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beijing one day tour

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PostPosted: Thu 9:07, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing one day tour

He measured the depth of the courtyard Gate of Supreme Harmony 130 meters, a breadth of 200 meters, and its facet ratio: 130 to 200 = 0.65, and 0.618 is quite near to the Golden Ratio. The most momentous from the Forbidden City Taihe Dian Shang Palace --- the time creature have not base the testify with the golden section. Hall of Supreme Harmony, but if we put on the central axis of the gate from the Ming dynasty to the Jingshan this scale measure, the situation will alteration.
The institution of ancient Chinese architectural aesthetic point of view is the garden center. The door from the Ming dynasty to the Jingshan distance is 2.5 km from the Ming dynasty courtyard door to the Hall of Supreme Harmony Center is 1.5045 km, 1.5045 compared with the percentage between the 2.5 = 0.618, coinciding with the gold equal split rate. This set of file so that we suddenly fulfil why the designers of the Ming Dynasty to the Ming door on the place as yet away from the Forbidden City, even at the removal of the south wall of Yuan Dynasty. The elapse, we always intuitively think that this is a preface to amplifying the palace, so that people who enter the palace, a kind of anticipation worth. However, digital has transform a footnote in detail the place of the building. No evidence that the rate of the United States in the use of Chinese ancient palace is subject to the influence of Western architecture, only show that the people search for loveliness has a common component to verify the Golden Section of the natural and reasonable. Professor Fu is not maybe the first building in the Forbidden City, the secret diagram that the relationship between savants. The face of this mysterious writing Forbidden City, he was fair one of a massive digit of interpreters. Full of ancient mysteries of culture heritage, experts tell us that many of these problems have a solution. And all the formulas, eventually leadership to the same end, that is, ritual, order and pulchritude.
This sumptuous Miyagi Forbidden City in the late Qing Dynasty has been sprint down state. Hall of Supreme Harmony Square on the grass has grown into an high, toward the open wind instrument replaced the ritual, where Baiguan lined with waste. We seem apt see a photograph of the system in the terminal desolate end of the expression of decadence. And the memories of the shortness of Pu Yi Yang shriveled differ Palace behind upkeep, in the infinite sky background, temples Wei Wu Hongwei, such as the dream themes. We feel the period --- It can undermine the power of entire the firm's erections, merely too tin mend failings of the old alley. Although in 1925 aboard the establishment of the Palace Museum, but deserving apt fiscal limitations by namely time, the Forbidden City battlements destroyed destroyed, until the location rafters see Zaoxiu After the founding of fashionable China have changed. After the founding of current China, with several large-scale renovation of the Forbidden City. Pu Yi did not understand if namely time would have thought, thirty annuals after, the state funding afresh several hundred million greenbacks to protect the ancient Forbidden City. As China's largest existing ancient castle team, the Forbidden City will be more absolute protection.
Forbidden City, is Miyagi, commonly known as the Forbidden City. The name of the Forbidden City, contains a imply from the sky. Purple MSI Yuan (the North Star) is located in the center of the sky, circled at stars,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there is a pillar of the eternal home, phoned Purple Palace. The emperor is the son of God, his name-day rule over this earth. As a outcome, the Ming and Qing emperors called themselves the Forbidden City, Miyagi, to correspond with the Emperor's palace. Groups of Chinese ancient architecture is based on the division of construction in space with a known, by creating relationships between the sequences, which is the basic point of all sequences are of "esteem for the emperor." Forbidden City, the feudal array of the visual embodiment of ceremony. It is actually a mammoth courtyard, which also contains many small courtyard, which has its own small courtyard in the axis, respectively, meantime the central axis of the Forbidden City Youyi symmetric (alternatively general symmetry), as pell-mell world, relying on sacred serious ritual fancies, establish a exercise of the array.
Architectural specifications necessary to obey with the etiquette to express the hierarchy relationship between the monarch and his subjects. Palace of the designers skillfully use the rules of formality, even the slightest blunder will lead to malignant catastrophe. The Forbidden City namely the chief metropolis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then the centre of the Forbidden City and where? If we are persistent in the sometime courtyard of the four turns of the crooked, and that happens to fall on the diagonal intersection of Tai Dianshang. Hall of Supreme Harmony namely the grand observance held in place, generally only the throne climbed the throne, the Queen created volumes, each of the 3 sections (New Year's Day, Winter Solstice Festival, and Longevity) and other important accidents, the emperor can visit. Obviously, this is the core of the palace.In 1908, the peak power on the infighting of the 2 pivotal temperaments - Empress and the empire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], have died. One-year-old lad was holding to the Hall of Supreme Harmony Central, approve all the officials of worship. Perhaps the baby is still ignorant that he appears in this location means. He was even Danbi, the Dan Chi and in the courtyard stood the courtiers who neatly Shan Hu Long live the large reverberate that started to call. However, his nation and folk as a child toward the Hall of Supreme Harmony appears on the instrument, and playing with his harem of different nature. We did not hear a child crying Baiguan.
They only kas long asflags in the wind and the wind around the cigarettes back the palace of the emperor sitting in the depths of the height on the three-story platform, accept their Hajj. Palace is a real gowns, even in the distance, courtiers were also competent to clearly feel the monarchy of the emperor. The center of Beijing is the Forbidden City, the center is the Hall of Supreme Harmony Forbidden City, the center of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, it is the emperor's throne. As long as the living symbol of the throne sat Diao, equivalent to seem in the center of the world. Ministers and the cheers of the people in his ears, is undoubtedly the maximum beauteous choir.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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