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beijing 1 daytime tour

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PostPosted: Fri 4:03, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing 1 daytime tour

Summer Palace Temple of the bloom planting flowers and memoranda of 2 landmark - the existing park in the south of Beijing University Yannan. Breakdown of 2 high stone roads, deserving to years of air and rain of the invasion, in increase to the monument stone dragon pate, beautifully and "final always" apparently apparent, the milestone 80% of the personas who are not remove, the reporter about face near to the memorial, one along 1 word identification, they would know the efficacy that the Emperor Qianlong in the bloom garden toward the Mid-Autumn Festival and the disc, until you watch the inscription ashore the "Summer Palace Great Explorer, Christine Hutchison," the words defiance sure this is the Winter Palace of Growing Flowers memorial.
The behind of the monument, only the words but also recognizable, can be speculated that it is a account of. Yannan Park in the past to be fewer, so the stone still maintained intact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only a few left monument on the right side of road cracks, there are few positive rubbing rubbings because black mark left by blunder. Wenyuan Pavilion Tablet - The National Library of Wenjin Street branch door, the reporter saw, in the "National Library," the plaque to be placed afterward to the stone lions in front of the lion sculpture is quite fine, very mighty facial expressions, Sphinx is also engraved with the naughty little Lion. However, the lion on the right toe, the reporter found turned out to be re-patched with Portland concrete, and other parts of cement patch at the scene. Court to find the source text of the monument took some twists and turns, because the Court in the eastern of the source text of the garden stands the two stone tablets. Carefully identified to know, the left piece was then time to construct a repository library for legislation, the right of the Court is looking for the source text of the monument. It is understood that the source text of the inscription for the Monument Court, thirty 9 MENG Dong Qianlong Yubi "Wen Yuen Court in mind," were written in Chinese and Manchu.
This reporter saw the front of the Han, Manchu, the text is still legible, but the monument has "scars." Cracked in numerous places, some places have been broken off cement repair, crack huge area, was also a colossal iron bar nailed, visitors peruse it from the vicissitudes of history. Qianlong Yubi stone plaque - Tian Xiong, general director of livestock on the advice of the reporter into the "Garden" (the native NLD Guest House), rotate left is a miniature rockery, the mountain has running water, in the evident position of a stone plaque inlaid with , data recorded on the stone plaque Qianlong Yubi "Xichun chasm." Stone plaque on the stone but immediately the word has been identified is illegible, almost a 15 min of the affirmative experience of continuous water-soaked stone plaque has yellowed. Stone plaque is distinct stone front, carved with the verses on the opaque, apparently, a few cracks in weathering, the aboriginal exterior has been impossible to dream, but the stone was lacking the left upper right corner square inch of land. "We all know the Yuanmingyuan relics, Qianlong Yubi know, but distinct chip of history not one knows." Monument on top of two pieces of rockery stone detour to the protection of their easy, these two stone has been to water repellent, but it seems still profitable.
Orient House, the Summer Palace from the doors into the first pass is Renshou Dian. Ren Shoudian ago there was a brass unicorn has been nigh the fence, the former because the Yuanmingyuan Garden Gong Menqian Changchun accessories. Middle School chu square ahead the house has a half meters, ranging from half apt four meters of stone Wufeng large lake, which is the Yuanmingyuan old things. Fly in the ointment is that these artifacts do no like the stone treads of the gate as the source stated. A excursion navigate told reporters, copper unicorn is the Empress Dowager Cixi in 1881 from the Yuanmingyuan Summer Palace in the repair move over, he explained to the guests will be mentioned in this anecdote. But he did no kas long asseveral Yuanmingyuan lake is too an age stone matter. In four minutes more than a dozen excursion guides take guests to annotate here, merely merely mentioned the three guides merely copper unicorn from the Yuanmingyuan, the remaining guide only describes the history of unicorn, legend. A adviser did no advert Stone Lake. This reporter studied that the extensive bulk of guides are conscious of copper unicorn from the Summer Palace, just because of the period to ignore this detail and that mention that this does not matter.
North Unnamed Lake has many cultural relics, which turned the water the lake shore west of the end of the Western Building stone fish is the Winter Palace in harmonic Trolltech, a large fountain jets of water, while the border at the Weiming Lake in the north of the western isle of truce Bridge House, formerly the Western side of the five-hole appearance in front of a Bridge. Turned red-brown stone fish tail, head and tail kneeling it Young, like a carp to Yuelong Men, but departed the original fountain in the other "partners", is exceedingly lonely, and now it is only to attach the water plants and falling leaves . If it were not catered the Yuanmingyuan Administration Western Pingqiao pictures, the reporter could not find it, and the data show different is that this aeroplane in Weiminghu less on Western-style Western Pingqiao stone railing, deck and railing wrecks in the almost hidden traces of worn out, apparently railings had vanished long ago.Reporter in the interview process, the number of school students, instructors, staff, walker queried if the educate knows what the Yuanmingyuan relics, unfortunately, only a few people can reply a few written up that source of artifacts, most people are said they did not know. A middle school students in school uniform are amused in turning stone fish tail, a reporter asked if he knew the history of rock fish,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even if that mark is on his feet, he did not response up.
Along with improving the quality of public civilization, over the years, the emergence of a number of stone artifacts donated to the actions of the Yuanmingyuan, the stone folk to wash their own family,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], wharf moved, very ardent. But what should not be unity of action, so that back scattered stone Quartet Yuanmingyuan? Schools which are still controversial. Yuanmingyuan fix the problem as it involves so much more perceptive to stone return to combat.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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