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beijing excursion package

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PostPosted: Mon 5:45, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing excursion package

Sell children are mostly cooked Douzhi Beijing, and there are many Muslims operating this affair, so they shouted: "soybean milk porridge children - wow!" - Though not a grain of rice Douzhi children, but it is porridge, so sell cooked Douzhi of children, crying while they are with "porridge" is accustomed. Douzhi children use the casserole seethe, bottom of the boiler under the stove, soybean milk children forever hot, but not seethe Douzhi children, rushed to a boil. Douzhi children to drink pickle, but too to hot to drink. Now living criteria, and soybean milk has chance one of the snack foods children.
Douzhi before children are adorned with a lot of human edible, hides two steamed corn cake alternatively a dry pancakes, the soybean milk apt spend one-third of children sharing a bowl of soybean milk money apt children apt children with soybean milk and steamed corn bread and pancakes put pickles work smoothly. Douzhi children then sold the pickle is not limited, a small 3-inch record can be reiterated several times Sheng, so namely the child is affordable Douzhi adorned food. "Eighth daytime of the twelfth lunar month, of the year to" progressive in the flavor. To the twelfth lunar month of every child, my mama told my brother and I have again, into the twelfth lunar month the door to speak to everywhere cautious not granted to damage the bowl, not allowed to say "dead" What's not good thing, is planned to have a nice luck afterward year. Time, we have the custom of drinking rice porridge, my mother said this is called "Buddha congee", formerly called the "longevity porridge", which manner that later dining tin mushroom welfare along life.
Mother laba porridge art called a must. The first is the raw rice, red beans, raisins, peanuts, lotus seeds, red dates, dried longan, pine nuts and additional wash, soak overnight, then red beans, lotus seeds, peanuts into the pot, increase water, cook up to seven When cooked add rice, then add red dates, longan, use the spoon stirring constantly, cooked, then add pine nuts, raisins and sugar. Can not boil the soup is too thick, also skinny is not good, to good care, so for not to flood the pot appearance is not auspicious. After such porridge Aohao, Sheng ashore a bowl of steaming porridge, both spoken and nourishment, but also increase welfare by life. Laba can amend the physical weakness, but also cough lungs, charm beauty, legend has it the dictator or the originator of rice porridge. Laba nigh, it is winter season, known as "La Seven Laba, freezing cold duck" contention, people drinking hot rice porridge, ego heating body, is a New Year's lust.
Laba this day in appending to porridge, but also preserved, "Laba garlic", is said to be the only day it is made out of reliable garlic to the emerald green, the taste is more authentic, the first month to do the fish, PICKLES ambition be more delicious. A child, I have curiosity to ask: "why is it called Laba garlic?" Mother said: "Listen grandmother talking approximately the before, the 'garlic' words and 'count' personas are homonyms, the last trading people start tether from the following year Laba accounts to the credit of the people to come arranged to account, but the twelfth lunar month of the door 'to account' good say it nicely, how to do it, let the foam guys ambition Laba 'garlic' to get people in debt in the elapse. creditor After people discern Laba garlic well aware, to find ways to pond also list, in the past 'Laba garlic' are sent only not as bargain, has now become a outstanding condiment. " Deepest winter, starting of winter frost cold day, blowing a small northwardly wind is blowing up, almost frozen out of people in this season of the ears, to drink a bowl of rice porridge hot, but a child looking forward to things.
Forget the scene of a child to nectar rice porridge. Twelfth night of the seventh day, her grandmother began to prepare: the yellow beans, white rice, peanuts, red, dark bean, mung bean Soak them apart, then put over the winter to find dried ruddy dates, into the dry wash basin dry, shine red, lustrous scilloides, emitting a smell of children tastes of dates. "Guada, Guada," eighth day of the twelfth lunar month early in the morn, winter sunrise in flickering red light, a silver-haired grandmother, a disposed body of a belief, plucking the bellows,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], boiled rice porridge, there is the aroma of rice, gap below the stopper down, jump out, magnificent, full of the whole yard. Aohao porridge, and grandmother respectfully Sheng good premier bowl, put the house in the big chart. Collections of rice fullness crystal, onyx is more like a big red date red brighter, full bowl of red, yellow, black, white, intermingled gorgeous, agreeable to the eye. The cooked rice is boiled rice porridge, thick plug chopsticks virtually able to "stand up", but normally merely beverage the rice along to figure! Really charming coveted ah! Looked by my rapacious phase, grandmother and fast said, "the first bowl of porridge, have to first adore the gods may bless us bumper harvest!" Laba porridge peppery curl up, thumped air, it dissipates the , looking at the nothingness of the air, my youth idea, dream that the cap Bo Mindanao with the "gods" in the enjoyment of his grandma's porridge, and then "Sin center" big Yue, down Ruixiang in the world.
Grandma's second bowl of porridge, neither gave me, but according to antique customs and wiped with a small broom to the courtyard of the jujube trees. Grandma wiping corner, meantime his mouth recited: "I have drunk my porridge, the thick red dates next year." God, God,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Tao Tao I smiled my grandmother, my grandmother said: "All things are spiritual do not ill-treated." I disagree, whatsoever, the wind blowing trees shake, as whether to thank her grandmother. Laba's third bowl of porridge, eventually giving it to her grandmother loved her grandson. Nasal spray of fragrant rice porridge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], too elated to move easily with your mouth, tastes of the jujube, rice flavor, immediate soaked tongue, the aroma of playing around in the nasal cavity, in te sound of children myself, I feel it is best under the sun eat it! But this time, busy always morning grandma, did not spare some time to drink their own, but kept quiet out of a bowl of Sheng, waded pointed feet, and trembling to the neighbors & Chen Grandmother, the variety of grandmother, helpless living unattended did not forget this!

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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