army, army expedition, illustrious for war, many people have been raised him and was later promoted to become generals, and even access to Monkey (11).
V. Cao
faithful to know people, make good use of people. He appointed Code, Su Wei Xu was in the military, not only Chinese and their bravery, but also fancy their loyalty. The Code, Xu two also live by the care, loyalty of Cao Cao, many fought in the most critical juncture in the primary care, and even sacrificed their lives at all.
Dian Wei \Kingdoms in the description of \The \Zhang Xiu first decreased and then counter-attack Cao Cao's camp, Cao Cao Qingqi flee. Dian Wei fighting force, according to their camps, enemy soldiers can not be scored, did give him the door into the fold, increasing in number. Dian Wei held around waving Hercules, enemy soldiers have broken spear. Yu Xiaowei with ten men fight to the death, injury depleted. Dian Wei was seriously injured dozens, enemy soldiers surrounded them and siege. Dian Wei Xie Qi two enemy soldiers kill enemy soldiers with both hands, and the rest did not dare to move forward. Dian Wei severe wounds why he did not end,? Head cursed to death. Public enemy, then dare the front, cut off his head mass concept (12). Heroes Lord Megatron enemy gallbladder, Dian Wei's death is extremely heroic, their loyalty, their courage enough to shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ, people applaud apart, can not help becoming a deep sigh.
Xuchu \When Cao Cao crusade against Yuan Shao, Xu He, who attempts to rebel, because Xuchu often do not dare to hands-on guard about. One day turn Xuchu rest, but he returned to his home in heart and action, they will immediately return to Shihou. Xu He, who do not know, hidden weapon revenue,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not feel surprised to see Xu Chu, and his face has changed. Xu Chu Minrui to detect this, he immediately killed the gang Xu (13). Cao Cao, Xu Chu from a more trusted, \It not only reflects the Xuchu loyalty, but also reflects the other side of Xu Chu Xinsi careful.
crusade when Ma Chao, Cao Ji crossing the North River, and the bodyguard of Cao Cao and Xu Chu hundred people remain in the south up the rear. Ma Chao led to killing more than Mabu Jun, Cao Cao, Xu Chu support board. Oncoming enemy soldiers hurry, arrows rain, Cao competing to cross the river, boats, heavy threatens to sink. Xuchu cling to the vessel decisive beheaded soldiers, left hand holding a saddle cover Cao Cao. Boatman was riddled with arrows shot, Xu Chu to punt with his right hand, managed to ride the North Shore. At that time, if not Xuchu, Cao Cao would have died almost (14).
another, Cao clan came from Jingzhou general audience with Cao Cao, Cao Ren, Xu Chu in Dianwai see, they take the initiative to call him to sit down to talk. Xu Chu did not appreciate it, replied: \Some people complained that: \, why talk about in private? \Cao Cao's death, Xu Chu cry to vomit blood, showing his deep feelings with Cao Cao.
VI reviews
Dian Wei's capacity for liquor and amount of food is enormous, \is available, the Dynasty strong. \But this is not seen \As compared to the Han Cao Cao will Xuchu founding Reggie Fan Kuai, were seen in \the same: \Wei Zhu was the favor, and favor history. Cao Cao, Dian Wei's death to hear sad tears, sent secretly to retrieve his body, the person cry, thanks to Dian Dian Wei's son over the doctor, \Later, due to missing Dian Wei, but also full of thanks for the Sima Code, to close at side. Cao Pi succeeded to the throne, the appointment of full Code as Du Wei, Cijue Guannei Hou. Of Xu Chu, Cao Pi WU Wei sealed his general command of the Army to continue to let him Suweijinbing, when he is very close. Cao Rui's reign, and into the labeled Mu Xiang Hou, Yi seven hundred thanks. Xu Chu's death, posthumous name \Then beware of joining in gratitude Xu Chu, and even ordered praise like this, complex two MG Guan Neihou give their children and grandchildren. Wei
to late, as the government owned Sima, Cao lose power. Held the jobs of dollars four years (AD 263), in autumn, more than ten million soldiers and statistics bell cutting Shu, Xu appointed as a pioneer instrument. Because broken wooden bridge, horseshoe stuck bell, bell instrument will kill Xu (16). Son of the Three Kingdoms tiger masterpiece, Wei trusted hero, the death, quite innocent.
