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beijing china tours

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PostPosted: Thu 9:11, 07 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing china tours

The whole garden faces south, door to rockery, pool cardinal pool to the north is the meditation, fasting, and is the main park building, Tongwa Xieshan Ding, Miankuo one, after the orchestra before the Landmark Gallery, Villa to three, asset have campus-wide pool. North East School House to clutch prime halls, is the den, a corridor east of Yun Kum Chai, tea, baked north dock. North West hospital room housing the painting peak, dissimilar pond, rockery, stone bridge. Fasting meditation pool north of the nigh rocks stacked Li, Qin Quan Gallery and Ikegami have a relatively fast. East for the white marble stone pool, pool pavilion west pillow Luan, octagonal Cuanjian Ding. And then re-floor eaves Xie Shanding north of Emerald House, Miankuo three, is the highest point of the whole park, ascends the building overlooking the showground. Lang, after ascending along the hill up to foment Art Gallery. To the wall around the whole park, self-contained scene.
King Hall. In the west of fasting meditation, too known as the Western Paradise Vatican territory. Was built in the Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong twenty-four years (1759) reconstruction, an place of 0.7 ares. There is a nice vinyl front glass arch, the North said the amount of "Sumeru Spring", the South amounted to "China Tibetan community." Glass tile is vinyl gate building, Miankuo three, arch door, the amount, shrieked "Western Paradise Vatican territory." The north gate is the Heavenly King Hall, the green glass Tongwa yellow trim Xieshan Ding, Miankuo three; around every an stone buildings, the East carved the Diamond Sutra, the West sculptured by pharmacists. Daiji actually as Temple, the King Hall of the North, all built by Department of Phoebe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dark glass Tongwa yellow trim eaves and four top of the hill, Miankuo five, followed by a octagonal. Pavilion Court, north glass, Tongwa Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, always of glazed brick vinyl architecture, every of five north-south arch door, entities have 1. Colored glass embed elaboration circled by small sculptures. King Hall today for the Beijing Cultural Relics Research Institute.Nine Dragon Wall. King Hall in the north west, is an antique structure, color glass brick screen wall. Built in the Qing time. Full-color glass wall with 424 bricks, high 6.9 m long and 25.5 meters, 1.4 meters wide. Base for the Tongwa four sloping. All the walls, the front and rear, left a aggregate of thirty differ fashions, the clouds into the water dragon, which have nine north and south sides, labeled Nine Dragon Wall. The original pith of the north wall of the door, door to Taiyuanjingzhi palace, a treasure house of the North web yunting Jiaqing converted five Ying Building, the floor, behind the Buddha. In the North and approximately to have a smooth room forty-three, within the four Buddhist scriptures embark storeroom. Twenty-six years Guangxu (1900) the premises for the invasion forces of 8 burned, the only remaining Nine Dragon Wall, who, later mend, the Republic of 8 years (1919) and is burnt,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then not rebuilt stadium is rotated into the North Sea.

