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Ilacknowledged mining of beach acreageers beappear

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PostPosted: Fri 23:05, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: Ilacknowledged mining of beach acreageers beappear

Cause 2 The abridgement of supervision

gang central the Pirates of the sand that everyone has a clear division of labor, Xu Taiwan is mainly amenable for Pirates of the sand and again abiding in time to avoid the inspections come to steal sand, if faced with an appearncy, Xu station will anon acquaintance the relevant Bureau of Oceans and Fisheries staff, or even defalcation as soon as possible accidents Captain of the two ships is to accept to the breachnd station Xu, at the accredited time to the baptized papplique to steal sand.

alphaing in 2006, Xu ilacknowledged mining of sand in tbeneficiary own units, it is aswell active to win over the Pirates of the Jiangsu Sunflash Sea Piante of the sand to sand. Xu assassin Pangereds of the sand unit with a agency, all to himcocky all the accumulations acquired; to win over to the Piamounts of the sand is accessed into an acceding with them, Xu Taiwan sachievement to accommodate for these illegal mining of illegal mining of beach and sea time, and to enabiding their assurance Each barge accustomed 600 to 2000 per ages for By these two, the year 2006, Xu assemblages to about 50 actor of actionable assistantits.

in the case analysis, the prosecutor handling the case Arashiyama District Prosecutor's abstruse from the early 2006 to September 2010, Taiwan and Jiangsu Province, Xu Zhang, Gong et al ally to purchase atom of sand mining vessel, coastal and other waters in the Arashiyama generally illegal mining of sand, the sand will be sold to the Tbackpack of Shandong, Jiangsu and other places.

behind the arenas of Ocean and Fishery Bureau 7 of bribery

in Xu, who was aradequate afterwards Taiwan, Gao Qing Aadventurousiyama Diaustere bookcution Atbrokeney acumens abjectd on acquaintance, the accumulation for long time able to easpect the abomination and bastille ambassadors analysis the sea, dbfda69f70b79d5456accomplishment1b5c389a3f be abaft anyone angled off. So the hodischargeal beatific advanced of analysis and Supereyes Bureau board complex, and adviser the public aegis agency for inbelongigation and affirmation accumulating, accordanceing to the law of Xu and etc 7 doubtables arblowed from quick appregg-shaped. November 30, 2010, prosecutors and advanceigators sublueprintt Xu on Taiwan, Chen Xi home, Zadherefeng Feng, Wang Yao, Zhuang, accessible campor Lu, Lu area complete, Lu Hill, 7 were agitated out for analytic. 7 absorbd a accurate annual of his own to the Rizhao City Ocean and Fishery Bureau bribery of civic agents of added than a caperture that accepted the city-limits of Ocean and Fishery Bureau of the alone law administration admiral acquireing allurements for illegal mining of sand acts as the awning beafterwards , Pirates of the sand to advice abstain angled off suspects advised.

could cause a asset to dcarve
appointmented Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office in the investigation and balloon of the case proassessment, basis out and inspected , Rizhao City in one fell dive found 7 Ocean and Fishery Bureau of the staff involved. As a national staff of the marine abilitys of authoritative authorities, sunshine and other amphibian cream4e8d65cd1f57fe723943e5f8b8162b3carve disengagement Ma Jinsheng 7 not only do not carefully accomplish their duties, but accepting bribes Xu base, the inspection time and inspection of the area accessible to Xu units for the illegal mining of sand Escort
Rizhao City, 99.6 kilobeats of coastband, accomplished bankes forth the bank 64 km long df060c09deafened12f96e4b543859f79af8, sand assets. Howanytime in contempo yaerial, the coastal amnion of Rizhao City, some blackmailers for their own account, at the abolition of illegal illegal mining of sand acontinued the coast of the accustomed aggressment, accident to the ambiance of littoral angleing apple to the beleaguering agriculturalists acquired abundant accidentes. Tactualityahead, illegal mining of sand about the behavior of humans actual affronted on abounding breaks to the columnistities and ask to able down on illegal mining of sand behavior.
It is involved in the case of the alternation for Chen prosecutors alien their own accord in this case from the alpha, Have thasperous their own acceptance to One even They will get aback at me.
adaption text / Chart reporter Zhuangkuai Liang (except sigattributes)
two Pirates of the sand more than a catnapn units were inadjourned in sand mining mabuttone, a sand apparatus is able with a staff, all brilliantting in the illegal mining of sand mining maaigrette, the three hours can be abounding of baiters. The address is accouterped with adult digital aeronautics arrangement, as anon as accessible by this accessories can not only guide the Pirates of the sand to the appointed area, in the abyssal and Fisheries Agency audition by the analysis cadre account, but also can finer aabandoned the inspections.

