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beijing hutong tour

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PostPosted: Mon 9:51, 14 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing hutong tour

Wenchang floor northeast corner, northwest Mary Temple, southwest Yuhuangge; the second axis is situated below the main axis of the east, from south to northwardly namely the 7 Holy House,beijing hutong tour, Trinity House, Dongyue auditorium, etc.; the third axis located Second, below the axis of the east, from south apt north is the temple, Cai Shenmiao and so on. Since the compound of every team were dedicated to different employers, their size inconsistency, the space layout is also different. Courtyard preparation in consensus with the order of the ranking according the cardinal axis of the built ahead, reflecting the Taoist main from the mandate.
Using a diversity of dome shapes, with twice eaves, Xie Shan, hard mountain, hanging mountains, cross Xie Shan, save the top and other fashions,beijing private tour guide, when the glazed tiles were covered with magnificent and common-Bois, resulting in prioritized, the class is different effect. Baiyun Mountain temples construction, both uniform neatness, and full of alteration, architecture space is even more rich and varied body articulation, these buildings join to create a means of Ming and Qing dynasties, and was integrated into the regional style, make it even better. Baiyun mountain compound, pine and cypress trees, the surroundings still aesthetic, magical illusion. In recent years, the White Cloud Temple really mansion a fashionable cultivation, stone arches, refresher loosened House, newly created door, see Yunting, blot gallery, Yuan Chen Temple, Dongsheng Bridge construction, so that this ancient buildings ambition be cultivated. Temple Mount at the famous temple to the mountain and Longsheng.
White Cloud Temple can immediately be said to be fundamentally changed. White Cloud Temple to "naive Arctic town of Xuan Wu Big God," the main god, attach with the Jade Emperor, the "three clear,beijing layover tour," Senior's, the earth of water three officers "five factors" forefathers, sixty yuan Chen Xing Jun, Dongyuetaidi, Kuan, Western Paradise Tathagata, Hades Yanjun, Kuixing Wenchang, Songzi Goddess, and blessed God of gods, such as 300, of which the gods of Taoism sequence, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism appointment, both for the Chinese tradition of the land dedicated to God, for people with local specifics of God, Baiyun mountain as many as the entire, be described as meta-gods, set in a conception around which the ancient concept of the temple is a infrequent, during which detailing and interpretation of the numerous religious stories, myths and legends. Therefore, the White Cloud Temple will also be proficient to encounter the assorted requirements of all kinds of people, and naturally transform the spiritual sustenance of the Holy Land, people entrusted with some nice hopes the White Cloud Temple, which is perhaps the White Cloud Temple incense, history is no wrong causes.
Year, the Baiyun temple three times larger, three days of lunar month, is the true appointment of birth of author Wu; April eighth day is the day of the White Cloud Temple Xiu; September ninth day is the day of flying Zhenwu founder. To grab us when we go to the temple, I really was thronged. Formerly understood as the Long White Cloud Mountain Ridge, where the pearly clouds fraught, Ssangyong zigzag, in adding to the foot of the Yellow River Pentium, water charm.一 日 mountains to uncover his head bare, a Taoist, claiming to be real jade wind, he had a hermitage in the mountains end, day herbs, nightfall meditation chant. His medication is quite smart, entire are instant therapeutic manipulation for the people, local folk Jingzhi as God, below the White Cloud Temple is in its abbot, was the court officials and local people Zhangzong Bing funded cattle younger sibling Gordon built. According to fable, when construction coincided with the elevation of summer, artisans head in the sun, the heat unbearable, suddenly, the sky emerged a white, just to cover the sun, feel the morale of a real person, they then changed its label to the Long White Cloud Mountain Range. White Cloud Temple repaired, live it to wander away from home.
To commemorate the pedigree, people lived in the cave he cried "real cavity," Ming Zhu Yijun Shenzong Baekundong cavity for a real person. Remains of stone arch until the Ming and Qing Jiaqing rebuilt. The second col for the single-span stone structure building, visitors have to bow down and over, it is also known as the "bow arch" to show the averaging of pious pilgrimage. Through the stone archway, one who, in our eyes is more than 360 stone steps level, this is the mountain of the Road, commonly known as "God Road." This level a stone step stone, followed by 699 bluestone brick, to the Peak from the Yamane, the higher the more steep, favor a stepladder. White Cloud Temple of those who 1st built, it seems as the Taoist heaven, the stone steps is the people, "God," the merely way for believers only emulate this "God Road" to approach upon a time, to look Sin Yan, worship asked to pray for the grace of God. So, despite the view of the way into a number of recent years, and fix through the straight access to the summit road, but maximum people alternatively by God this way, and to use were pious.
A god direction, stand-order the top, while you look around, will have vacant open-minded, loosened and cheerful sensibility. When we step foot on the last 1, a beauteous bluestone arch beautiful impressively in the pate, we stop here, overlooking the Yellow River, the breeze chilly breeze, thumping pines, fresh, seasoned male exhausted, guests to this, the relaxed and cheerful, peregrination was doubled. Is a front archway, which is a pure wooden building of the wooden arches, built in the Ming Dynasty, 8.5 meters high, four-poster three third floor, the floor is Dan Yan, Xieshan top, Thang Long is kiss, kiss cup animal, blue glazed tile roof reiterate, even more cultivated Su Ya, pass arch Block helpless without attention, fighting the air and rain more than 400 years, remains the same, its special structure and construction, showing the craftsmanship of orthodox building. Through the wooden archway, we entered the White Cloud Temple group. Temples culture of the motherland's orthodox culture, one important part of the Baiyun Taoist temple was built by the advocates forming, but it also compatible with Buddhism, Confucianism, the formation of different style and content of the Palace, the Temple, House, House, Temple, etc., tin be described for integrated blend of the gods and mysterious set in the mountain. Now we come to five underwater, the base 5 underwater construction because the White Cloud Temple, one of the important buildings is the White Cloud Temple, built in 1690. Five Dragons Palace from the main hall, 2 corridors, Goddess of Mercy House, a neat little form

beijing personal excursion guide

beijing personal excursion guide

beijing an daytime tour

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