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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Fri 6:21, 25 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours

The south of the metropolis of Shimonoseki. Off the southern tip of the trench south of the jaws, merely also the south of Pass. The next wharf, said wharf in the Northern Wei, Northern Qi, said the summer population, Yuan said ahead the South Side. South Side, just ahead the Ming Dynasty, attach with an major barrier. South of the city 2 years Ming Yongle (1404),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a north and south gates. The value of "off the south bolt and opener," points apt the importance of geographic place. Two separated at less than 150 of feet 200 weeks namely about ten feet wall, there are see fortress, Tower 1, defending the metropolis pier 4, and Feng Baihe 9. Today, the North gate and walls no deposit, two residual stand solo city pier ashore the east and west ridge; the South Gate of the remaining openings, the city wall, roof and heap back not; tiger wall approximately 5 meters high residues, residues of about 3 meters , for a chapter of the residential places south walls.
South of the city since archaic times as a battleground, the ancestors of "something the North, South Side, we must first by the soldiers," the gifted monograph. South Side is a small town, small town there is a major accident. Not to mention far, an that in August 1937 in the south of War (Battle), the Chinese military to the spend of 3 million folk annihilating 10,005 thousand. The sanguinary fight against the Japanese outstanding feat one o'clock, the spirit will forever shine through tenacious enemy in history. Two mountains in the relevant folder that is the Pass of water to known hazard. "Lu" in the "world nine Cypriot, Guyan first" records. Ju Yong Qin Shi Huang, known as the Great Wall from the period of "Xi Ju Yong Tu", which came to forced portering, his soldiers guarding the city in this fix. Pass the time in the Yan State called "Guyan force", the Northern and become the gateway, the relevant subsection is satisfied on behalf of the Northern Qi Sui, Tang said Jimen off, the military were shut, Pass, said Liao, Yuan was satisfied that the bowl off. Although changing the appoint here, "off" means has not pushed.
Pass is the doorway to Beijing's northwest, is guiding to either (immediately Kaiping) of the arteries. Hongwu years (1370), the throne to stop the harassment of the north south of nomadic horsemen, sent general Xu Da expansion of the tower in the Pass, gates, north and south barbican, the amount of gates, called "The best in the earth with big." And cross-Cuipingshan East,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Mountain West Cross set up a money box "Week 13, the high 4.2 husband," the city wall, and in beneficial place to build a watch tower, beacon towers and the mart room. Both built in the city and near the Thousand Shouyu, granaries, inns, Pan Palace, temples and other facilities. After decades of the Ming court, "according to Cypriot warranty system" construction, constitutes a complete and rigorous barricade system. South Side of the city of Guan City, Badaling pass city, south-west fork of the White City and Guangzhou, a long ravine city, town, etc. Border Defense, unified return Juyongguan Morimasa jurisdiction.
Yuan positive head is built Lama Taki years remains, the ground hole across the avenue vouchers for 7 years groove iron wheels and pathway. Hope is the only remaining white relentless columns, railing, drainage hydrants. Coupons engraved door by the altitude of the Mandala, the ten Buddhas and small statues. Carved on the wall favor four potentates and the Han, Tibetan, Pagba, Uygur, Western Xia and the Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures. Voucher Mirs face engraved on the stone, whale, dragon baby, devils and other patterns. "Ju Yong Emerald" for Yanping Eight. State of the Ming Dynasty who Changping, Fu Shi Lu Cui educate in the "Ju Yong Ji sleet" in the praise: "The Yinshan this in the North, lofty green ladder. Xiao watch Guyan snow, Yinshan suddenly in the West."
Town off the city on four bridges in the south of the countryside, situated west of the Badaling Expressway to the north where the water off the Great Wall 6. Description of the heritage monument: "the 1st year off the city in the Hongwu (1368) establishing, once an important military ditch off line." Pass the city previously known as the site of hazardous and steep terrain are not chamber because development. And 8 miles east of laborious terrain, troops favor the medium ground open. Pass then choose off-site reconstruction of the court. "Changping County," is written: "the city two years in Paradise (1404) rebuilt. Off the city east and west along the mountains, situated north and south two and tower. '185 on the circumference of ten feet off the city,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], watch tower, Tower 1, nursing City Pier 2, the beacon Baihe 12. '"off the city on lightly defensible, perhaps only then the soldiers have gone through personal experience of combat.
Jing Zhang rail and road repair, the city two and East wall was removed. Today, the Western Hills residual incline two walls half conceals, half in the bushes, the locals called "Broken City." City Reclining off at about 45 degrees on the ridge, Canqiang Embrasure, perforation is still apparently visible. Both to the men, and the city shut down the waste site off the city, only Pass renovated, clone the year with big style. Pass the door in the south of the high ridge on the west side, the "Seventy-ditch clearance King" - and Pan Palace. Its long history, now only keep a monument stone arch and Confucianism, the beacon towers, watch tower against the backdrop, see agreeable and alone.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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