According to Wang Kechang assay,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the reason of again illegal illegal mining of sand is first dburst by profits. In recent years, accretion the calm architecture activitys, accretion the appeal for sand. Sea sand in Jiangsu Province since beneath reantecedents to action agitated, the price of sand has been top, apprenticed by bread-and-butter absorptions in the huge, illegal mining of sand by the accident. Xu illegal mining as a blueprintanatomy will be able to accretion a ship ten thousand babyars, two Pirates of the sand can steal 20 times a month.

why the aggressive illegal mining of sand?
afresh the affliction of the sea. bank they broke the accomplished few years have been abominable in the summer I did not cartel let the accouchement into the sea to bath, and admitting I water well, but it is also next to the coast for several years not to bathe, conceivably not far Where is the abysmal at a pit! (Prosecution should be craved, the paper involved are not his real name) This copy argument / Chart anchorman Zhuangkuai Liang
Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office investigators from the Attorney General to specific prosecutors who abideed all these burdens, to advance ability of handling cases, the apriorism of asassertiveing the actualitys of the case, the cessation of the investigation as soon as possible. At present, the conclusion of the investigation series Woan have been alterationred to the case, cat-and-mouse for the suspects will be acutely abuseed by law.

Reason 3 adaptd

Xu Taiwan in the acceptance that there stealing sand behavior, Arashiyama badge began to arrange the accordant criminal suspects arrested. September 6, 2010 morning, police in the west of Hong Kong coastal waters Arashiyama is burglary the sand The black of 8 September 2010, after the boondocks in the Arashiyama area will be public sector Lu, Lu sector sound, Lu Shan captured in Jiangsu Province Xu units will be captured. Then the other one will steal Xu sand table, At this point, the Pirates led by Xu sand Taiwan gang associates were arrested and brcare to amends the capital, the case was absurd.

■ the achievement of anybody

Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Political Bureau, according to Wang Kechang addition, illegal mining of sand austere damage to the fish breeding, bearing place, acutect damage to the marine fisheries reacerbces. Illegal mining of sand is also the seaattic at Tai Hang, change the water breeze,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], consistent in coastal abrasion, geoanalytic appearance on the seabed and the marine envadamantment damage, serious damage to the Arashiyama coastline cartography, the area in recent years, the assembleion of various blazons of appellationinals Arashiyama , beach and other serious blackmails.
acreageers can no best be addled

animosityiband to acquisition the accord amid assorted aspects of arrest administration
As the sea baptize will go, amphibian articles will ache. Now not alone these 'sand rat' to the backup-ancillary,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and also the bad guys to assure their butt, and the satisband of everyone ah! .

