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are destroyed at blaze. High deliberative

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PostPosted: Fri 11:55, 11 Mar 2011    Post subject: are destroyed at blaze. High deliberative

South Church is located at 141 Qianmen West Street, immediately is the Cathedral of Beijing Diocese. In Beijing, which is a oldest oldest church. 1605 (Ming Dynasty 33 years) Father Matteo Ricci had been the 1st church built there, merely the scale is small, then by the German Jesuit Father Adam Schall, in 1650 in Beijing city's first cathedral.
South Church is a citizen key cultural relics conservation units of the Chinese Catholic bishop of Beijing Diocese Cathedral, located in Beijing Xuanwumen, 1605 by the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci was founded in 1650 by the German Jesuit Adam Schall built for expansion to modify the lobby. 1664, Schall was impeached jailed, the church was destroyed, soup and set aside the circumstance of silver after the vindication Kangxi reconstruction by fire in 1775 and after rebuilt. Boxer had been destroyed in a 1900 torch, it was rebuilt in 1902. After the founding of the People's Republic was repaired numerous times. The Church is the oldest Catholic church. Schall and other Jesuit priests living in the church. Emperor Shun Zhi Tong has 24 times to the south and in the Qing administration in the post bureau Astronomical Cuxitanxin Father Schall. The church began to tire Mary Immaculate based security. In adding to housing the hospital outdoor the Church Fathers, there Observatory, Library, equipment room, the emperor gave plaque, "via micro-nirvana," says Father Schall is "through micro-teacher."
South Hall was built in 1601 (Ming Dynasty twenty-nine years), to allow the emperor Shenzong Jesuits in dwelling. Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci by (1552.10.6-1610.5.11) is also here, behind alive in Beijing. Ricci bought the residence of gold 5 hundred and twenty afterward to "pre-eminent seminary" (previously out of the East lin), as a private prayer, a small scale. With the increasing number of believers, 1605 (33 years of Ming Dynasty), Father Matteo Ricci converted into its a small chapel. Feng in Beijing who were taught extra than two hundred people. 1650 (Qing Junji years), the German Jesuit Adam Schall to construct it into a 20-meter-high baroque church, the church Hachijo long, four feet wide and Si Zhang, Feng-based security Immaculate Virgin. While also architecture the west side of the priest house, observatory, museum accumulations structure and equipment, four-meter-high steel cross stands in the altitude of the cathedral.
Upon achievement of the church, erected a memorial in idea making Father Schall (monument remained in the church today on either sides.) Emperor Shun Zhi Yubi pro book "adore Heaven" plaque, 1657 (Junji fourteen years) and Yubi pro book "Tong Xuan nirvana" (after the man to avoid the taboo Kangxi Emperor Xuan Ye, change the "Mystery" because the "micro" from "General Micro nirvana"), the quantity of doors and the imperial church inscriptions, made a high estimation of Schall. By Schall learned and friendly, Shunzhi Emperor two years in between 1656-1657, had 24 periods to the South Hall, Television activities, and with Johann Cuxitanxin, also affectionately revered Father Adam Schall, 59, as "Mafa" (Mafa is Manchu: "Father" manner), Schall served as the Qing dynasty official, the official at the second monitor is Astronomical.
In 1666, Father Schall's death, succeeded along a Belgian Jesuit missionary Ferdinand Verbiest. 1675 (fourteen years of Qing Emperor Kangxi), Emperor Kangxi visited twice in person by the South Church Father Ferdinand Verbiest, the South Church Yubi "additional than the true source of" board and "Respect" embark, life hung in the south auditorium. 1690 (twenty-nine-year reign of Emperor Kangxi) the establishment of Beijing Diocese, appointed Iraqi Italian Daren (also understood as Kang and the) priest, as Bishop House South Church. Since then the South Hall at earthquake break. In 1703, Emperor Kangxi Yuci taels of silver, re-construction. 1775 (four years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong), South Church unfortunately destroyed by fire, the incipient Shunzhi and Emperor Kangxi of the South Hall of the plaque and couplets Yushu all been destroyed. Qianlong Dici silver twelve thousand, Edict according apt the original arrival of the late emperor is giving heightened increase the reconstruction of Church and restore all the imperial heading of the emperor individually plaques and couplets and so on. Yongzheng eight years, Beijing earthquake, thousands of die and injured some human, north and south two losses. Yongzheng gave twelve hundred silver in repairs. Yongzheng (probably Yongzheng years), South Church was once closed.
1775 was a fire, and he gave after the Bank of Emperor Qianlong of two million, re-repair. South Hall fire, all the books of Emperor Kangxi, "other than the real greenbacks" plaque and couplets, are destroyed by fire. High deliberative, An Guoning letter to take the reprove and two priests. Qianlong Dici silver twelve thousand, according to the Kangxi mandated the church reconstruction cases. All plaques and couplets and personally by the Emperor Qianlong regal title, completely restore the age notion. (However, he put "million greenbacks has really" read "other than the true original," the.) Daoguang eighteen years (1838), South Church is closed. Dynasty, twenty-four years (1844) December 28, ahead the emperor dynasty annihilated the ban on the Catholic Church.

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