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beijing layover tour

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PostPosted: Fri 5:15, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing layover tour

Naming rights is an enterprise with the venue / facilities / sports group partnerships, via the payment of sponsorship fare to exclusive use with the venue / facilities / sports teams associated with the name. Both in terms of naming rights handle is a long-term goals of the collaboration mall, meantime the title enterprises, can also be amounted up simply is a great market chance, and the other for venues / facilities / sports teams to mention it is a substantial source of earnings.
Sponsored with the United States and other venues have the adult experience of countries to liken,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stadiums, sponsors in China has been in the initial stage of development. Now the air through the Olympic Games, China ambition promote the development of sports manufacture venue sponsorship market growth. National Stadium, sponsored through the development of vocational and efficient platform to preoccupy a large digit of potential customers have the strength to partake in the construction and operation of the National Stadium, the stadium development for the colossal vitality, while also sponsors the National Stadium through the skylight to show their quality product and corporate image. National Stadium will host a important international, local and national competitions, while also including some non-traditional sports, as sports fans a become to experience current sports mores; in increase to sporting accidents, other events, such as: performances, non-commercial activities and large-scale government-sponsored large-scale private sector activities will be held by the National Stadium. National Stadium will build its own culture and cultural atmosphere, and by attracting the best national and international sporting memorabilia and fulfilling arts unions, eminent service and advanced management technology, the National Stadium to become the country's best sports memorabilia and venues, the National Stadium will be the repose of the earth to penetrate China as a new window.
Visit hi-tech products, experience interactive virtual reality games, set foot on the Walk of Fame to find the eyes of the fingerprints left by sports heroes, engaged in a spectacular stadium and feel the big game performances in the warm atmosphere of art, for people to participate in the National Stadium and enjoy rich distraction the best location. Located northwardly of the stadium, is a super-luxury four-star standard motel, with the agency's restaurant, apartment focused on the number of the stadium approximately 80 sets of 5-6 wafers. 3-tier restaurant is located in the stadium,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an zone of about 10,000 square meters, facing the side of the venue for large windows, and distinct amplifying to the outside platform. People can enjoy the food sitting on the platform and watch the game or performance venues. Located in the ground ground of the stadium in the southern commerce region, an place of 40,000 square meters, divided into upper and lower levels.
Overlooking the "Bird's Nest", human will find it relatively flat roof smooth, diverse that installed the structure roof or tower-shaped lightning rod, not lightning protection zone and the like, this is why? Is "Bird's Nest "There is no lightning protection amounts? In truth, the "Bird's Nest," the lightning protection design uses the most orthodox lightning protection technology. Full use of conducive conditions for structure structure itself, will nest in the metal roofing, steel structure of the steel components, steel reinforced concrete ways such as by welding a legal linkage, the "Bird's Nest" and "Stoicism" parts of a ideal "imprison lightning protection net." To prevent lightning mar above the person body, the venue one can touch the site, such as steel columns, have made the proper bonding; "Bird's Nest" in about all the equipment and "cage lightning protection web" has a reliable connection,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ensure that the advent of immediate lightning current through the colossal "cage lightning network," the leaders of the ground, in order to ensure maximum venues themselves, equipment and personal safety.
"Bird's Nest" at the strength of mediocre steel, steel twice by China's own R & D of special steel, set of mighty, amenable in an, accordingly ensuring the "Bird's Nest" in the subject behind the maximum compel 460 MPa, still tin be reinstated apt elemental shape, namely is resistant to the Tangshan earthquake namely annual for the seismic waves. Hold up the "lair" the most critical namely the "elbow" architecture, the steel accustomed in this partition - "Q460" steel thickness of 10 mm, with nice impact resistance, cheap temperature resistance and weldability and additional points. To encounter the seismic requirements, the steel components were likewise especially thick part of the knot processing, all the way linking rod because soldering, in array to addition the overall structural stiffness and strength. "Bird's Nest" roof of volley extraordinary impetus, assist its 24 colossal steel col found is spectacular and eminent. To assure the construction of the 8-degree earthquake of tall intensity earthquake region of the "Bird's Nest" to stand tight, research and devise workers to conquer the "Bird's Nest," a accumulation of large size and the column found structure is intricate, the calculation assumes that our new description and design method difficult to apply, etc. location, an addition of these steel col base and the rivet pin, the column foot firmly riveted in the cement. Column thickness of the foot of the hat as high as 4 to 6 meters, 24 huge steel columns were strengthened with 24 huge concrete baidunzi firmly interlocked together Qingqi huge "nest."
Outline design requirements of the National Stadium "citizen stadium ought be designed to fully reflect the mind of sustainable evolution, the use of advanced environmental technology and creating substances feasible, maximum use of natural air and natural lighting, saving vigor and resources, solid consume elimination, electromagnetic radiation and light pollution for the protection and ozone-depleting materials (ODS) and other aspects of the application of option productions meet environmental guidelines for the Olympic project, part of the requirements to reach the multinational perfected level, and create a prototype of environmental protection. "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Thu 16:16, 26 May 2011    Post subject:

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39476511 2008 年 04 月 04 日 12:31 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (1) Category: Personal Diary
* 1
leisure pick flowers A few of the full moon over the situation

poetic meaning to bring to Hong Ying Yi Ran Zhi Yuan layer sleeve
city look silly
* 2
Weishan Lake Pan Lakeshore
joke Storm Stories
me to ride the wind as the boat winds Ling clouds
boat shuttle taxi
* 3
I play the piano open heart
quiet situation dizziness nine thousand flying
Oil sketches go into effect
many roads for me to chase
* 4
phase of the heart for love of water led ;
disc Sheng
glamorous delicious fruit color was called Millionaire duck who does not envy envy
* 5

wind, the wind sent clouds You
that light is
clean clear cloud-wind, turned into a kite line
this misses is the heart of the Attachment to the mother
distant trek this piece of land on the south
sometimes, there are arbitrary
stern wind swept from the heart
and friends, is the red sun
Hee again turned into the wind and waves off
from the heart of your depression
your loneliness like a deep
had the night but by the deep gash

no indemnity cover was the heart of the children trace
Please Please open
haze relieved
behind you, there are two hundred
sincere heart
melt your heart filled the Xue Wu
behind you have two hundred pairs of friendly
you spend a total of the seasons
* 6

fragrance is dedicated to the raving wind
whisper of green is nestled Castle
you and I leisure home is dotted with stars
not share the glorious bright

not seek only to a sincere heart turned into a lively leisure moisture Siyu
this spectacular harbor
If a loan of five hundred years to the day and then you can exchange for happiness
I wish, I would like to use the Millennium expectations
regret for your groom too far too far
life with life on it
with me as your best man
let me be your groom! ......... .....

* 7
have come
footprints will be left to travel a bunch of sincere friendship
tread a line with your sincere gospel
missing time spent on the full moon
* 8
your signature and less simple promise young beauty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Mood for Love, the young petals have tears splashing a rainbow-like mood. May your smile,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as gardenia-like flowers open, with you through this age of innocence ....................

* 9
The cool rainy night you contend
inadvertently into my sight

your space beautiful flowers to show off black the screen there is that wonderful melody
- exactly
really want to dance a romance of the rumba

for this beautiful night in the end snow on the fly .......

* 10
floral fragrance introduced butterflies fly
Man United chase
arouses passing meaningful step that he took a piece of pipe
Panax ABC

* 11
quiet night, a pool of cool water to bring the moonlight wind

take along a bunch of flower blooming in your blessings
quietly opened the window slightly so that drift in the slightest
pouring rain

your quiet world like cloves with a little bit
Tears of happiness smile

* 12
next to the bridge, there I am singing softly, for you the most charming smile embellishment, the wind from the day that I dance season . like Plato's love song,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], best offer for you the moon .......

* 13
out the window, the shadow of the wind, passing lonely hearts, thoughts of a pool of water , and dream of nonsense, take away the breath of his lips
midnight, street lights back, planning a long road ramp shadow, like a lover lost in the eyes, deep, hidden bitterness, will feel enveloped
the black of night, dawn is willing to come, so bright The red translucent, so magnificent colors, happy, will you hold deep ..........

* 14
Love is not a request, not the desire of madness, but to give, tolerance, compassion and care.
even dainty rose is withered, the flowers have been released into the atmosphere, set hidden in the hearts of the beautiful petals, fragrance of passion into the water in the Red
............... ...

* 15
feelings of the world, each person has a perfect poem in mind, is the share of the wonderful poetic affectionate attachment, just hold your hand under my shoulder, watching the clouds Volume Yunshu, mind is always such a clear sky; pour a glass of wine, ask a mountain stream, and you Dramas Pretrial blossom like a fairy dependents, comfortable life. Red sigh at the fate of the missing, all the imaginary earthly dismembered to pieces, will be analyzed as pure white. Hearts still have a dream, a flower Love Poetry butterfly, hung like water of a miss, the clouds blew into town ............

* 16
refuted \love, loneliness metamorphosis in \This sentence is only difficult to talk about the tone of banter, not much conclusive authority.
love, holy and lofty praise, it is like a second sun, where it shines, where the world will be spring, and bright. It gives young people splendor, to the elderly holy aura.
love not as lonely, lonely, will not necessarily love.
lonely heart of a network is mediocre, keep watch of a hope. Quiet, the tone a cup of Pink Lady, to savor the music with light, quiet and graceful state of mind; look forward to in a cup of fragrant coffee, a book for the heart of the pretty child 笺 painted a dazzling sky, short days, you will be able to walk with the children who admired them. The lost and lonely, there may be distorted into the work off steam, and even the light of love, it can only make them more irritable, and even fall.
If loneliness, please do not love me

* 17
back to \Where are the pan-green river, shore, such as spring, a pool of snakes in the shadows?
you cry too, you sad, too, that you are lucky! At least, you have to swim through the romantic Aegean Sea, experienced the romantic and delicate.
can hurt each other emotionally, and only love themselves, and worrying about their own, and also love their own people!
you just for his travel, health, tears, you are still Snow White; if for his change of heart, betrayal tears, you will not become Cinderella, fate moon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], overcast lack of clear old hard all round. Straighten out their attitude to their own self-confidence, more of a watch, I believe that traversed the swamp, along the way will be a maple forest.

