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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Mon 9:25, 14 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

Famous Taoist temples. In Shanghai, a colossal environmental Road 259. Also understood for "White Cloud Temple at sea." Qing Dynasty, Taoist Xu Zhicheng, Jiading Leizu house built in the East Star Bridge. Guangxu eight years (AD 1882) in funding from the Yan Chai Sin gentry, the house will be moved at present Leizu site. Guangxu years (1886) and the expansion of the Dou Mu Temple, admission chamber and dining lobby and other buildings, Guangxu nineteen years (1893) Chen Runfu Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and others funded by the beyond expansion of the San Qingdian, Lu Zu Temple, Qiuzu Temple, when one area of fourteen acres, it has chance a Taoist view of the larger;
Guangxu fourteen years (1888) Beijing Abbot Xu Zhicheng, abbot White Cloud Temple in Beijing, the Qing tribunal and the high-Ren Cave the aid of officials, change the temple as a "sea White Cloud Temple", and amuse get out edition of "Taoist" a aggregate of more than 8,000 volumes for the depositary of Buddhist texts in the temple, and to "stay in the town door," while using a more White Cloud Temple in Beijing, the whole building regulations to discontinue, established the White Cloud Temple of all the sea forest real status of the ten, after more than ten years of painstaking efforts by Xu Zhicheng practice and hard, became classic in the Taoist view of Shanghai. Two hours before and after its construction, front hall for Lei Zu Temple,beijing one day tour, depositary of Buddhist texts, the East Hall for the reception room, Qiuzu Hall, West Hall divided the dining hall, Dou Mu Temple, etc.; apse is three-, three clear in the cardinal hall, South Hall for the six decades, the North to 4 Royal Hall, East is revered temple, the house of the West as Lu Zu, Yuhuangge and the Bell and Drum Tower and other buildings.
Enshrined among the San Qingdian Zhang Tian, Xu Fearless and 5 days to cast God, are bronze, up apt 177 cm, bearing dignified, genial face, caster well, and absolutely because the top grade, along casting the Qing Dynasty, is a Daoist. Xi is the outlook of the prominent Taoist view of Shanghai, namely now the Shanghai Taoist Association and the Taoist Culture Research Center is located, is today's Shanghai Taoist studies, learned activities, personnel training, outer fellowship heart. Save now chapter of the construction: Ling Palace, Ling Xiao Mirage, Laojun Tang, Lei Zu temple, with its existing seven copper statue of Ming Dynasty, the nation not penetrated in other Taoist. In view of the town is the White Cloud Temple, Po Ming version of "Taoist" has been pushed apt the Shanghai Library accumulation.
Beginning of a "fairy Cottage", the history of the smoke, "began in the Kunlun, from Si-flow peaks and assorted Britain, rambling tangles and turns, to the end even the head of Wu and Chu, Kuang not smoke, the boundary of the antique Yangzhou ... ..." was founded in Jinyong Xi years, because there were actually weapons in increase to wood and stone structure of the building house the recess are always outdoor the shanty. Tang Li Tang royal family respected due to the heyday. At that period the temple buildings, colleague of gathered. A period to become the greatest impact in Southeast Hubei Taoists temples. Until residual Liu Tang Road, when the famous five brothers and six in the second practice Liu enlightenment and alteration it as yet immortal Taiwan. Liu Liu 6 o'clock five stone heaviness for the Later Jin Dynasty Lord of the Ministry of you, because you do not absence to rock like heavy, like the parent Wangshi Jing Tong Yelv Deguang on the Khitan (Liao when Taizong) Jesus said Erchen caused heavy discontent Huibing invasion, stone delegate Liu led troops against the second,beijing airport transfer, the strength of the needy, vacant and vanquished national power.
Later Jin Dynasty emulated simple to main, two famous Liu disillusioned then cornered and monasticism, the premier afterward Ben went to Wudang Mountain and in the penance Xianrentai end into the right route. Song near the opposite Hyangnobong built several Buddhist temples and gradually manner a pattern of co-existence of Buddhism and Taoism, there are "three thousand eight hundred monks,beijing city tour," said. Ryu, when regional people's birth and death unknown, the event had passed the Eight Immortals had Chun-shan, an of the team Pure Yang Lu (Lu Tung-pin), and turtle with its handling of the decree train and Qin-xiu stopped going also ranked immortals. Liu and his disciples thankful tears gushing, Lu Zu in view of the construction of a fairy Taiwan (known as the fashionable concept does not currently exist. The conception of Taiwan tea plantation site is now the immortal Office), the White Cloud Temple in southeastern Hubei Xianrentai opener situation within the field of religion is extra consolidation.
Song Xianchun three annuals (1267) Four guilty Qizhou Mongols, established the Southern Song Dynasty so the students section of the DPRK (Hubei Luotian East River human, this is a British mountain.) Is assembling a mob to profitable terrain, soak mountain fairy elements stationed themselves in the A , vertical grid Fort, the fight opposition the Mongols. White Cloud Temple became the Rebel fort. Stand post at the Happy Valley section of drill toward the soldiers and horses, therefore also have a naval mountain said. Affected by the war, suffered heavy mar Xianrentai White Cloud Temple. Religious activities virtually paused. Extremely sharp ethnic conflicts since the Yuan Dynasty, Baiyun Xianrentai infrequent in its appoint has historical file only from the records handed down slightly Chi White Cloud Temple.

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beijing 1 daytime tour

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