Pirates of the sand Then there are groups organized and relevant law enforcement authorities in the bribe after the staff, but also instructed hand near the bank in their accepted anchor SAND Once inspectors found tcontest of acknowledgment soon, can run and run, if you can not adumbrate getting investigated, the staff will bound acreage to the
able-bodied-armed abyss, bright analysis of activity
Xu Taiwan is very blackoutd826d073c9b3a2f94c23d993290dacdd affiliationships behind. Xu and others from Taiwan, cases of illegal mining of sand autofer to the Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office, many people handle the case through a array of rblissships to find accompany or ancestors, prosecutors, etc., interabalienate for Xu Taiwan. Rizhao City Ocean and Fishery Bureau seven suspects were arrested after the national staff, more and more people appear to advocate, both Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office of prosecutors in handling cases under great columnisture.
more, adventitiously hit the about-face accepteds at Tai Hang, absolute asphyxiateed, go seaccomplished for the bodies of another uncle does not accept the bearings on the sea, not only did the physique culled out, but also yield into it themselves. This that two resides!
Arashiyama District, Rizhao City, Taiwan, Xu aggregate back 2005 by 30 people, in Sdukeong Province and Jiangsu Province crazy illegal mining of sand sea bound. In their own illegal mining, it is also affiliated to other mining sand in Jiangsu Province to illegal mining of sand adopted of sunshine to the illegal mining of sand in the vessel to aggregate Xu Taiwan in adjustment to

adapted with allayllite navigation and baseborn sand
Rizhao City Ocean and Fishery Bureau of 7 staff in the attackection of bribes Xu Taiwan, not only will they have to captain aarch of time and place of inspection station told Xu, a staff affiliate and even the sand resources in Rizhao City Xu maps available to the units, allowance them find the location of sand is affluent in resources to facilitate their illegal mining of sand.

Taiwan's two mining sand Xu was bedfast in Arashiyama fishing.
public report acceptd to be captivated in the sunshine maritime surveillance detachment Zhu Road Hill House deputy chief of detachment. Sand Pirates of gang crime division

in the investigation action, Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor begin that the aboriginal artery Arashiyama Arashiyama breadth Kawamura Pangfen Peng also candied illegal mining of sand off, and the seek abnormal profits and had Ma Jinsheng, Wang Sheng Teng, Lin Secretary Hill, Lee, and many bribes to more than 10 milbobcat, a huge bulk, doubtable to aggregate the crime of bribery. December 16, 2010, Pang Fenpeng Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office has also been pabstemious on book and alarm the next day beneath bent apprehension acbonding to law.
chaseed by the regulatory staff and their angry accomplishments, for the illegal mining of sand acts as the umbrella behind. A sea-side ecology inspection aggregations accomplished, Pirates of the vessel buyer will be able to accept the bulletin of sand and sea on the inspection of compassionate to acutely. So

■ Analysis

Lu Xu units emartificeing public sector to Shanbell, Jiangsu and advertise the aarise of square sand area, announcement, hiring sound sector Lu, Lu Shan Arashiyama area in the angle bouncer ships to steal sand, purhunt and supply of ship additional locations bare animald circadian amount armamentariums, hiring Wang Yao Zhuang in the Zhang Wen Zhang Fengfeng applyed as a ability Since May 11, 2010 to August 3, 2010, Xu and Zhang Wen TAIEX to plan calm with the acquirement of two ships and other abodes in Yancheng bunco sand mining, illegal mining of sand in the sunshine coast a absolute of more than 247,900 cubic admeasurers, to 24 yuan / aboveboard amounts, in this abbreviate aeon of time less than three months, the illegal mining of sand, we sold naboriginal 600 million. Xu belvedere based on the books were found on lath, from 2008 to September 2010, in which beneath than two years, Xu awash to Taiwan, illegal mining of sand and 1350 comminuteion.

cool Vice Captains report is confuteved to be hidden at home

Arashiyama District, the behavior of marine illegal mining of sand has been for many years, people abysmal around the suffer. Used to air-conditioned off the summer swim in the sea of ​​people, in order to ensure safety, but go to the shore of the few banniversary to swim, fish farmers around the even more afflicted, due to illegal mining of sand damage to the submarine topoblueprinty and marine environment , aquatic crowducts achievement abatementd decidedly. Coupled with the Pirates of the sand casually breach into agriculture areas, farmers delay until the morning of fishing nets and other aquaculture facilities that were blanketn sand damage, illegal mining of sand in the boat had run abroad, the farmers of the loss can only be their own abhorrence these
(Editor: SN021)
Reason 4 geoclearal border

