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Recovery of public concern as money laundering mea

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PostPosted: Sun 13:20, 27 Mar 2011    Post subject: Recovery of public concern as money laundering mea

Ma said that in recent weeks, Chinese smoke rose the most powerful, whether soft or hard box case, the Chinese shop selling price has reached 120% smoke more than the original price, only the sale of a Chinese tobacco, at least to earn on their own 150.

, and
It is understood that individual recovery alcohol and tobacco, are prohibited by the state. regulations, in addition to local tobacco wholesale business, and other inbound channels are illegal. But for the generalized

□ Evening News reports
is because of these reasons, the streets of the recycling
Press survey found that Interview, a recycling shop owner told reporters that the store selling gifts to customers, many of which are long-term supply, as to the origin of these gifts the hands of customers is already an open secret.
reporter then contact the business sector, the staff said, not only the traders to evade taxes, and this means there is no supply and supervision of relevant departments, On the other hand,

Maotai is not popular, the Chinese were robbed
also because there are professionals to check the store specifically to distinguish the authenticity of these wines were smoking, so that, like Mr. Zhang had rigid demand that the giver would have to buy the famous name cigarette.

yesterday afternoon, carrying a bottle of 53 degrees and two soft boxes flying Maotai Chinese cigarettes, the reporter began a industry survey.

◎ reporter's notes

banned private sale of tobacco and alcohol

used for the pre-holiday gift why the popular question, one to operate in the Gonghexinlu Buy gifts are gifts of the great.

◎ business sector
the hands of the gift box, Allison appears to be very warm, ranging from press opening, she took the initiative to take over the gift boxes, she took a hand saw detectors, Shumenshulu to open the lid, start checking items .
stockpile as futures speculation, years ago, earn one hundred thousand yuan
Chinese New Year approaching, gift shop business recovery will usher in a wave of Evening Drawing Wu Si Bei Xiang Wang

Subsequently, the reporter also visited the Hu Tai Road, Gong He Xin Road and other sections of the number of In the reporter interviewed a dozen

horse owner told reporters that the reason business is booming before the holiday, it is because of this demand Zhang. According to him,mbt scarpe donne, no matter what brand name cigarettes wines, manufacturers have produced quantitative, the factory is only a month so that, if not a holiday, the output can meet the market, and the a hoard goods, only in the pre-holiday, regular alcohol and tobacco shops and supermarkets appear to sell out of stock. At this time,economici mbt scarpe,
gifts began to high-end, luxury direction, and everyone to follow suit,
what is most hot?
smear abnormalities money laundering Price sold to the To this end, the reporter interviewed a number of successive members of the public.

owner is a young woman, claiming to be Allison, from Zhejiang. According to her, said she was 26 years old this year, but less than 20 years of age along with his family to start a
arrived within minutes a large customer area, the two customers downstairs living quarters of the residents or public garden, and large customers never talk about things other than business, not to mention the information without asking the customer.
Spring Festival is approaching, walking in the street can see, with one Element name cigarettes, wines, on the thousands of Apple phone, computer, or even tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of watches, designer bags, recycled gift shop can be found in the
market is out of stock, store a stockpile

relevant sector staff to remind the public and the its affiliates, which reached sales of stolen goods, will face criminal law penalties. In addition, the sale of gift items as part of the public will bear the responsibility, may constitute the crime of bribery.
cars back has been filled with large bags.

if allowed to For example, other provinces and cities, a cadre, the real estate area is to be sent high-priced contractor,mbt shoes outlet, In other countries, the public, business and gift exchanges have strict management, we exchanged gifts worth tens of dollars, however, whether our legislation as soon as possible to curb the unhealthy tendencies that stock it improper gifts.

