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beijing airfield transfer

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PostPosted: Fri 5:16, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing airfield transfer

Simatai Great Wall namely located within the town of Miyun County Gubeikou. The early annuals ahead the Ming Hongwu, plus repairs to the Wanli in the early years of Longqing Qi Ji Town, taking chapter of any time of the Great Wall of China the only deviation from the incipient section of the Great Wall on the root of Northern Qi Ming Great Wall is only a reservation in Beijing Great Wall elemental outward of the antique Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall passenger space east Wangjing layer, connecting West and Jinshanling Great Wall in Hebei Province, bordering to the northwardly and Luanping County, Hebei Province, Simatai camp south to the metropolis. Length of 5.4 km, there are see fortress 35, firing a "Wanli years left Camp in Shandong", "Wanli 5 Tong Road" and other txt blocks, the walls and watch fortress tin be seen on many parts.
Great Wall is located in South Town, Changping District, the territory is according the Great Wall north of Beijing's famous Great Wall, said the best in the world with big, about 50 kilometers away from Beijing city, to guard the capital of the barrier. It Jiayuguan, Shanhaiguan prominent, but because of difficult terrain, ranked the first three tests, for the history of contested. Spring and Autumn Period, Yan guards the mouth, said, "Guyan plug." Han Dynasty, the Great Wall has taken shape. Northern and Southern Dynasties, the relations connecting the city with the Great Wall. Since then, Tang, Liao, Jin, Yuan number of North Korea, Guyan are located on the city. Existing off the city, was built during the Hongwu reign (1368), the circuit of 4,000 meters, towers, fortresses and other facilities obtainable. Off the city inside and outside the Government Office, temples, Confucian and other related architecture facilities. After the Qing Dynasty, Great Wall Building gradually forsook. Great Wall is not only difficult terrain, but also the smart scenery famous. As early as 800 years antecedent, "Pinnacle Guyan prop brain" to be the Emperor Qin Jin as "Yanjing Eight" one.
Pass the age lesson in a ditch off seventy-two landscape, the humanities, there are natural, such as pearl-like and dispersed in the taper ravine approximate the Great Wall. Due to normal weathering, poorly maintained, highway and rail construction and other reasons, some of the outlook is broke or lost, but some survived. Seventy-two outlook generally consists of 4 appearances. First, the good fortune stone Buddha adore. Early years, ditch clearance to Dadu (now Beijing) first are (now Kaiping) roads on soak rugged and hazardous mountain road, the most dangerous location but the birds can fly elapse, it has been phoned the "Bird Road." The road is hard line with the "highly difficult" to Shudao equally matched. Often dangerous to pedestrians on the road or even killed at the falls. Furthermore, high mountains, dense jungles ditch clearance, wounding injury constantly have wild animals infested animals.
As a outcome, people brought in colossal amounts of money are good at carving diagrams set masons, on the steep mountain road at hazard carved Buddha or spell to scare ghosts and beasts. It is said that the steep mountain road at risk since the carved statues, spell afterward every over-the pedestrian affair voyage, must be secure. It eliminates the stress is apparently fearful of affection, too dangerous hiking easily without risk. Second, compliment the natural landscape, "cross as many different angles." In the picturesque mountain afterward to the Loop side, some rocks portrait picture of the beast entities like rocks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as: fairy chess, fairy bridge, Xian pillow stone, camel stone, ambition be Taiwan, grindstone and so on. Give them the fable of ancient magic, although some far-fetched, but good credible expression of the aspirations of the people. Third, the monument remains. Such as: the Tsing Lung Bridge, Buddha Temple, Shifosi, Pan Palace. Fourth, anti-Liao hero worship. As we all understand, no to cross the border ditch Yang kin, how many narrated traits? Nothing more than an expression of people to accomplish truce and harmony, from northern nomadic cavalry persecution of lust. So it was infantry and horses of the Yangs beyond the Great Wall of deterrence statue, there is a Lang Village, Goro like, Shuanma piles magical legend.
There are a lot of the old course ditch clearance Cliff statues, stone statues. Although either belong to the same stone, but assorted. Cliff is the Buddha carved in the cliff or text; and stone statues are sculptured from a unattached stone, and can shake the personas, such as modeling. The west side of the Badaling Highway "on the off city" near the site, there is a Commissioner of about 12 meters high granite cliff about 11 meters. Rock walls carved Buddhas, sitting cross-legged in the lotus seat. Stone Buddha statue navel altitude of about 1.7 meters, 1.3 meters broad, the thickness of about 10 cm. Stone Buddha Shaoai some of the other 2, slightly narrower. III Buddha statue modeling simple, purified carving techniques,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], gestures, shapes vary. Stone Buddha right hand buckle centered in front of his left hand; the left side of the stone Buddha left center up, holds his right hand in front of a bead; the right of the stone Buddha before the synthesis of fingers rounded at the navel.
Buddhas of the Yuan Dynasty to make, is the only region in Changping District, Cliff surroundings,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], though a mini weathered, yet still clear and shine, heroic as ever. And between the three sculptures outdoor are tearing a few square stone Mao, Buddha chiseled a flat upon the groove, the top is likewise tearing the "folk" fashioned groove. Shi Mao and the groove depth can be firmly inserted into the square lumber. It can be seen, premier, near to the granite walls, was built approximately 5 meters high, almost 8 meters from the ridge-type three room or shed, for the Buddhas of the wind and rain screen.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Wed 14:34, 31 Aug 2011    Post subject:

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