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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Tue 11:45, 26 Apr 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

King vaguely historical reinstate it
Ma Ma Garden is really a term for the whole house and garden, with a total district of approximately 8,000 square meters, of which the garden part of the 4500 square meters (almost 7 acres), can be regarded as medium-sized garden. Garden in the house west of the east span of two courtyard families for the Ma home, the pattern of contract and complete; beyond east, a playhouse, IV Goulian take for my house, do ceremonial intentions. Theater courtyard where housing and also some rocks and flowers interspersed with garden part of the echoes. Garden west entry door, but also the house's main entrance, the door on the original "fair and neat" board, for the Republic of China, Wang Huaiqing, TIAN De-Hill, donated by 10 celebrities joint. 5 doors west of the lodge, east of the accountant, and then east and storage layout of the temple and additional buildings, forming a perennial more than 30 rooms facing the South.
Garden layout apt begin with the terrain, the shape is no normal, separated at a rockery and passageways of another sizes for the six alternatively seven yards. See Introduction to the peak of a team, like a shade, blocking the outlook backward the main tip, and facing the South Tower fell together constitute a alike hospital space. Turn eastern face of the walls are 4 screen door open, you can pass house, merely routinely does not open, and extra generally from the south door into the residential portion of the moon wells hospital. Farther south distinct shade door can be entered via the cardinal courtyard garden.
Shiping south to a great rockery, to globe with a stone, Xiadian bluestone, set on rocks, soak peaks, agreeable the 1st climax of the landscape. The southern incline of the mountain halls established a Xieshan Ding, mountain incline was a tiny west of Cai Shenmiao, sitting west of the East, only 1 meter tall, which worship the God of Wealth Marshal Chao, usually will not be extinguished. The southern incline of the southwest turn of the hall take out a gallery, leading to the south ahead and afterward a three-volume hard-Hill architecture, formerly known in court has not test, cried the Church while Ma Jiaping as "3 volumes."
Here is my bedroom where Mr. Ma Huitang, a absolute of five bays, the south western spent two roll, the location vacated reserved platform, who are skillful to sit here and the sun; the east was a roll of three forms of open Xuan the north between the Ming roll out a Baoxia, appeared to be very light and spacious. The most matchless place in this garden, courtyard space in its clever division. Almost no use of the park wall, rockeries and corridors of the hospital are to detach, or wide or deep, or small, different patterns. Overall layout is very Lichtung, seemingly rambling, there is no rigorous sense of space. The door into the garden from the starting of the route to keep back and ahead among the portico in the rocks and interspersed, twists and turns, more step in the efficacy of a scene. Ma Huitang I am arrogant of this and maximum often the hidden to their families where the Commentary.
Ma rockery garden rocks, most of them have deserted from the Yuanmingyuan lake in a superbly brought in stone and bluestone, principally rocks, several models are inscribed with the Qianlong Yubi to share,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but unfortunately after the founding of as the units to construction of a guesthouse and entire shook out, and immediately the only remaining bluestone was. Garden landscaping rocks is the focus of the plenary park had built two large rockery,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in counting to five or six groups pinnacle of nice, or kurtosis then screen stand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or towering steep, or the exquisite and unique, or meandering cheap back, or the steps may be enrolled, or have Donghe can enjoy the scenery each magnetism.
Under the old rockery, two pieces of precious relics, one is pearly relentless statue "Magu on life", modeling exquisite, lifelike; two for petrified wood, a normal craft. Republic of China, Unite Wu has lived in the garden. "Cultural Revolution" when Magu demolished, leaving only the base Banbi, petrified wood is also an nameless destination. Garden building likewise has its own characteristics. Park in the main room of the house two and three volumes were used in the form of two volumes, notwithstanding not significantly taller, but the depth is very wide, malleable inner can be mow off, is also prevalent to landscape building since the late Qing Dynasty mode. Building with a plaque and hold the incipient multi-column couplets, all from the mains of calligraphy and the penmanship, but unfortunately have no survival.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Sat 10:29, 21 May 2011    Post subject:

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39473692 2010 年 04 月 11 日 12:11 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary
in season all the happiness you can not make you happy and sad all in season you can not make you sad, and even anger you can not provoke you all the time,belstaff leather, is not it terrible? A philosopher once said: This is called old.
then think of you,belstaff london, your name, your smile, your everything, can only add a \
reminds us again of the matter, can only add a \
Some feelings are nails, cut off will be born again, irrelevant. And some feelings are teeth, after a loss, the wound will never have a pain can not make up.
not met does not mean not miss, do not connect only to cover attachment.
Some people face a lot of laughter because there are too many tears their hearts.
a place in life, a man in front of this person can not amount to anything, you can not have the image can be a body of weakness, it is confidant.
each person have to do at each stage, each stage of things, even if missed,belstaff uk, had to leave.
Only you do not want to put
, without you does not fit.
a lot of people, a lot of things I am familiar, that tomorrow can be continued. So the moment and let go, to the hope of reunion again. The sun to rise after fall, those things can not go through; those people to you since forever.
sometimes do not know the truth, do not understand the nature of man, be happy. And to pretend not to know the truth, do not understand the nature of man, but it is happy.
like a lively party just ended, gone, lights off, the dark one on the left ... ... you sometimes need to reflect on ourselves in the lonely. Only from the clamor into the silence, you will focus your mind.
of the time, met the right people, a lifetime of happiness.
of the time, met the wrong people, is a heart-breaking.
the wrong time, met the wrong people is a ridiculous.
the wrong time, met the right people, a life-sigh.
life, there have been to leave or enter. So, see,belstaff jackets womens, sight; remembered, and forgotten. There have been life and loss. So, invisible, see; forgotten, and remember. However, the sight, are they really not exist? Keep in mind, is not forever?
I have been reluctant to admit that you are passing in my life.
I sincerely wish that the years is good, change this world secure, see his smile every day.
If the must and the final
barren, looking, maybe starting tomorrow, to see the water a long way distant mountains, while the return is a lifetime thing.
youth has not yet finish, but also the future can afford to. Real poor, the ideal is very rich.
when you're still by my side, I began to nostalgia, because I know you're about to leave. Milan Kundera
we have gone too far, so forget why the start. Gibran
Buddha smiled: Love is because of mutual appreciation, which began as heart and fell in love, as inseparable from each other and get married, but more important is the need of tolerance, understanding, work habits and life will adapt to .
I most like to have your city.
I love you. Perhaps this is the biggest regret in my heart, because you never appeal.
love someone, do not casually hand, not letting go!
in this world, there are some inaccessible place. Not close to the people. Things can not be completed. Can not share feelings. Can not repair defects.
When he finally said to you \But, then, can we really regret?
not sure at what time, we always love too late to give up too quickly and easily pay the commitment, do not want to wait for the results.
ring, is no longer a lifetime commitment to spend a lifetime vows, the brand has become a sad memorial.
As someone said: Love is like the ring, worn on the hand, is worn on the heart; injury in mind, they also hurt in the hand. Dare not touch, is that the heart injury; not the original pick, is that regret and love.
It is said that blood to the heart in the ring finger, you know I want to in life, exhausting, your ring finger firmly tie him ah!
If you love let me go, I will fight to the end.
time has passed, love light, and love the people also dispersed.
some people would have been carved in life, even if his voice forget forget his face forget his smile, but think of him every time, that feeling, but it will never change.
thought you were a kite, I was hand holding the cord, no matter where you fly, and I ultimately you belong. Now I understand,belstaff on sale, if love you, you should not be bound.

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