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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Wed 10:59, 16 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Yuan Chen Temple,great wall tour, built in 1992, which is the seat eaves Xieshan ancient buildings, Miankuo 7, one area of 500 square meters, the auditorium and left medium plastic Doumu shop right Bute, surrounded by plastic 60 yuan Chen. Dou Mu is the mommy of stars, 60 Chennai 60 cycle or, as the situation of areas of Taoism trust in God, with attribution per cycle to match the label of God are derived from my own route as birth Chen, guests and their own birthday the same week Chen pray for agreeable fortune in your own path,Forbidden City Tour, cried cis stars. Now we come to Cai Shenmiao, too known as three-Ling Hou Temple, built in 1710, Hill dome, which as Fu, Lu, Choi 3 gods. This is permitted, built in the Ming Dynasty, the stone arc of the kiln because the three chasms, plus a hard roof, which is Taoist doctrine of "identity of the three religions" in the manifestation of Baiyun Mountain. White Cloud Temple building numerous to really coerce the centre lobby founder, house, homes, offices, House, House, Taiwan, dispersed mingled, scatter always over. This ancient carving is one important portion of buildings, carve see each turn of the building, painted primarily engraved wood, stone, gold, brick, cup and other, the direction the end of a tick from the sudden, carved, three-dimensional statue in the round, etc.
. Both sides of the fence from Deng Dao, Flower walls, flagpole, in front of the building stone to Yudao, pedestal, col bases, made of wood beams, workshops, panels, doors and skylights, flare QT, sculptures, etc. for the flashing everywhere the glorious craft of engraving. Baiyun Taoist's fascination known as the White Cloud Temple, Sound of divine land. Its origins can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. 1608, Beijing Baiyun Taoist Wang true life, etc., who come to the White Cloud Temple in Shaanxi managerial commissioner premier academic posts, the Beijing Taoist White Cloud Temple White Cloud Temple JIAXIAN melody spread, Baiyun Taoist by the court music of music, miscellaneous with classical music and court music makeup. Thus, the displacement JIAXIAN Baiyun Taoist music also has a easy and elegant, solemn traits. Qing Emperor Kangxi, Taoist Miao also Nim wander around the South, collect Mountain Road, music, full Baiyun Taoist music. Thus, the Baiyun Taoist music applying has mellowed some tunes and a beautiful, fresh and beautiful southern style. Performances in the long term, the Taoist bishops are absorbed Buddhism, JinJu, suona, folk tunes and capabilities in, thawed into the Taoist music, formed a matchless Northern JIAXIAN Baiyun Taoist music. Baiyun Taoist music has spre\ad Quartet, famous throughout the province.
Founded in Eastern Xiankang Hongluosi four years (AD 338), was originally called "Daming" (Ming Zhengtong years renamed "protect the country owned Fu Temple" for Rhodospirillum wonderful fairy fable, commonly known as "Luosi "). At that time in northern China is now the History of the Later Zhao's dynasty. Jin Huaidi Yongjia four years (AD 310), Western Buddhist monks to China as a missionary Figure Cheng East by Later Zhao emperor Shi Le, Dan Hushu nephew's wonderful ritual, then sermonizing in the post within the State of Zhao and beginners, the widespread construction of Temple. He was formally ratified by the state to teach students in China (Chinese monk) of the premier people, after Zhao Shihu Jianwu Dynasty (Eastern Yonghe four years, AD 348), died Ye Gong Temple. According to the "Biographies of Eminent Monks," logged in the post-Cheng Zhao Buddha Dharma figure of 30 years, Temple has approached 893, Hongluo that one of them.
Hongluo to ten dweller Temple, is the largest Buddhist garden in northern China, for thousands of years has been a Buddhist sanctuary, temple, presided over more than a royal life before school, prevalent monks, Buddhism amazing. Jin Jue notable Buddhist Zen main, Master Yuan has Yunshan, the Qing Dynasty International get up up (dream East) master host Hongluo create Rhodospirillum Pure Land Buddhist temple, Buddhism is more prosperous. Dynasty, the Indian science of light priest to Pure Land Dharma Hongluosi repair, post to build a Pure Land Putuo temple, so the world has "Putuo south, north Rhodospirillum do." The temple has a history of dumping more than 300 arable land, known as "daytime to eat one are to" Beijing in Huairou County, and several other counties in the House Office. Emperor Kangxi in the year 1694, your visit to Hongluosi. Historical records, Hongluo expansion rebuilt several periods,beijing travel service, outstanding by home and abroad, lusty annoy.
Red Luoshan Hongluo area north of the metropolis is situated in Huairou District, 5 km south of Red Luoshan, from the urban district 55 kilometers, the aggregate zone of 800 ha space, is a national AAAA grade tourism area. "The history and culture of deep infiltration, superb geographical surroundings and climatic conditions, the achievements of the one faultless red Luoshan Hongluo Most Excellent to pluck cultivated the "Pure Land Buddhist." Hongluo faces south, the mountain was built, accurate layout, impressive. It is perched red Luoshan, South along Hongluo Lake, mountains and water nigh, fruitful jungles, towering old trees. Hongluo in the piedmont of acres of red green Luoshan Gusong Lin, fashioning a "blue Tibetan temple," the beauteous picture.
Hongluo has 1600 years of long history and profound Buddhist mores, its forest origin tin be traced to the early Chinese Buddhist Xing Jin era, is the birthplace of Buddhism in northern China and the largest Buddhist jungle. Zhao dictators from the Eastern Jin Dynasty apt the Qing Dynasty behind the digit of emperors, every of the imperial dynasty are closely related with the Hongluo, more than a thousand years in the Buddhist community has enjoyed a lofty dignity and status.

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