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beijing tour package

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PostPosted: Fri 8:15, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing tour package

emperor, Queen live in Palace of Heavenly Purity, Jiao Tai Dian, Kunning label also and Confucian classic "Book of Changes" on. "Book" says, "dry" symbolic "daytime", on benefit of "males"; "Kun" character "to "stands as" female "; the medium of the" Thai "manner" secure, flat, "the meaning is the" earth cross-tai, "recommending Empress harmonious narrations, and the" frank "," calm ", to a palace Imagine life is unusually pretty. the color of the Forbidden City has profound signification. Forbidden City and more with yellow glazed tiles, interior colors are mostly yellow, Palace of Heavenly Purity layout in particular. This method comes from the antique classics, "chancery" in the Five Elements .
ancients believed that the world along "gold, wood, water, launch, earth," the 5 elements constitute the 5 elements of allelopathy, the world's so mercurial. "yellow" means "globe", soil is all of this, the emperor is the folk of the nation, so Multi-yellow palace. Palace only using black building is the collection of glazed tile floor, Wen Yuan Ge. the factor of "black" symbolic "water" and "water" to g "fire", so the library building with the black tiles, on behalf of water g fire, take fire was intended. chart directions can be described as attention and thought. In appreciation of the majestic building when outside, cautiously savor each of the symbolic buildings of cultural significance, will be giant interest, meaningful amusement. Learn materialized Chinese mores, to understand the great Forbidden City. AD 1406, Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty began to build the Forbidden City. "Ming Dynasty", said the construction of this enormous palace rare in the world servitude for 10 million of the most great craftsmen, and 100 million ordinary personnel, which lasted 15 years finalized.
After the Ming and Qing emperors again reconstruction and expansion, but the overall attitude is not many changed. The Forbidden City is a brick erection, its materials are the best by that time. into the Forbidden City outdoor the walls of the former may wish to first Look under the brick walls. This is called brick clarified slurry brick that is premier drenched the soil into the water, after sedimentation, after filtering out the nice mire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then do fine dry dirt billet. than the size of bricks generally large, long 48 cm, width 24 cm thick, 12 cm, weight 24 kg per brick, build the walls of the 12 million shares. Forbidden City, the brick floor of the palace, is dissimilar, called BRIC. This brick nice texture, slightly golden, beat sound of Hang-yin, eccentric Qingcui, workmanship certainly have many more complicated. the Forbidden City with more than 100 million bricks. bricks between the adhesion between the stone, also used a very fine material. The materials embody rice and mashed boiled eggs after detachment of the eggs pearly, with their blend of sticky adhesives not only muscular but also smooth and beautiful. manufacture the Chinese-style "concrete "necessitate thousands of kilograms of glutinous rice and egg. Palace of the timber from the suburbs of Beijing Fangshan County in the mountains, and some even from the south of Sichuan, Yunnan. South timber shipped more from the waterway, at the shore today Dongbianmen Qing Dynasty.
lumber namely too accustomed while some from the Northeast. Forbidden City Housing tile and are based ashore pre-production methods, that namely, the size and kind of set designer tile producers of a colossal digit of fabrication according to the menu. another chapters of the tile, the pattern varies with the Forbidden City up to tens of thousands of mammoth stones, the largest 1 in the Hall of Preserving Harmony back. this 9 dragons engraved on the stone long 16.57 meters broad and 3.07 meters, 1.7 meters thick, measuring about 250 tons. from the origin to the Beijing Fangshan treatment 2 million emigrant workmen when the use, consumption of silver and 11 million ounces. transit time chose in the winter, playing every 50 meters along a water well, paint water gushing into the ice road, and then pluck rock slip on the ice, 50 km distance, spent 28 days laborious, tin be watched. ranging from substances to construction, from layout to the meaning, are phoned Splendors of Imperial Palace. In addition, the Forbidden City maintained ancient paintings, documents and packages, but too infrequent treasures, invaluable. In fact, the Forbidden City namely the largest repository and museum treasures. Wenhua Dian within the Forbidden City, a accumulation of Ming and Qing dynasties extra than 500 annuals the chief authorities and local authorization archives, a aggregate of 74 volumes, more than 1,000 million, this is the greatest number, the maximum merit historical file.
Wenyuan Pavilion in the possession of a complete "Si Ku Quan Shu" in ancient China won the most essential academic works, a total of 3503 kinds, 6304. the Forbidden City Museum present more than 10 ponds, including the ancient Museum of Art , Arts and Crafts, Painting Gallery, the Qing Imperial Toy Museum, Bronze Museum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ceramic Museum, Watch Museum, museum treasures, carved Museum and the Museum of the Ming and Qing furniture, a total of about one million rare collections, some of which are solitary, but in the Forbidden City can only see the world-famous Hermitage Museum East - the Forbidden City, the Ming and Qing dynasties of the palace. four years before the Ming Yongle (1406), eighteen years of Yongle (1420) completed. From the Yongle Emperor Zhu Di in 1420 by the Nanjing, chief, Beijing, to the last emperor Pu Yi Qing Dynasty in 1911 eviction, in the last five hundred years of history, there are fourteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty emperors have lived in this ten palaces, the training of the supreme regal power. Palace also known as the Forbidden City, situated in the north-south axis of Beijing, left there are the Imperial Ancestral Temple, a canoe the right bbs, covers an area of 724,000 square meters, total construction area of 16 million square meters, housing more than 9,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 chambers. It's north and south 961 meters long from east to west and 753 meters wide, 3,428-meter perimeter wall, the wall thickness of 8.62 meters lower, the thickness of 6.66 m, with an average thickness of 7.64 meters.
intrauterine walls, the total width of wall 16,000 meters. Forbidden City and the sometime creating is divided into two parts later the Mountain. former Forbidden Palace, the Hall of Preserving Harmony based, is to hold the ceremony, Chao He, Feast of the place. Neiting to Palace of Heavenly Purity , AC Thai Temple, Kunning as the main body, the emperor, empress to live and handle with annual administration happenings zones. These castles along a north-south axis laid to start on both sides, North and South to take straight, symmetrical. this article no only via the axis of the Forbidden City, and South Yongding Gate, the north to the Drum Tower, Bell Tower, escapes scampers via the metropolis, excellent boldness of vision, blueprinting rigorous, and quite spectacular.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]


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