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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Fri 5:16, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

To spend among indoor enclosures,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], flare individually. Front of the lobby side of a high cup shade walls, for the nine-year overhaul Changchun Gong Xianfeng when Tim built. The three entities that have side hall, where the original decorated eaves, open the door between the north times, Xianfeng nine out of time and converted into a gallery, afterward door room. Apse temple is said volume factor, also of the East side hall Yi Xuan, Church Road, West side hall music. Penthouse three things each, one of which cornered into a outlet chained backyard. Twenty-four years of Ming Dynasty (1596) dry wash, Kun Ning Liang Gong disaster, Ming Zhu Yijun Shenzong had lived in this house; wen, dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi was alive here and Changchun Gong; Johnson Emperor Pu Yi ahead the eviction, Tongzhi Royal Emperor Yu was also home to this. Are building in agreeable condition. To display this original palace life.
Miankuo five bodies and the house, around the door, of which one is the channel, you can access. East two interlocked, when the Empress Dowager Chu Xiugong live, where to eat (phoned the meals). West two are the same, for after dinner tea lounge. Guangxu ten years (1887), the emperor was seventeen, the Empress Dowager in the body and the house he was elected preside for the queen and concubine of the ceremony. At that time a absolute of five candidates, all led by President Guixiang Yehe Nala is the daughter (the niece of the Empress Dowager), emulated by Jiangxi Provincial Governor Dexin's two daughters, and then the Ministry of Rites collaborator minister and Syria's long two daughters. Empress Dowager was sitting in attendance, Guangxu stand, Princess, Princess and other standing after. Ruyi edged in front of a long desk, two pairs of ruddy embroidered purse for selected museums. Queen of the emperor selected wishful award, select the concubine award packet. Five women, pointing to the dynasty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Empress Dowager said: "The Emperor! You select a lusted queen, that is, wishful granted."
Forthwith to the dynasty wishful. Dynasty, the daughter who wishful to Dexin, gathering questing the reward, the Empress Dowager shouted: "The Emperor!" And Nuzui implied allow Guixiang of women. Guangxu surprised a moment, then understand the averaging of the Empress Dowager, the final resort to wishful granted Guixiang women (ie, Empress Queen.) Dynasty, the Empress Dowager to watch the daughter of idea Dexin, such as the voting of two women Wei Fei, there is also terror for pet wins, she tin not longer be picked, hastily arrayed the princess ambition be granted a long wallet Syria's two daughters (namely is, Jin Fei and Zhenfei). This dynasty, Empress of this election, "Play", directed at the Empress Dowager was behind they hastily.
Wenhua Dian Wen Yuan Ge in the north, the Qing dynasty Qianlong built thirty 9 years, the Court is three-storey mansion, fake Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion norm, through to an upstairs, downstairs is divided into six, which means "Sky raw water , to six qi ", meaning the fire. Forbidden City in the principal place for the storeroom of books is Wen Yuan Ge, the world's largest catena "Si Ku Quan Shu" was hiding here, in a very aesthetic book drip Phoebe clothed, placed on the shelf. "Si Ku Quan Shu" compilation of thirty-seven years began in Qianlong (1772), took ten years, collected a kind of pre-Qin to the Qing Dynasty, 3,500 books, according to economics, history, children, set four major categories of codification, so the "Four Books" of extra than 3,600 volumes, is very extensive, to a definite amplitude, played the character of conservation and archiving of documents. The book Shanxie 7, to create 7 fortresses storage. Among the maximum spectacular castle of the Wenyuan Pavilion. Wen Yuan Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu" in late 1948, boated to Taiwan by the KMT administration, is invisible in the Taipei Palace Museum. In increase, Wen Yuan Ge also placed over the Forbidden City when the compilation of Emperor Kangxi of the "integration of ancient and modern books," and a lot of Classical Books, there are still important to use value.
In the Qing Dynasty, Queen's Birthday Qianqiu label. That daytime, the Queen to clutch a ritual at the Thai Temple to disburse, accept the royal concubine, concubine, concubines, example, Princess, Princess (Prince, Prince Jun's wife), etc. Chaohe. It contains, Xianfeng six years (1856) July 12, Xianfeng emperor's birthday Queen Niuhulushi II, where the observance was held two mid-section of ages. Thai Temple is also a cache to disburse twenty-five Bao Qing Dynasty (the seal of the emperor discipline of power) in location. Ten year of Qianlong (1746), the Qianlong Emperor Bao Xi elected twenty-five parties, stored in here. Bao Xi each side has different uses, such as "The Emperor's treasure" for issuing the edict, Wong agreed Scholars catalogue announced; "Patent treasure" and "the treasures of German life," court officials and award for lawful judgment; "system Yu-six department of the treasure "for the naval. Bao Xi covered with yellow damask placed the treasures among. Now, the treasure box based above the situation of the incipient furnishings in the cross-Thai Temple. Thai Temple in the cross display tells the time, is Jiaqing three years (1798) by the Qing Office was established. Shell is a Chinese-style pavilion-type wooden cupboard, eighty 5 meters-high, at the upper medium and lower membranes. Clock Tower on the behind of a small ladder, climbs stairs, can chime clock winding. Chime clock move, the RBI report can be engraved in due time automatically.
Although this chime clock has gone via two hundred years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], namely immediately capable to walk properly and accurately, when RBI, to the engraved carved reported, the sound crisp and noisy and explicit, apparent fabrication nice, sophisticated technology. Tonghudilou also understood as clepsydra, is the history of our country the traditional timer. As early as 3 thousand years ago, working human in archaic China contrived the timing of water drop method. Thai temple aboard display by the across Tonghudilou, the Qianlong years (1745) manufactured in China is still preserved intact clepsydra to the precious.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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