Nine Dragon Wall of west Chéng Guān Church, Bath Lan Xuan, Xue Tang and so quickly. Fast Xue Tang. Northwest of the Nine Dragon Wall, facing south, the Qing Emperor Qianlong in the voyage peruse "hasty snow and sunshine" quote. Total treble Basilica, emulated by Chéng Guān chapel gate, bath, Xuan Lan, quickly Xue Tang, Xuan Lan besides for the hard-bath Ceiling Mount volume, the leftover are Xie Shanding, before a gallery; bath matter before Xuan Lan of the allocated units three, Chéng Guān East Hall has allocated elements three; Triple Miankuo Hall are five, soon the snow walls of the Church of East-West Corridor embedded "fast Xue Tang Fateh" extra than 40 blocks of stone. Republic of twelve years (1923) ambition be here to Caigong Ci to commemorate the early Republican military ruler of Yunnan Cai E. Chéng Guān Church as "Songpa Library" reading apartment (the word Songpa Cai E), bath Lan Xuan as library, fast Xue Tang is Caigong Ci. "Fast Xue Tang", "Xuan Lan bath" plaque for the Qianlong Yubi, "Cai Gongci" plaque for the Liang wrote, "Chéng Guān Hall" inscribed plaque to Shichang. Iron screen wall. Chéng Guān damage and in the north. Yuan left the art ministry, 2 superficial carving moire, the shape of beasts, the path the ancient Puxiong Jian, vigorous and muscular, in truth, not a wall of iron, but iron independent brown igneous rock. Wall width of 3.6 meters, 1.9 meters lofty. Within the wall of the original iron screen wall in the narrow Deshengmen cast bell spire, the 1947 Peking heritage order to migrate the North Sea among the Commission for viewing.
Explanation Temple. Iron screen walls in the west, north of Five Dragon Pavilion. Before the Ming and Qing Qianlong year (1746) Regulation of fake certain adaptations Xinglong Temple. Republic of China, the auditorium burned in the fire. After the liberation of many times from renovated. Temple gate is the preservation of three, five Hall of Heavenly Kings, alarms and drums on the second floor, East and West side auditorium of the five additional architectures. Inside, is now the North Sea economic Botanical Garden. Five Dragon Pavilion, the water south of interpreting the Temple of God, a stone bridge and the northwardly coast of similarities. Soon the native 4 because morrow (1460) established along the Council ahead the house is also prime pavilion, for afterward modified, renamed the Bronze Pavilion, and the second in the East Pavilion of the upgrading, eastern Cheng Xiang, Zi Xiang, west Bay Rui, floating Tsui. Stone bridge among the amount of five pavilions interlocked, are green glass Tongwa yellow trim, Bronze Pavilion retention for the sharp eaves circular 4 kiosks, Cheng Xiang, Yong Rui retention for the sharp eaves and square corner pavilions; AIDS incense, floating Tsui Dan Yan pointed apt four a four-Ning save. Five Dragon Pavilion is a fishing and watch the fireworks the Ming and Qing regal place.
Goddess of Mercy Temple. Also known as Paradise, Xiaoxitian, commonly known as the isle is located west of Five Dragon Pavilion. Qianlong built. Green house yellow glass Tongwa Cuanjian Ding trim eaves and corners, square, Miankuo seven on each side, 35.6 meters square, flat body Shigetaka Division of the seven foot brackets, and Xi painting. Surrounded by a corridor, a total of 36 alien Yan Zhu, Yan Zhu 28 within the external Kim Joo 20, Kim Joo-4 within. The top of the wellhead dome, the middle of a two-story octagonal caisson, caisson in Block dragon. The original hall and the mountains hanging Luohanshan eight hundred plastic. Dianwai four weeks for the pond of water on each side tread onto the navel of a small stone bridge, an arch bridge appearance each glass, a short wall between the arch chained to a short wall corners each kiosk.House of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Goddess of Mercy Temple in the north, thirty-five years of Qianlong (1770) built. Facing south, yellow glass Tongwa Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, a total of three building, seven are Miankuo, each four weeks have corridors, and Xi painting. White marble stone in front of the platform. House of Ten Thousand Buddhas is the birthday of the Emperor Qianlong built for his mommy, Astor the front door for a Square, two north and south, the middle of the floor of Ten Thousand Buddhas, the original building wooden shrines ten thousand, ten thousand gold with immeasurable Buddha Guangxu twenty years (1900) all for the eight-away. Building contrive House Po east, west, Man Fai Building. Around each door, there clarification of the East Gate Church, Church north Cham Bi Pavilion, Church House, the West has reasoned chilly. Simon saved with a sharp side of a octagonal pavilion, its pearly relentless buildings within the carved Guan Lohan chart painted by sixteen. Then followed by a "true Wisdom," Hall, etc, these buildings have Chaigai more, not longer original.
Mission City in the south gate of Beihai Park, Xicheng District, west side, stands a metropolis of puzzle city of Taiwan, which is the State Council, March 4, 1961 publication of the national key cultural relics conservation units - Mission City. Mission City in the Ming and Qing dynasties Xiyuan part of the Royal Garden is one. Because it overlooks the aircraft for the circuitous ring, among by bricks Lei Qi, convert a city of brick with battlements, it is commonly known as the "Round City." It occupies a total area of 4,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],500 square meters, the city of about 5 meters high.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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