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excellent walls tour

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PostPosted: Mon 6:38, 28 Mar 2011    Post subject: excellent walls tour

The Golden Water Bridge, abreast the five cavity because the arch-style white relentless stone. Golden Water Bridge in the navel of the bridge, also understood for the most wide-based Royal bridge, devised for real dragons guards of prestige passage, the main bridge next to the 2 visitor bridge, right-arms along to grade entire the officials left the text towards a procedure to pass. Outside the Golden Water Bridge namely safe today, in front of the Golden Water Bridge, seven parallel three-hole arch-style pearly cruel stone.
This is the twenty-nine-year dynasty of Emperor Kangxi (1690) reconstruction, the Qing Dynasty, the middle of a large bridge, decorated with stone railings Beaulieu, fine-sounding name for the emperor and the imperial guards of honor dedicated bridge. The east and west sides of the bridge known as the Princes Bridge, for the passage of the Prince imperial clan, Princes Bridge, the bridge on both sides of the grade, third grade alternatively above for the civil and military officials to hike outside of the bridge is the most princess bridge, pass the emulating commanders for the four products. Golden Water Bridge is the archaic sagacity of working people. According to legend, in the Taihang Mountains Yangping Quyang under the village, Qiong Yang a mason, and his splendid craftsmanship, was Kublai Khan called the Imperial City with a fix, appointed him to the stone Bureau Explorer, Qiong Yang led five thousand masons carved fine hack stone each side. Week on the Dadu bridge Jinshuihe metropolis to Yang Qiong from this versed craftsman, the bridge are carved dragon and phoenix clouds, Ming Ying, such as beans. There are 4 Shibai Long bridge, engine dress in the water. Dadu Golden Water Bridge, disciplines had ceased to exist, merely the reconstruction of the Golden Water Bridge, the full bridge is modeled Zhou Dynasty built up. 500 years of wind and rain erosion, stone has changed, so the overhaul this year, the Golden Water Bridge in Tiananmen Square.
There are two tables ahead and after Tiananmen Square, China, Chinese table quite a long history According to legend, when Yao and Shun vehicle arteries, the building of wooden sign, people write in the above caution, it is called "defamation of wood", also known as Chinese table lumber. To the Han Dynasty, China Table trees chance thoroughfares for the symbol. Like to cost a distance because of this sign, it said China table. Pay consideration to where the Han erected in the postal kiosk Chinese table, the messenger can not obtain lost. Xu made the bad portrayal of the ancients: "Post Pavilion standing for the table, the table set for the two-hwan." Thus, also known as Huan Hua table table. China and gradually later interpreted as the bridge table or decorative creating substances cemetery. Song painter Zhang Zeduan drawing Qingming Festival, the Bianliang Hongqiao both ends to two pairs of high picture of a Chinese table. With the social evolution, China became the embellishment of architectural fashion, the most typical is the Yongle duration established when the construction of two Edward Mun China table. It is clever and right on the beautiful ornament of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square architectures.
Both inside and outside China,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Tiananmen Square table, carved with white marble, with magnificent towering column for the three-dimensional, Tongshen carved columns coated nigh Yunlong, a pretty pillar of cloud cross the embark, favor the line goes into the blue sky, squatting on the top plate Chenglu animal to life. Gate of Heavenly Kuai Xiang designer fable, he was designated collaborator minister and Industry, 30 years old masterly capabilities in the nation one of the few craftsmen, known as Kuai Lu Ban. China Table top animals, is a legendary past the legendary beast, which is characterized at agreeable roar, the appoint Hou. Tiananmen Square the Chinese table upon the northwardly Hou phoned "Wang Jun a" I wish Emperor work to the public sympathetic to their needs; top of south China's Hou table named "Wang Chun Gui" I hope Emperor Hui Gong speedily to handle with citizen issues,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all of which embody the people's agreeable hopes. China Tiananmen Square in front of two tables, in mandate to assist the celebration of the human to penetrate the spire while the governors of, respectively, westward to east of 50 meters, then "Beijing Daily" has carried a report on Tiananmen also emerge to be more serious monarchy of the.
National Palace Museum has a collection of Kang Table, is the Kangxi own desk. Kangxi dynasties in China is a have as spacious minded emperor, he Jiangong to Wei ingenious, and his industrious conduct of public businesses, "hearings the leisure to read and write CD only." In counting to government affairs; he see in the natural sciences, on the technical science, astronomy, geography, engineering, fine masterpieces, temperament has the research, realized deep. In order to study "geometric principles," a paperback he peruse at least 20 times, so a real studious studying, Palace Museum, is the Emperor Kang Table of this study equipment. Kang Table this special rectangular. Length 96 cm, length 64 cm, 32 cm tall, with the use, etc. were made of. It is unusual in its desktop, is composed of 3 pieces of silver plate, silver plate side of the middle 56.5 cm, the board flat and smooth, so book drawing.
The silver plate ashore either sides of 16.5 cm wide, were carved ashore altitude straight, curtate, crooked and size of the irregular grid, apparent with a number of words and the accuracy of one-micrometer dry feet, including one inscribed with "Please surround Radius "and" square root ", the additional carved with" questing the pellet radius, and test rice pile "and" open cube "information. Each silver plate tin be migrated off, quite flexible, Kang Table without drawers, silver plate rectangular Muxia seven beneath, built-in enumeration tools and small chips of equipment, design is very clever. Kang Table This is the only 1 of the desks with the emperor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], now has extra than 300 years of history.

Beijing Private Tour

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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