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Beijing Private Tour

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PostPosted: Tue 13:05, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing Private Tour

Witnessed the scalding of garden was a British interpreter wrote this corridor, "When one dome Qingta down, circled by wall of fire, and gradually choking off much of the volume of spray volume of cigarette. We calculate, for the destiny of this antique dynasty, which is a harbinger of Choucan among it the basis of the fratricidal civil war has been devastated residual detriment, and is surrounded on all sides, not place for aid, and eventually a puff of smoke, hand and foot to surrender, which lost in its own ashes. "
solid in Changchun Yuan Ying view, the view of the former by a French missionary Jiang Youren design, the use of Western water melodrama, construction of two lines drawn dharmas almost confrontation fountain. Yuan Ying view after the completion of the Qianlong ordered the paperback to draw the Yuanmingyuan. This is one chip, which you can assume the engaged annual Yuanmingyuan. Summer Palace after 6 generations of the royal expansion of the Qing Dynasty, which lasted a half centenary, draw upon the width of ancient and modern, classical gardens in China was at its tip, the history of gardens in the earth to enjoy a high reputation. But no one anticipated this to be the Europeans complimented as "garden of the Garden" in the imperial garden so the fire gangster team with the international humiliation of silence anyone longer. Now the only remaining mars standing under the Yuanmingyuan, the antique "Ming hundred King" had no place to pursuit, only lush vegetation in the silent misery. In 1860, after British and French troops looted Yuanmingyuan, and Zonghuo Fen Park, cover their crimes. Summer Palace after the fire was a large field of rubble. The site burned in 1860, after Xiao Zhao India Ying view of the distant site of the old photos. Compared with the before figure, human sad.
The west side of the Forbidden City, there is a rippling blue waves, spread erections, trees screen the lake, which is famous Beijing "in three sea": the North Sea, the Sea and the South China Sea, collectively known as "too liquid pool." "Autumn is too liquid" is one of the prominent Yanjing Eight, refers to the roomy waters of Zhongnanhai and Beihai. It is said namely Emperor Qin unified China, hear alchemist immortality on the East China Sea gods of legend, sent a man named Xu led the East China Sea to the mountains three thousand boys and girls, in order to immortality elixir. Emperor opened the pate, the emperors would must emulate, to the Han Dynasty, the elixir of immortality was not base. To solace yourself emotion lost,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he ordered the north in the palace dug a big pool, named "too liquid pool." Since then, the Han Dynasty's outstanding chart was accepted by the emperors, the Imperial Palace in the construction of another Court, did not forget to excavate a colossal area of ??the reservoir, and "too liquid pool" name.
Yanshan an of the eight, illustrations, west of Imperial Ming too liquid pool outlook. Broad water, lotus all over, there is profusion of lights. Longbridge curtate waves, the pool chart Qionghua Island and wooded land. "Three Seas" was originally a normal lake zone, the Liao Dynasty castle built here began, the legendary Empress Dowager Xiao dresser Baita mountain in the North Sea. 1179,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], King Sejong ordered the construction of Daning Gong, excavation, "West Lake", the North Sea to take shape. Construction of important capital of Yuan Dynasty, a heavy expansion of West Lake, the special cut of the Jinshui, cited Yuquan Mountain spring water into the pool,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the construction of the "golden turtle Yuqiao" (immediately the North Sea Bridge).
The Ming Dynasty emperors growing amuse in elegance, also fluid pool of the North Sea and in the sea have been incapable apt encounter them, then arrayed the southern end of fluid pool dug also small lake, the South China Sea to the North and South formed the 3 lake , "three sea" into the starting, namely still "also fluid pool" in the name. The 2 bridges as the three sea border, the "golden turtle Yuqiao" northwardly of the North Sea, "centipede bridge" the South as the South China Sea, two in the medium of the bridge to the sea. Qing too liquid pool likewise known as "West Son," the Royal deterred, and its beautiful landscape is to watch no the outsiders.
Beihai Park, a square island Qionghua high-profile, high-profile Central has a 2.8-meter dragon pillars, capitals standing for a 1.5-meter-high copper immortal, his hands holding a large lotus-shaped bronze plate, This is the "fairy Cheng Lu panel." Undertake the drops to heaven, merely very origin of the plate. Qin Shi Huang sent Xu Fuhai side fable on the search for immortality who wants to achieve the deep inspire of the Han empire, emperor ambitioned to agreeable immortal, ecology gave a nice opportunity for pastors who lips. Then there is the Taoist Emperor into the speech, with heaven's drops jade stir attach the debris to take, you can stop yin, yang eternal, immortal.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Mon 7:44, 23 May 2011    Post subject:

,belstaff online

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Reprinted from alumni of the user at 23:53 on April 13 2010 read (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary

1: Inorganic six thin
2: buried in the cushions,belstaff jackets, eliminating the
3: may have to search Search
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7: children leather children
film 8: wits painting children
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11: slovenly
12: Five fans three
13: Mao Leng Sanko
14: Seven eat rattle
15: anxious turn
16: Lean Li Maha
17: horn Garak
18: strenuous push lightly
19: Breaking the face
chickens 20: Rejection crotch Diaper
21: Phi miles flutter throat
22: Virtual first eight brain
23: Di Liu count gown
; 24: nose pull blind
25: Dance Dance Cha
26: pull the pull the search vessel
27: What What Jiji
; 28: Direct Push it froze
29: to which Jinchu
30: bright shiny brand-
; 31: Live tooth grin
32: Support froze eight Alice

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