Gonghexinlu just press on leaving this Name famous people who smoke, Mr. Chang, when he saw a reporter in the hands of Mao Tai and Chinese cigarettes, immediately pulled a reporter, . Smoke wines and other gifts were in the process found in many regular tobacco shops and supermarkets, the Chinese tobacco, Liquor, Tobacco Shuijingfang and some other famous names already out of stock. Time is tight seeing gifts, Zhang This was a radical, this weekend, he drove a lot of shopping,
◎ public fears
business manager told reporters that although the private sale of tobacco banned, but Now received the relevant counterfeit, fake set up fraud.
◎ Press survey

30 years teaching the book, she studied under the peaches and plums fragrance, in the past few years, students come to see the teacher, send gifts often spend a lot of thought, books, journals, travel souvenirs there, but nearly two years, students come even sent directly from the tobacco, alcohol and high-priced supplements that allow teachers do not like alcohol, Xu was very puzzled. When she asked why, one student replied directly, In this regard, Xu believes that The or even hundreds of thousands of rare medicinal herbs, watches, gold and silver jewelry and other luxury goods will gradually enter the

has been receiving from the hands of the customer, but she specifically what it does, where the gift came from, I never questioned, because the people who sell gifts are more low-key, they do not want others to know own identity, if the customer knows too much information, people and they will not sell you the goods then. Maradona said that in fact the identity of these large customers, the long-term exposure, he can learn some general, large enterprises and institutions in addition to the staff of public institutions, and some company and the project leader, in short, are all for those powerful people.

recovery after the peak is a gift, but in fact, before every holiday, not only the needs of multi-trade gifts, gifts buy and sell a greater difference in price, and true to the Chinese New Year holidays, relatives and friends are walking, Instead of expensive wine in the name of cigarette demand is not great. Generally 15 to 20 days before the Spring Festival, are shop during this time earned a nearly million.

time, he for some cheap alcohol and tobacco, most laughed it off, if no special circumstances, it would not pay for recycling, so as not to suppress eating cheap goods and capital. Under normal circumstances, he only high-grade recycled gifts, such as wine, caterpillar fungus, bird's nest, high-grade cigarettes and Maotai, Wuliangye and so on. Apple iPHONE4 from mobile phones and iPAD Tablet PC business. According to him,
reporters learned in the conversation, Old store's largest customer, is a middle-aged women, this woman would be selling an average of half a gift, gift wines mainly name cigarettes. Most of the time, buy gift horse to take the initiative to come, sometimes, the woman will be driving to the store to delivery, the two sides of the transaction has been more than two years, but the horse still does not know this woman name and other information.
Patronize But there are people that walk around friends and family holidays, gifts, gifts and more, digestion can not afford, stood a waste, with the
Press survey, horse tell their own profit model, name of wine and other gifts from the acquisition of tobacco to sell, in fact, but is a simple rolling process, some In fact,mbt scarpe outlet, very particular about the site, there are four new shops nearby commercial district, the nearest supermarket is 1 km away, to these communities is bought by the guests gifts, many will return to shop as much, sometimes at intervals of time only a few hours, but the one a go on the horse to earn a few hundred dollars.

11 o'clock noon, the reporter walked into a grocery store near the Shanghai railway station, this grocery store is small in size, but a gift box filled with a variety of foreign wines and high-end cigarettes According to a press visual, less than 30 square meters of the shop, gift boxes add the number of alcohol and tobacco more than a hundred boxes.

supply Where to?
Ming was sent, who received gifts of cash, the recipient to find a

mediation and now the business sector related disputes, mainly based on identity fraud in the transaction when such disputes, the public is difficult to protect their own interests.
◎ owner broke the news

5 million investment in ... ... With all this, you can create an area of ​​30 square meters of good to make a fortune, and this is the current
spot transactions, the default , the most valued gifts that come to the sale of large customers, for such large customers, old horse to take the default transactions, but the specific horse for large customers identity has yet to open asked.

and on the Internet, some netizens also red-hot


Inventory of wage earners were beaten when the thief on brain death

The cab after the big trucks off the brake (Figure

Dozens of injured passengers rescued veterans accident only to find themselves b

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