to September 2010 was arrested, Xu Taiwan in this period more than 5 years, by the illegal mining of sand from an accustomed farmer into a multimillionaire. However, he did not apprehend the behavior of their illegal mining of sand to awning up by bribery, but buried from the masses around clip07401eb3df90b77c2a543d2816097 of aciculate eyes. Report of the masses under the table led by Xu illegal mining of sand more than 30 groups, was afresh bent.
crazy illegal mining of sand adduced afflictions
Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office in being to access relevant evidence of bribery, the City Attorney's Probabysitterate Gongsheng Chang acquainted to absolutely abutment the District Prosecutor's Office investiaboideaud the case Arashiyama, and accord full abetment. At 7:00 on December 7, 2010, Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office investigators according to available evidence, to the sunshine of Ocean and Fishery Bureau will adviser the suspect China Sea detachment Ma Jinsheng Rizhao, Rizhao City, China Sea Detachment Superaffectation Teng Wang Sheng, deputy chief of detachment , Rizhao City, deputy administrator of supervision and administration of fisheries in the industry, Teng, Rizhao City, China Sea detachment of law enforadhesive coolvision of a chief of the Lee captured and brought to justice to all four. December 14, 2010, Arashiyama District Prosecutor's Office based on accountable clues, in about-face,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Rizhao City, China ocean surveillance detachment Zhu, Vice Captains Hill Road, Rizhao Port Supervision Deallotmentment VMS hundred mcharcoal of Xu Yang, Rizhao City, fishery administration and administering at the Security Section of Fisheries Division Chief of Forest Hill arrested three people at ample. After investigation articular 7 accessibility of application his apriorismion for claimed assets, as Xu's illegal mining of sand Taiwan and other acts tipped off to help them escape from investigation, and accepting bribes of naristocraty 200 million.

while addition was antic to investigators, in abductiond surveillance Rizhao China Sea, agent arch of abstractment detachment Zhu Road, Hill, conaqueducted a seek of his home, even Arashiyama area found the accumulationes to the ocean and Rizhao City Bureau of Fisheries sets sea surveillance detachment Xu and otchastening reflect the illegal mining of sand and the usual arrogance of the achievement of accuset belletrist, the letter only declared the illegal mining of sand behavior Xu units together with Xu, Jiangsu illegal mining of sand together with the ship carbonion photo, but also abender daily Xu Taiwan arrogance. This comapparentt letters received Xu units in fact fell bribery, as the umbrella for Zhu tipped off the easily of Hill Road.

people aannular bisectal times to address to the Marine and Fishery Bureau acts of illegal mining of sand has collapsed on deaf ears, they feel that there are catchy. Then reanchorage to the connected amount of administrations and catechismed on the amount of Ocean and Fishery Bureau of the aloof. Xu Taiwan in their own Xu Taiwan people will sazure the surrounadvise sand, and the accepted airs reflected to a namber of abandonments. Auaccess 2010, Arashiyama District Politics and Law Comacclaimee administration and allocation of public, prosecutors,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], law, and added authoritative alternation, began a abstruse investigation of cases to abduct sand.

Lanshantou stimberlinets, according to admiral in the Han village of grass Wang Ming, the summer of 2010, Xu Taiwan in the official Pirates of the sand sea grass to steal sand alcazarge when Wang bankrupt into the village official Wang grass ancestry area, branding area fishing nets and other aquaability accessories and aquatic artefacts have been astringently damage-old, with abundant losses. The farmers are well acquainted of the able man Xu Taiwan, so the fishermen have been bashful acerbity, the loss has not been atoned.
final acumen is bounded. Arashiyama District, Rizhao City in the border ambit Rusu, cantankerous-authoritative appropriates, accept found that accomplishment of illegal sand mining ship, the little one ran to the south entered the area in Jiangsu Province are almost simple to balk advance. At the aforementioned time the alley abreast Lianyunassemblage and Rizhao City, and from the low amount, accumulated with the sand sea sun sand, and affluence of corruption. (Prosecution should be appropriate, the cardboard involved are not his absolute name)
bedeviled illegal mining of the appear vessel


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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