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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Tue 13:44, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Confirms a park asylum, is actually a very happy thing, our household altar in the northwardly door at the building in an ordinary. Childhood, I do not know how many time is spent in her arms. I left there, and small partners to call and laugh, and also left our childhood cricket catch, catch dragonflies on the scene. Eroded dense shade in the summer heat, winter, where we see sleet, snowball fights, activity away. From childhood to medium age, I lived there for thirty years and has deep sensibilities for her.
Later, I peruse some paperbacks about old Beijing understand, Ritan Park was built in 1530, is the capital of one of the prominent 5 altar, is the mediocre people have not set foot in a royal garden. According to records, Jiajingnianjian Beijing's temples in the multi-plant pine, "sun outdoor the southeast, south hundreds of weapons that Asahi DONGYUEMIAO altar outside the ancient pine woods factories Shen blocks out the sun, all people have the so-called Black Forest" It is apparent that very spectacular. The ancients thought the same species of pine and cypress, so collectively loose. In truth, many old trees on the altar is the Cupressaceae, an arborvitae. Later, as the times change, the elements of war, no management. Indiscriminate felling of trees where the trees being, the garden there are collapsed buildings and more. Also mutual in lush red walls and green tile on the shriveled grass,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], where about chance a desolate forsaken gardens.
To the fifties of last century, the garden metropolis of Beijing Construction to be gradually restored, but by this time Ritan Park, the only citizen park in the protection of antique trees, but likewise left more than thirty trees. First century, the early seventies, the altar has been built approximately the many alien embassies, the park also has a wall fence. Park re-repair, including the Western Paradise Gate, North Heavenly Gate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], massacre pavilion, God, library, a clothes house, rebuilt the altar of sacrifice yen, a large digit of ancient erections. Sun brights, the ruddy wall shaded at dense trees and green tile, look very beautiful and spectacular, and the aboriginal open space, or planted with fashionable trees, or construct a fashionable King. The southwest corner of a seat on the altar of taint mountains, mounds one odd meters Ching Fai Pavilion. The early seventies of last century the place east of Beijing seldom tall buildings, said the morn was standing on the Pavilion terrace looking east, cross the front two rows of tall poplar trees, you can see the sun rising from the scene , so hence the name "Green Hui Ting." I did not research before, but the days of summer, not matter how peppery the day, at a time the sun works down, the trees around it to scatter the heat immediately, dispense cool, and cool breeze blowing all four sides. Look at where the green is circled by infinite night there walks, enjoy the cool climate is a nice place to repose, so I principally like the tree on the altar.
Ritan Park tree has endless magnetism for me. Walking into the park where there are all startled to ascertain, where the trees neatly lined on both sides in appending to Yong Lu is planted, there is one common poplar in the capital , willow, locust and pines. Ritan Park is more trees scattered throughout the park, situated upon the soil, they grow wanton nature, many species, hackberry, Euonymus, Fraxinus, Syringa reticulata, gold, silver wood, Long Zhaohuai, persimmon tree, Eucommia, holly, ginkgo biloba, jujube, walnut, cedar, maple and poplar in Xinjiang, is simply a northern plant exhibit. Ritan Park is one of the oldest old arborvitae,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], o the altar of sacrifice yen southwest red walls, the thickest trunk to two meters long only to isolation of the nine branches. Nine branches Emotion curved ascent with a mighty, growing, like the nine black dragon, it is shrieked "Nine Cypress." The tree is 1,100 years of air and rain through the vicissitudes of life, it is still a few sticks of dry still lush, showing a strong vitality.
The oldest tree category here, is tall Metasequoia. On the altar of God, I saw 3 near the west bank, east of this tree produced in Sichuan, western Hubei, like lukewarm and moist climate, not waterlogging. Sequoia Trees in the Cretaceous and Cenozoic period, about 6 of 7, later the Quaternary glacial many extinct, the only remaining Metasequoia an, we've seen it and distinct ancient ginkgo tree, has a "alive fossil "said. Every summer it is lush with one of fruitful verdant advent, slim leaves favor needles, merely it may no be for deep green pine-like. Autumn leaves it quietly, quitting merely a small cap ashore the golf ball-like fruits. Then walk a few steps forward, there is a lot of second Qiao Yulan. Magnolia bloom was originally the label of our country, when the second Qiao Yulan is a infrequent bloom species, it is quite suitable for the lobby ahead the species, dotted courtyard. Magnolia tree, planted here apt the seventies of last centenary, has immediately grown more than ten meters high, favor a slender girl, on the branches before and after the anniversary Qingming great flowers roseate flowers are large white sprout, Handan Flower, about open. Some statistics have been much on the one thousand, when the breeze slowly bloom, fragrant. Every annual, preoccupied many young girls pictured in this stop. The park is no far in front of a bar, nipped wine and enjoyed a sunny skylight through the pretty magnolia, is a more pleasant thing it!
Spring is here, but it's a very short time. Saying Beijing, pick up a few fans not fans left the spring, summer has come over unannounced out. It then Guanggong Yuan this time, we like to talk while walking in the screen, or sitting in the shade relaxing seat smiling. People naturally muse of the park sycamore tree.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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