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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Fri 12:40, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

Today, these antique smart cigarette case (collectors called enlarging) Western painting, merely Temple in the newspaper alternatively discerned on the booth Panjiayuan relevant background information: Open Council (playing Fork), also known as the fork or Dance fork. This will be enshrined as the patron deity Jizo. Will open at the top to go entire the weapons will perform, merely also the meaning of every mountain open. Had originated in the open field past the rustic Yang (spread millet) used three strands fork (wood). Open the properties for the performances and actors actions are also amplified from this evolution. Old, the article is open regular performances, "head even to save the mother," "Goki distress contracting" and "Goki arrest Liu," and so on. Open the performance of activity, throw forks, take the fork, so namely the fork can be turned in all portions of the body. The performance routines are: climb a horse, two cheat horse, hold a single month, the plates sequence legs, Feng Bai lotus foliage, chain-winged son, Cross Phi Hung, jade belt across the waist, dragging dry onions and so on. There are double or more performances of the cast, butt, and kicking and other movements. Open show, the behavior romance coherent correlate is very firm, lustrous silver, it is highly ornamental.
Relevant background information: this will be dedicated to the patron deity is the "skirmish over the Buddha" (Monkey King). Fab Five union is divided into four types. The first "type of helicopter stick" (also known as the Fab Five buffet Road); second is the "Shaolin stick" (also known as the Fab Five Shaolin); the third is "a shield Shaolin"; Fourth, the "fallen stick." Fab Five clubs originated in the Song Dynasty, it shows mainly Kuangyin combat "Dong Fab Five" of the story. Fab Five performances stick to stick mainly with Danlian for exercising and group exercise. The main routines are: three pumping, three cover, March son, the second leading eighth rods. Related background information: Younger, to Yangko automobile will be included: stilts and to Yangko Yangge (also known as ground gambol child). Yangko stilts as ancestral worship Wenchang, and to worship the patron deity is the throne Yangko. Yangko stilts, also known as "warrior of wood." Wen also divided Rocker and Rocker arms. Rocker to take the field in the text, sub-put mountains, particularly the singing Yangko based; Wu Rocker Zeyi tough moves of assorted features breathtaking. Yangko stilts by the essay of 10 to 12 roles, embodying Tuo head, Woodman, Mr. sell pills, fisher, fishing matron, son, the old ride child, Xiaoer Ge, there are two playing gongs, drums duo. Rocker arms performing the action are: splits, throw forks, hit whirlwind kick, somersault, stand on his head, scorpions crawl, kite stand. There are two couples to take the small field-based routine. Such as: leg jump, thanks to the Quartet, Su Bei Jian, high chair, walking alone Itabashi, pyramids and so on. The performance is mainly text Rocker: Take field, sub-put mountains, principally in agreement as the chief content. Such as: "Big Five Buddha", "fifth Buddha," "wailing City", "the birthday", "the story of Meng Jiang," and so on.
Not aboard the show apt Yangko Rocker to heap mountains child, hiking field, do no fence, funny games and singing five-part, a total of 64 customaries. Dance fast-paced, lusty and languid contrast, a great scope of motion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the bold calm, gives a strong sense of rough. Relevant backdrop information: this ambition be true Tati for ancestral adore. Streamers are large, medium and small 3. Large elevation of approximately Qi Zhang, referred apt as "large-format banner." This banner can no discipline, likewise understood as "like streamers." Height of approximately twenty feet of small banner under will be mainly accustom to go when, over the gate, archway over time show. About thirty feet lofty in the banner because the field show. Action of his performance of "head health", "proboscis healthy," "tooth healthy", "panel shoulder," and so above. Routine rendition of "Monkey Guayin", "grandfather fishing", "arms clutch on", "prodigal son play," "Buddha Boy", "overturned a stick", "Jiro Tam Hill," "dictator held Ding, "" Rooster independence ",[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," size plate elbow "," behind ahead the flowers "," Zhang Fei Ma trick "," carp Ting "," anti-pick the gold back, "" jade strap coated approximately the waist, "" King of Qin inverted tombstone " "drill down Yuwang dirt" and "gold mantled gourd," and so on.
Relevant background information: Lions in the Beijing space is highly renowned, has all been a "Long Northern Lion South," said. Lions Club devoted to the contributor deity Manjusri. Points are also few lions and 2 lions. Too big lion phoned Leo, starred at 2 folk, one man lion head, a man-lion tail (hind thighs). Pay consideration to the impetus of the lion show, a play will be chasing its tail, perpendicular bound vault, the brain start. Ethernet-based performances Lion, the routines are beginning, twice Xiao, twice vertical, double coil, double open and so on. The lion namely the beast down simulated prologue of the state, claws, quite maniacal. Movement seems to rough performer, whatever, when the double-open, each comb curls, itching, panting, shaking waist, crouched, bent legs, performance is very realistic and detailed.
Relevant background information: Two-stone, also known as "give Dun child." Double stone is a cross-Mu Gang, both ends of the insert on the fashion of a small disc-shaped stone, measuring several pounds. This will be dedicated to Lo Pan for the troupes. Double stone will be the performance, by the power of big strong men, sit at long wooden bench, with feet drive rod, meantime standing on the pole in many roles, act a diversity show action, overlapping arches adults (ie, pyramid). Who are skilled in performing the above difficult moves, very hazardous.
Related background information: Stone Lock, also known as throwing child. Stone Lock vary in size, big five pounds, ten kilograms of small. This will be enshrined as the patron deity Luban, because Lubanga is the builder mason. Stone Lock will perform the basic pushes and routines are: creature thrown, anti-throwing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cross-throw, back throw, the 1st pick, then the shoulder, elbow pick, finger, before throwing pick afterward, stand hand-pick, to throw docking, three, four Internet way and other people throw each other. In appending, there are many "cheats" such as the altitude bloom, bloom cervix, hand bloom, shoulder flower, brooch, waist, back flowers, fishing months, have kept, hanging crotch, cheat nag, Beijian, plate elbow and so on.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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