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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Mon 5:55, 28 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

Into the Forbidden City, visitors were all that the masterpiece of the age palace of the unique and illustrious imperial magnetism of the infection. The house that cumbersome sea, and that long a walls, that deep Yong Lu, that faint courtyard, then shred of reputation the world's Majestic palace, that testimony of the Jade Empress bead curtain, that brightly Kam list wedding bridal compartment, then West Side Yuan Hong cancellation Zhenfei Well, that Liu Yiyi's house, that Kingston's Magnolia, and that Standing opposition the Wind shadows of the turret opposition the backdrop of blue sky, and that years of erosion can not afford the charming beauty of the Forbidden twilight ... unbelievable ... all, linger .
However, who would calculate, in this unexpected eyeful of honor and poetry, and a little-known mystery world with you, that is, dozens of large and small around the palace of the temple shrine. There, sitting with the Queen who is reverent worship of gods from assorted dwelling, a reflection of our ancestors the gods of heaven and globe, wise fathers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as always, lofty passion and dedication. Temple of the Forbidden City in the temple, not only numerous, and scope, can be said that Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and "three religions" exist, the saints, Tianzun, with the Buddha. In addition, some so-called gods and folk customs are unique to the Qing Dynasty Manchu shaman ritual, yet also have a place. Buddha in the world, the Forbidden City, called "Heaven and Earth Spirit Zhenzai three realms ten million" complete set, God latent is extensive, stately. "Chinese Heritage" version fired from the present "religious Forbidden City" column, amuse Beijing Palace Museum's experts refer the position to readers.
Some people trust namely Confucianism is a religious function in the society with a strong ideology, is a quasi-religion. Since the Tang Dynasty in China, often shrieked the Confucian Confucianism, and with Taoism, Buddhism collectively, the "three religions", it seems there is a definite reason. Confucianism is "benevolence" as the gist, "courtesy" as a normative moral philosophy. This "gift" too provides as the world, ancestors, canoe, mountains, ancient emperors, the ancient sages such as the festival is the feudal emperors must do daily homework, not sloppy. The so-called "businesses of state, in worship, and military." This "worship" refers to the Emperor individually chaired over by the highest class of cultural activities in the lawful temple of God. The Old Beijing's "eight-nine altar temple" is advocated by the emperor during the Ming and Qing Li and pro-worship of the highest level of official sanctuaries. Fengxian Temple of the 8 house and center in the Forbidden City Palace. The sometime worship, the latter offering the ancient emperors. Another cavity worship castle, Itsuki is also Confucianism content is be narrated under.
Fengxian Temple is the Imperial Ancestral Temple, located by the east end of King Square, dry wash transport appearance the door, the Ming emperor worship location in the uterus. Gu Yun: "nearly entire the day, nearly human ancestors." Since ancient times, Chinese people spliced magnificent importance to ancestor worship. In particular the activities of the emperor's ancestors belong to the ancient etiquette of the first 5 - Kat ceremony of the "big sacrifices." Moreover, Zhou clearly states: "Gentlemen will be doing the palace, the ancestral temple for the first." Fengxian Temple is located outside the southeast turn of the Forbidden City's Imperial Ancestral Temple and palace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the early Ming Dynasty when Beijing construction, and meantime the construction of the palace. Fengxian Temple is "going" fashion of the word house, before and behind the temple by the middle of the hallway double as a single thing. Front Hall Miankuo 9, deep into the four, yellow glazed tile eaves Dianding veranda, the highest level of Dianding regulation. Hall after the aboriginal set out the Holy throne of God Dragon, basket for fruits beans circumstance, Hong silk circumstance, I hope the case, esteem for the case. Clearance system, where the synodic (first day of every month, fifth), Wanshou St Festival (Emperor, Empress Dowager birthday), New Year (first lunar month),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the winter solstice and state-owned Daqing, offering the front hall.
Apse Miankuo nine, deep into 2, yellow glazed tile hipped dome. Eaves hall after each divided into nine rooms in agreement with, worship God after the Holy column card apartment for the regulation of different generations. Each room, each with shrines, Po-bed, Po seat, Hui clotheshorse (hangers), the former set for the case of light candlestick. Clearing system, Whenever the Holy Christmas, column after column Ji Chen and Lantern St., explicit, Ghost, frost, old, etc. In appending to that segment, this memorial; who met VI, book stand, canonized, Royal Jingyan, Geng Jie , Ye Ling, Hunting, back to the party of Joseph Ji Zhu, are Guji in the rear.
According to the "Explorer Imperial Imperial Household Rules," logged in the front lobby a large festival each annual, 26 times, 33 times in the rear commemorative. In this access, no ad hoc temporary Guji, 59 times. Throughout the year, the dictator and out into the Fengxian Temple, busy for enough of the. When the Ming and Qing throne adore into sharing, recommended a current, 祫 Festival, attempting several regal ancestral sacrifice. Enjoy the time apt enjoy the 4 seasons in every spring, summer, autumn and winter of the premier month (Meng months), pro-line along the emperor (sometimes sent above behalf of Minister Christine) of progenitor adore activities.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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