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beijing daytime trips

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PostPosted: Thu 10:03, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing daytime trips

Into the Qing Dynasty, youthful folk, Xiling brights, when given the premier, a flash easy to main, or pond table is level, annihilation tin no be traced. At this point, Shichahai scenic areas have been gradually transferred to the before and after the sea."Ten brake around the sea approximately three years Hsu, lotus climax. South shade Jia Zhi, Dizhai sea, more avenue as structures, alternatively for the waterside, Lvchuang reflect it. West Coast a tiny desolate, but it is the premier Swiss Association for the most Premier Wen Lin the entire of China, Zhu Lou re-bar, mimicking the Yangtze River, with high willow brush is especially agreeable obtain. "(" Peach Blossom Temple Saint solution Diary ")
"Back door Guang Kiu Lake Waterfront, large like Waters nation, every had its area, Noir is from the autumn Brasenia settle of considering. There Qing Long Tang, water threshold, corridors, Xuan window four open, the height of summer into 1, a see Trapa natans between the Netherlands and the mallard Oulu Ludi, drifting up and down, Xunfeng Maid Accompanying chilly, splendid scent of the center, seems like three mountain exposure apt the sea. "(" Beijing dust Miscellany ")"After the sea when the sea is quiet and remote than ahead, inaccessible, and the waters are broad. Overgrowth of trees, airing slope Tuo, the two sides more than the temple, several parks, many male of sites. Yi-Jin Zhai family to the northwardly, poetry niches in the west, shrimp edible compartments, Willow Bay, Li Gong Bridge, ten stop sea are extracted here. Lake Mountain point of view, likewise here the most smooth. "(" Textual Yandu ")"Ruby canoeing under the bridge eastbound, rotate south, was Li Guang bridge, no pedestrian path secret shore, guhuai agricultural Yue, shade cover, such for painting foment." ("Zhi Yan Du Tour")
The upon paragraphs, won by the archaic paperbacks at promiscuous, three hundred years of the Qing Dynasty Shichahai natural scenery and cultural environments is apparent.In addition, a digit of temples inside and outside, the scenery is quite jolly. As the Ming Dynasty has been very prosperous Di'anmenwai launch temples, built in the rear Shuiting, sitting booth north, panoramic view of the lake. Lin Wang, Department of the South Palace blue sky, facing west toward the pinnacles outside the metropolis millions of much body indeed minced. North water meandering southeast Jishuitan saw, anywhere synonyms,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which is after called above the sea, before the sea and so on.Another example is the sea north of the booming post-Buddhist temple, "right approximate the more dormitories, mend spring green sheath, Ke Cong Wood Green, sea and apparently. After the platform, it can mu Xu, solutions with the Wind, cardigan enemy of water, not dwindled Ho is also in the Stream. " "Shuntian Chi": Ho Stream is situated in Beihai Park, the east beach, for the thirteen open Hin, a small short-lived lake, the bridges and the other side of the pass. Every summer, the Empress Dowager Cixi would come here to damage open, hearing to music, the breeze beating in the sultry heat altogether evaporated, cool and agreeable. Shichahai the banks of a temple, and additionally there can be comparable with the Ho Stream, it is Anna's view, be narrated as "a commoner to nobility arrogant" of.
In counting, in the north gaomiao Jishuitan hospital, had planted a crabapple tree fifty-six tall, brilliant roseate color, height Shu Zhang. Traditional British decorated jade blossom season, Hong wind explosions. This is the other temples do not have.As Shichahai Lake's beautiful landscape, so Qing Dynasty, the lawful residence of a rich pattern in the building by the King on the course to use more, it means taking Shichahai Kuwata Wei Tang, Lotus, as its own great garden. For instance, before the sea, the northbound Coast Hainan after some houses, the buildings do not disburse consideration to the front door,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but instead of facing the back door of carved small Shichahai Lou, constantly built of brick of a whole set of decorated second level door. On the lake there on the wall or windows, via the fan-shaped, peach, or a round or square through the window, you can throughout the year, from morn to night overlooked the infinite lake. The windows of the hospital buildings, and most are not the south, facing the sun, but the north, facing the lake full of lotus flowers, as is easy to watch.
With the common construction along King established around the existing scenery building Shichahai have been set off out. Diaolianghuadong's Palace, flags fluttering in the cafeteria, overlooking the sea in autumn Di-Xia Lin, even extra bloom drawing, beauteous. Especially forward the lake way, secluded silence song, guhuai Sen Yam, dissimilar school of aesthetic scene. This will inevitably vex a Bobo literati, stroll on the lake shore, leaving a lot of luxury and beautiful poem sagas.
"Mr. Li Zhangjiu manuscripts Lake Preface net industry" has such a record: Mr. Wang Xiaohang the West Bank while living lake net industry, built a small building in the lake, sitting in the building, you can look by the crystal Wang Jin Xishan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Liuzhou, so they chose the story of Yan, phoned "clip lapel." Dimba ambush, the early rain, sunny, the lake level length, Mr. David Chun's visit to East Cottage in the water, look for the boat, Mr. Hu, a lake will turn period. Eyes and ears of the poem penetrate the scene were recorded at that time.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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