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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Thu 7:56, 17 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

According to the Lama Buddha Blessed House east pinion of the mansion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], was originally a location Qianlong mom worship Buddha. Two portraits on exhibit there: Zhan Tan Buddha portrait and the "six wheel map." Buddhism advocates parity of all beings that keep generations of human are at the periphrastic into the wheel-like, equal opportunity. After people died, the afterlife has six "course out": or gods, or person, or Ashura, or animals, or hungry ghosts, or hell. "Long Agama," said the destiny of people in the afterlife, effectively to see the rendition of this world, such as charitable Germany,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the lower caste can become upper castes under the World; as a flagrant record, the world will be under the upper castes under the caste and even fell into hell, all this is the Buddhist call "reincarnation." "Six cycle map" painted a long claw three, fashioned like a big devil black bear sitting on the ground, holding a great wheel-shaped circle.
Circle drew around the assorted symbols and burning, annihilating, rape, deceit, rapine, pilfering, eating, drinking, prostitution,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], gambling and other evil actions. Several air flow circular the circle into six. Within the 1st 5 colors in the palace towering smoke, like a fairyland, shrieked "Heaven"; second community among the marketplace, the civilian population, mentioning that "humanitarian"; the third in cigarette everywhere, there is water, bombard, drought, floods, saying that "A revised Luo Tao "; the fourth tract of males and women of ghosts, in the jaws for cigarette, skinny, being subject to torture, saying" hungry ghosts "; fifth tract cattle pigs and dogs, fish, moth middle, referred to as" beasts "; ordered along ice among the Sixth Road Valley, the flames of purgatory, ghosts in to be tortured, "the road to perdition." This map picture to the world to be exemplary, "wrongs", "public good train" in array to attain the intention of evil from the good advise.
Yonghe lawful is a treasure of Tibetan culture, the State Council in 1961 as a national cultural heritage. Tibetan Buddhist Lama Temple into the Temple, had nine arches, is a long corridor. Red walls in the corridor outside the east, is the largest in the Qing Dynasty Buddhist temple noted warehouse. This year, below the care of the administration, Lama Temple, the Buddhist position in more than a year after the successful achievement of the repair. The Buddha is an area of 1755 square meters warehouse, construction area of 827 square meters. Divided into three rows, a aggregate of 19 housing elements, 39. In the mend process, to aggrandize their original architectural manner and historical memory, the original of always creating materials can spend. Here, the eye is the external walls of brick and gray tiles, jujube red wooden windows, brick floor, housing on the square brick battlements, outside under the eaves of the Soviet-style painting, which also retains some original The painting, although that articulation panel, the amount of ornamentation on the Fang have transform blurred, but still experienced of sensibility the history of prints.
Buddha location, which method the reincarnation of alive Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism's dwelling lobby or house line. In the Qing Dynasty, Mongolian and Tibetan Grand Living Buddhas of the region came apt Beijing, the line has a museum in Beijing. This exhibit namely divided into three rows, 1 as "Buddhism monastery metropolis positions", that has its own in the capital of a monastery. Like the anthem I hope Di'anmen Temple, the temple namely the Living Buddha Buddha Zhangjia positions. Second, the "Buddhist monastery outdoor the metropolis positions," such for post-black Temple Deshengmenwai is qagan Darkhan Buddha Buddha of the monastery positions. Third, "thanks apt the Habitat storehouse Buddha", namely is not his own temple in Beijing, for of their duties apt be long lived, and also with the Lama Temple aboard their duties, ambition be by or near the Lama Temple award a hospital courtyard, the Lama Temple This location comes as the Buddha.
Nine years of Qianlong (1744), Lama to Tibetan Buddhism, Lama when he was abbot of the third world will Dorje Lama Zhangjia whether recommended to the Emperor Qianlong of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Digital Living Buddha, Lama Temple, the religious involvement happenings. Thus, the Qianlong dictator to the Lama Temple and the surrounding some of the courtyard gave them to form a Buddhist Lama Temple in various positions, Miao Zhou Master "Mongolian and Tibetan Buddhist History" contains: "Temple has Ajia Hutuketu position, the hole length Seoul Hutuketu positions. Palace of the East wall of the East Garden, a conception of taint Hutuketu positions. East board door, there Menhan Hutuketu positions. in front of Canon Hall, formerly known as the northern door, and early That wood Cameroon Hutuketu positions, thirty-four years to change Lama Guangxu Printing Office. Hutuketu warehouse east Travelex, the Tibetan lamas to Beijing to live in the can, eighteen years of the Republic of China created the Office of Tibet in smooth , followed by a fruit python Hutuketu positions. "Hutuketu Department of Tibetan" Zhu to be antique, "the Mongolian transliteration, meaning" incarnation "," longevity "," Great Qing Code "says:" Lama most Zheyue Hutuketu "Qing court called Mongolian and Tibetan zones of this great caption Buddha.
In the Qing Dynasty, the Lama Temple chariot Road, west of the red walls of the courtyard outside the three contract; brick, gray tiles, wooden windows, the first aperture was originally a broad courtyard Seoul Hutuketu positions, before and later the five rows, that, tile 38 , the temple is divided into the bedroom, living chamber, pantry and so on. The second courtyard was originally a wooden Sa Sa Hutuketu positions, namely, tile 10. The third courtyard was originally Menhan Hutuketu positions, namely, tile 25. Is mostly residential, merely also to see the layout of the annual. Road East in the carriage was originally Aka Buddha position, with chamber converted from the original tile 66, within the corridors, and corridors joined Aka Buddha Lama Temple, the Buddhist position is the largest warehouse. Buddha extra than 4 positions are in the passageway on both sides of the Lama Temple, usually understood as "Buddha positions within the shutter." Lama Temple College in the sometime East and around the four Buddhist position usually understood as "external sub-Buddha position."

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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