(1), Wei and a good long knife held such a large Shuangji, whom the military phrase reads: \
(2), the flag grow teeth doors, people monensin wins, Wei single-handedly built it, its wit different pet.
(3), a thief to take cattle, cattle Noir Ben also. Chen Chu is a former single-handedly reverse drag oxtail, line hundred steps. Zeizhong panic and then not to take cattle and go. From this Huai, Yu, Chen, Liang, the smell of all Weidan.
(4), Wei Yong ... pregnant dagger into the killing, and killing his wife, Xu a, Ji knife to take the car, step (a). Nearly permanent resident?, A? Do hack. Those hundreds of recovery, Mogan close.
(5), Dynasty raised depression Chen, Wei preemption will be raised by dozens of people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are the two heavy armored clothing, abandoned?, but the killer holding spears tease ... vector to rain, Wei is not as ... and others fear, illness words \Ji Wei holding more than ten, shouted from, the credit should not hand down those without. Cloth all back.
(6), Dynasty Xingjiu, Wei Li holding ax, the blade diameter of foot, before Suozhi Dynasty, Wei Zhe give the ax head. Actually wine, embroidery and generals Mogan looking up.
(7),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhang Xiu from the levy, the first board, the beheading of thousands, moved to Captain.
(Cool, the military force to Chu and crazy like a tiger, so Xiao Yue Tiger fanatic.
(9), Dynasty and then, extra fine single horse will language, are not from the left and right, only to Chu. The force of super-negative, yin like protrusion Dynasty, Su Wen Chu Yong, Chu suspect is from the riding. Are asked Dynasty said: \Super did not dare move.
(10), both the Zhuang Wei Wu, they will both choose death, every battle, often the first board trap Chen.
(11), the beginning of the tiger who will Chu those from the conquest, Dynasty warriors that are also on the same day as the prayer, followed by those who work for the General Monkey dozens of people, Du Wei, the school Wei Bai Yuren, are swordsman too.
(12), Wei war in the door, the thief can not enter. Soldiers then scattered into the door of his. Way more than ten people there when the schools are all mortal war, when all of a ten. Before and after the thief to slightly, Wei about to hit the Hercules, a fork into, Noir dozen spear destroyed. Do little about the victims. Chong Wei to be dozens of short military engagement, the thieves before the stroke. Way to kill the two-laden two thieves, not before the other thief. Wei Fu protrusion thieves, killing several people, the highest re-issued,? Head cursed to death. Before the thief is a dare, whichever is first, mass of view, as the Army would review its hindquarters.
(13), often from other persons seeking to reverse his Xu, Chu Attendants to about dread of not fat. Chu wait off the next day, his knife into the other arms. Chu heart to the next round, which also paternity. I do not know him, etc., recorded, see Chu, big shock. His pale, Chu felt it, that he killed him and so on.
(14), over the rest of Buji million people, to Ben Dynasty army,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rise under the rain. Chu Fu ... Dynasty board. Thieves war emergency, the military war economy, did not want to ship weight. Chu climbing ship who cut his left hand held the saddle cover Dynasty. For the flow vector of the boatman of the dead, Chu and Su ship right hand, only trusted by ferry. That day, a few micro-Chu crisis.
(15), Yan Hu Chu will take into the language, Chu said: \Or select Chu said: \Dynasty heard, the more love to be it.
(16), King Yuan Qiu four years, cutting Shu. Peoples and statistics more than ten, minutes from Xie Gu, Luo Valley into. First life instrument former dental goalkeeper Xu Governance. In Across. The bridge wear, horse foot stuck, so cut instrument. Miriam who, Xu Chu is to, active royal family, still not the original loans. Armies heard of, everyone earthquake startled.
(except Note 16 taken from \

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