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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Tue 11:34, 19 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

Treasure House produced in the Ming and Qing
Treasure House how accurate is produced? How long is its history in the end? This is naturally a very amusing topic, from the many treasures  mini evolution, we can see the history of Chinese classical furniture. There is no doubt that the development of antique and modern furniture, disc history and mores of different kinds of message. In other words, the furniture is a different historical periods and different cultural backgrounds, different customs of the condensed statement. To China from the Qin and Han dynasties, advocating a minimalist manner, honest, human often sit on the ground. Adapt to the folk customs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is pleasing on the grounds of long-term use of low furniture or kneeling. Recently, Han and Tang Dynasties see reflected there the screenplay of history and the Treasure House seat, it is directed the lack of comprehending of the history of antique furniture have magnificent fallacy.
In fact, the pedal while sitting furniture such as pews, etc., through the evolution of Wei to the Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty actually appear. Type of old furniture from cheap to lofty type of evolution, to the Ming and Qing dynasties, it reached its peak. Therefore, the general study of Chinese classical furniture, to study the Ming and Qing furniture. As mahogany furniture, hardwood furniture that is usually referred to, is only the Ming Dynasty. It was afterward a study concluded that the use of hardwood furniture, and Zheng He's travels journeys. Zheng He is the backup trade, departure, loading the ship full of Chinese porcelain, silk and other goods. Back, the warship was vacant, terrified of sailing disposed to use someone Shen ballast, so in Southeast Asia selected hardwoods such as ruddy sandalwood and pear, the ballast very ponderous hard wood, above the water to sink, behind to the castle, were craftsmen have found that made the furniture, adored by the dynasty throne, Shen of the furniture is not only durable, there is a dignified sense of thick, are attached to the Royal will be fixed after all the motif of lust Jiangshan Yong.
After several thousand years of Chinese classic furniture, the evolution of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the common manner a fixed format, into bed, desk case, stool, cabinet, with a few, screens, and other important categories. Ming Dynasty Furniture catalog, no Treasure House, but the book format and column frame grid. Book format and the cardinal hurdle is the installed book format, the book had never been seen mainly in wire-bound, are generally smooth. The two cells are not gated, there is no rear panel, charted as stratified, double-sided through the wind, somewhat similar to the sixties and seventies of final centenary there shelves. Hurdle cell equipped with shorter steeplechase, see elegant and chic. It ought be said that the prototype of Treasure House.
In array to research the mutation of Treasure House, gilded mosaic vegetation technical staff to re-read the "Encyclopedia of the Qing Dynasty," said the "Dream of Red Mansions." "Dream of Red Mansions" in the specification in the Qing Dynasty furniture, there are approximately by the area, involving a variety of materials, processes and shape of the bed, table circumstance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stool wharf a few, border grid, bins, screens, etc., merely merely no more Po Court. "Dream of Red Mansions" and fifty-four years of the reign of Emperor Kangxi Cao Xueqin was nativity (AD 1715) or the Yongzheng reign (1723), died in twenty-seven years of Qianlong (1762) or twenty-eight years of Qianlong (1763 ), 3 generations of hereditary Jiangningzhizao Cao, Cao Yin Cao Xueqin's grandfather had too chaired over the publication of "Full Tang." Yongzheng five years, Cao has been copied, then thirteen-year-old Cao, year of Qianlong (1741), he began, "a book yellow foliage village." "Dream of Red Mansions", a paperback namely no portrayal of Treasure House, namely Cao Xueqin's life, including before this, the word Treasure House no arise.
But the "Dream of Red Mansions" in the "Collection  baby" and "yarn pantry Kam ", "Bi Sha Chu" description. According to the investigation, "Dream Dictionary" in the dictionary entrance, "Son of the Qing Dynasty Collection  an inner partition to display a great many antiquities and curios. Common pattern is the lower chapter of the breast, upper railing, in the middle curtate group with a variety of perpendicular partitions of assorted sizes of square and rectangular space, which hack off the facility to receive a better interior achieve, reflects China's matchless indoor best approach. Ningshou Gong saved Palace Collection  Qianlong epoch child, tin be looked in the Late Summer Palace Le Shoutang Collection  sub-kind. "Dream of Red Mansions," Grand View Garden Collection  Yihong son in shape with those handed down when the similar variety. "" yarn Kitchen Kam  "and" Bi Sha Chu "in a lexicon portal explains the" Collection  child "similar. From the dictionary of the "Collection  child" explanation point of outlook, we are talking almost it with numerous treasures  basically the same, that is already in a number of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong  a treasure, but it is called is different.
As the Qing reign Qianlong time, collecting antiques has chance fashionable, with many treasures to display and demonstrate  natural accumulation came into being. But its popularity is limited. Gilded mosaic plant technical staff through research,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and afterward concluded that many treasures  produced in the Ming and Qing, fashionable in the Qianlong duration, it is the 1st book along the grid and column frame grid and to do cut off and decorated with the "Bi Yarn kitchen "and" Highlights  child "evolved. This argument has been Palace Museum, ZHANG Shu approval. She believes that in the Ming Dynasty furniture, light box, with frame grid already has many treasures  functions. Developed to Qianlong, Treasure  this more perfect shape and practical.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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