* 18
smile blazing winter? fire can melt the hearts of each other off the frozen smile
is early summer sunshine, it can feel too comfortable shower and sweet
smile is the window into your soul's path
smile, let me easily stream through your mind ................

* 19

inadvertently passing the time in this beautiful sunset Jinhui

singing marching songs
moving from the horizon sunset
adopted a basket of blessings of a pool of water
drenched courtyard
you warm so make the joy in my heart soaring

to spread happiness around .................

* 20

this bright day I will take along
magnificent clouds hang in your windowsill
passing burst of spring into a faint trace strands
heart care
heating, the surface is willing to laugh all the joy

in your heart for all the pure breed

* 21
spring day
Flying contented mood
month quietly climbed up the tree
children throwing a court Seiki

my blessing is the blessing of a beautiful landscape
blessing is a beautiful feeling gradually faded

dawn when the moonlight usher in the bright spring
another ..............

* 22
marching beauties of springtime flowers from
for you to irrigation
that is friendly eyes
Shannon is a friend of the deep feeling

the spring season, I wish you a happy bright future

* 23
spring blossoms
threw herself into the eye of the fire is generally
the breeze laughed
is that warm the hearts of the style
lengthy days in the spring
captures the lovely bouquet of lilac
carrying a Acacia cloud-shrouded
thread charming little love song singing
see you carrying a large Huaqiao

* 24
windowsill flowers accompanied by a good breeze gently Red
Dancing is just like your old smile

really beautiful sunset sky clouds sunset
catch up with you on the same stage is just like the hundreds of ecstasy

the long river of sun and the moon cycle Washing
though the contours of youth will fade gradually emerging

is another golden heart ..........

* 25
light breeze from the
blowing over the summer night accompanied by the throbbing melodies

mood to dance along to the translucent eyes

penetration of a small town in the magnificent neon
concerned about your days of hard rain

breeze will greet
fishes continuously nourishing friends summer portrait of the world

friendship over the stream ......

* 26
blossoms bloom
fate quietly waiting

as bright like flowers open in the sun,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when the shadows of the red Kusakabe
bypass this road
corner is the long-awaited
share of happiness ~ ~ ~ ~

* 27
exposure in the flames

dried petals scattered pursuit is still fascinated

like the aesthetic that the \
--- it impossible
love .......

* 28

guarding guarding lonely lonely lonely in order to look forward to
light step he came

your vision in the distance but the fate of the added years away
like endless years to make Chak
Time flies
one moment is not much left

simple life is a happy and healthy living

simple it is to enjoy the beauty of life ----
put the shackles of demons wish you happiness = happy
~ ~

* 29
lonely, like a beautiful landscape
taste lonely, like sit- corner, listen to the melody of spring-like Ding Dong mountain stream, rich sweet sip cappuccino, read a roll of new fashion magazines, and out of the window projected into the room, is that touch of Jincan the afterglow of sunset, beautiful to freeze at this moment ...........

* 30
thrown out the window a misty rain
line of thought is to be your Cabanatuan
Hands ?
the quiet beauty of the night
outline drawn in the middle of the screen

have you dancing lightly

* 31
time like water, dead without a mark. Red diverse things, have to pay jokes
do not have to cling to things perfect, when the joy in everyday life winding down, it is sufficient

* 32
beautiful freeze-frame, the total unintentionally missed moment.
not get along spat between, there is no mundane trivial
laissez-faire ideas in a free country in the elegant
missed the season that is so beautiful .......

* 33
your world I've been cool drizzle
fry naive

Juyi Peng
the moonlight whispers of the stars poured scoop
into the deep quiet blessing to the friendship you
to shine
Red water in depths of
faint memories of each other may appear in the legendary
dream ---- Water

* 34
light summer wind blowing over the bay windows
enchanting flowers that burst of pleasing fragrance

me deeply enveloped
what is the total lack of feeling suddenly awakened

found deep inside the
touch is that red maple leaves in late autumn clouds a thousand miles

interpretation of Acacia and tie him ~ ~

* 35
sweet if the flowers are being

I would like to
covered by a lifetime of dedication fragrance house
If you
bright stars in the hope of rolling
I May
energy with I, as you describe the appearance of the moon clearance
read if you are a silent
infatuated with the life I would like to
into the light of the moon
thousands of miles everywhere .......

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