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beijing china tours

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PostPosted: Wed 5:34, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing china tours

East house belongs to a hospital, facing the South after the buildings for the front portico, decorative fine, incipient or den, the inside has a noted Qing Dynasty, wrote the calligraphy that Deng Shiru hardwood Geshan Su verse is still intact. East belongs to variant house cross the East compound, a rockery, a pavilion, and was originally connected to the chief chapter of the garden has been the use of a wall absences to be separated. A rockery garden and pavilion veranda, incipient Yueya He phase around the Piedmont, the mountain has a stage, a mountain north of the hall Miankuo 5, and the stage relative to the original quantity of among Ming said, "be silence auditorium" for Weng paperback.
The house occupies a fairly broad, the back door via seven, covers one place of million square meters. House south (six Road South) have nag number, there are also many antique houses. According to records, either Chongli Guangdong Customs supervision, event plundered, contrive owned very thick, very wealthy were, in the terminal in Beijing, the Dodge Dizhai, Dong Yu brilliant, is in adding to residential castle bureaucracy than the leader, understood as " East of the cap. " Not long for this house built, each eight-invasion, the exotic infantry are, along to the return, the income after the Republic several periods changed hands. In 1935, Sung Che-yuan by the Twenty-Ninth Army administrator with his males surrendered Chiang Liu Ruming monster gold bought this house from, and re-repair. It is said that in digging the pool, deliberately discovered a large digit of gold and jewels buried in the floor, its worth is far on the price. Therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the house on the revision of a more gorgeous. Fall period, the house has a pseudo-Xinmin Zhang Yanqing ambition be purchased. Zhang Qing Dynasty scholar Zhang son.
After the liberation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], occupation of the house as an organ, in addition to the garden part of the construction alterations, the basic layout has no changed, the main buildings are well preserved, but now, the garden room set alongside for the movement stations practiced of an organ, the additional for the household quarters. 1984 Beijing announced the third batch of conservation for the unit, in January 1988 and promoted to the third national key cultural relics conservation units. One of the Forbidden City West Liu, and Yi Kun Gong, body unit to manner a courtyard house. Completion of eighteen years at the Ming Yongle (1420), Shunzhi 2 decades (1655) mend, Miankuo five, yellow cup Tongwa Dan Yan Xie Shanding, Empress is the location where Ming and Qing dynasties, the dictator set out soon Tongzhi born in this house. Decade of the Qing empire (1844) Empress 50-year-old birthday overhaul Chuxiu Gong, smart internal and appearance painting, layer cover Rosewood Carve the form vivid, many levels, Arabsalabo ministers Langbi Yu engraved on the flattery of the "long life fu . " Deer hospital with copper, bronze dragon, is based upon the Empress over 50 birthday of the original exhibit.
Percussion in the East lane of the mill south alley on the 27th hospital, was originally a great house, immediately divided into 27 and 29, namely a late Qing Dynasty architecture. 27 for a three-hospital courtyard, a door, gate with the word screen wall, the West has four screen door, behind seat apartment six, as the co-watt water ridge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], into the decorated second door, there are beautifully carved flowers, decorated second gate Chao Shou veranda aboard either sides of the transom child upside down, carving namely very careful. Hospital 3 main creating, hospital mansion are hard mountain ridge Hewa water. Western Corridor with way apt 29 families screen door, screen door now blocked. Gallery from the West had a moon gate north end, namely namely into the backyard, after a seven hospital room after the cover, is too co-watt water ridge. Now the hospital, the west side of the door screen door was removed, the repose of the cardinal erection remained intact. Now a element of quarters. Dongcheng District, issued in 1986 for a cultural unit.
Imperial Palace 1 of the three main hall, and the temple in the north, Yongle eighteen years (1420) completed in April was Leihuo nineteenth scalded, traditional six years (1441) reconstruction, formerly known as "like the house itself," Jiajing Forty an year (1562) renamed the "very temple was built," Shunzhi year (1654) changed its name. Miankuo nine hall, 49.68 m, depth five, 24.97 meters, yellow glazed tile eaves Xieshan Ding, used in architectural chart "made by col" approximate, eliminating the six pillars before the sovereign, so that appears to open a broad hall, hall afforded with invaluable Dan honor appears mainly in ruddy, the Queen and Crown Prince Li Ming books, the emperor is dressing Gun 1st crown of this temple (dress), and then to Mukden Palace by He or Ban Zhao, Qing emperors constantly here feast, as the Princesses Nace given the amount of Boo Feast, an yearly dinner and other Mongol princes gave the 1st month, the late Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, once every three years, successful candidates are held here, successful nominees after the checkup in the Hall of Supreme Harmony announced the results of the hospital, posting on the door and then left Chang'an (now south of the west side of the red walls Nanchizi Office). Paul and bring up the rear stairs north of the Forbidden City the middle of the biggest Yunlong a stone, stone length of 16.57 m, length 3.07 meters. 1.7 m thick and weighs 20 tons, beneath the conditions at the time, only the allocation of such large stones is necessary to use 20,000 porters, from the Fangshan in Beijing, 50 kilometers, it took 28 days, consumption of silver and 11 million ounces. Now this is the heavy engraved Qing period.
In the Jian Guo Men South Avenue and East Avenue intersection Chongwenmen the inside, left the southeast segment of Beijing Railway Station, the wall, stands a eminent building overlooking the tourist exercise out of Beijing, a explicit sign of the formation of a character of Beijing, It is built in Beijing in the Ming and Qing city wall on the southeast turn of the turret. Outside the original city of Beijing has the distinction, the inner city building early, early in the Yuan Dynasty Ming Dynasty on the foundation of the city rebuilt, in addition to the construction of nine towers, barbican and the Arrow Tower, the city wall in mandate to strengthen the ward, in the city square Arrow Building a city are built on stage, its name should be the corner of the city watchtower, cried turret. Here is the merely maintained the southeast corner of the turret Beijing.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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