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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Fri 4:47, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

The lower left turn of the shade, there Shuxie's "Hua Shi Hu Bogong drew" written by Chinese and curtate "HubertVos" sign in English, Chinese who are handwritten. It is worth mentioning that the label of Bo Hua Hu Shi was the award of the Empress. English practice and in consensus with the order of the names of Chinese who translated into Chinese writings for Hubo Hua Shi, Hua Shi Yi-Kuang and previous to the portrait of Li, who is signed aboard the Chinese Hu Bohua disabilities. Empress that, along to Chinese custom, before the family name ought be in the name, so Teci its Chinese name is Hu Hua Shi Bo, the Hua Shixin then approved. Corporations are the details of the stuff, merely it reflects the dominating position in the nation knew Empress however not as good as foreign, but the mores of this country is still full of trust.
You reception a few days ago that the one pair of the Summer Palace to inquire of one abandon island in the story. Fortunately, I work for a few years in the Summer Palace, a mini knowledge of its history, so the grass into small paper one, poll for your news, hoping to benefit people comprehend the Summer Palace for adoption and your weekly. Summer Palace, Kunming Lake in the winter ice cover, there is always adventurous guests may be a abandon island in northwestern Lake preoccupied to the center, antagonism the discouraging lubing landing closer look: I saw on the island turns dense woods, full of dead leaves Shop, debris-strewn grit, difficult to appliance, is a wild place inaccessible; especially amazing is that the island stands a tall solid double thick rammed world wall remnants, showing where the elemental may be a tall buildings. Of the year most of the time, the island surrounded by clear water, No Means to pass, only a lot of habitat for brutal birds hovering, there is said to haunt Snake. A I do not know what year the legend began quite renowned, said the year here is a Regency eunuchs water dungeon in murderer detention. In fact, whether see at the history of the island and its buildings, guests can heave to the said dungeon for more than nostalgia to popular views!
This island is the Kunming Lake in the three large islands (the other two is the South Lake Island and algae Kam Tong Island), an of the Qianlong emperor to the construction of Qing Yi Park (previously the Summer Palace), the inherited royal garden in the Qin and Han Dynasties "an water Three Mountain "model, that is, the water garden in one inflated set of three islands, drifting in the East China Sea in order to symbolize the three" mountains ", reflects the imperial garden of the" fairyland "kingdom of the pursuit. The walls of the island is the remains of the building that year, it is shrieked "rule Mirror House",[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], was built in two decades, Qianlong (1755),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], about twenty-six years in the Qianlong built a group of tall round castle-like building. Castle Total inside and outside the twice circuitous wall, diameter of 59 meters outside the city, situated east, south, west, north and four-door, and the gates were embedded in the top of the theme of Emperor Qianlong four-character stone volume: "show quoted lake" " Bin Feng picture "," clear with Spring Melody "and" Punta Island haze ", respectively, best chant like Ferris around the landscape. The top four walls were built a spacious viewing pavilion, four between the sixty pavilion veranda with a surround outside the Lake of the Four built a beach pier.
Heavy walls among 35 meters in diameter, circled at ponderous walls with relative also built outdoor the four metropolis gates, doors Shangshih sum for Qianlong Yu Shu, south to the "South China Autumn," North to "Beiyuan Spring Mountain", the East as "Long Dong Ying-hui "West for" chilly condensate Xiling, "not only when the landscape always nigh in the Wing favor cleverly embedded in the four instructions, four seasons is likewise implicit in the timing. Two inside and outside the walls of detachment among the cited water, inside and outside the four stone gates connected among the frame. The top of the internal city likewise has a three-storey cruciform towers, hanging from the bottom were written by Qianlong, "Perception," "may Cangzhou Fun" and "governance Mirror House" tripartite board, among by the Court to create a second column the third floor of the arc, the south east and west sides are symmetrical viewing peak retention to construct 2 four-party compartments. The architecture at public expenses, aggressively chase the singular Guiwei fashion, as "Penglai Island haze," the plaque, Qianlong, who distinctly thought the mountains of Joan Tower's simulation.
In truth, the "mountains Joan Tower", or "fairy world", or equitable Qianlong of the pursuance of gardening art fashion, from the Qianlong Court, the heading of the rule mirrors and verse, he did express extra of the building by reality or their own political ideas. Qianlong left a aggregate of 8 poems Ode governance Mirror Court, almost every capital city to be endlessly named Court to illuminate the meaning of governance lens. Among them, 5 years of Qianlong's "governance issues Mirror House" in the relative statement of the most complete. The poem reads: "lake Zhi City Court, to the question, saying administration mirror. Is covered with puzzling, application of the Si Yong. One mentioned mirrors the antique rule,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], good governance and wrong governance. One said mirror Imabari, King wins and idle triumphs . King is the political good, the CAS and customs are. lazy, its political malign, arrogant and Jun Chen fluent ... ... "Governance is Governance, mirror to see the fact back, governance mirrors House surrounded by water, waves can study a lesson, when boarding, and are Qianlong to remind myself to forever learn from history, see the truth behind political affairs, Min, do not lax and elated country.
Genei mirror from the time the rule of the furnishings, can be seen here, most human tin not obtain comprised in the softly place. Floor and second layer are equipped with king-specific horizon, throne, Luan Ling Gong Shan and play pictures and text and additional precious items, three are because a copper body and a massive number of wooden sculptures glue because the apparatus. Future generations tin imagine, such a solemn and gorgeous place, can be secondhand to retard prisoners it?

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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