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beijing metropolis tour

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PostPosted: Wed 5:58, 23 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing metropolis tour

History of Beijing's maximum important mission is to reinforce the military defense of the North of Beijing Yanshan construction. So to build the Great Wall became the megalopolis of attention potentates. There ahead the Ming Dynasty Great Wall of Yan, Sui Great Wall, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall Shiyou on the root of some of the old and build a more solid, the eminent Great Wall. The Great Wall, principally in the air in the Yanshan Ming Great Wall was an important military defense to justify the chief, with Beijing there is a "symbiotic" near relationship. This Road, the Great Wall for of its full 12,700 li, and was understood as the "Great Wall." The enormity of its construction, a long history, the impetus of the eminent, are rare in the earth, folk were reputation.
Beijing Great Wall section, across the mountains north of Beijing Pinggu, Miyun, Huairou, Changping, Mentougou 5 counties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the absolute length of about 629 km (of which 529 km long trunk, feeder width of 90 km.) The trend was relatively perennial and complete semi-circular. If their things, the distribution system of the North West to be the two docking, you can watch the age water hole in Huairou County, southwest of the watershed at (longitude 116 , latitude 40 ) has an manifest junction (shrieked the "Beijing node") , which nodes start, east, west, north and west of the Great Wall emits 3 alter specifics. Great east are dominated by single, only in the pass approximate the ring, multi-layer structure favor the city. West of the Great Wall is more complex, in increase to build a multi-ring approach the pass, floored wall, the Beijing Plain in the Yanqing Basin and among the two has also built a wall parallel to every other to form a solid double-depth defense system. One North West to the Great Wall system, in Beijing, chiefly within the single shape, the structure is relatively simple. In counting, the Great Wall also came across the main line extends on either sides of the enhancement, the enhancement normally a few hundred meters to several kilometers long.
Save the situation from the Great Wall, Beijing region is relatively complete. But does not interrupt continuous phenomenon is very serious. Some lots city body, the enemy elements, etc., have completely collapsed. 629 km Great Wall in Beijing examine, the cumulative length of intact retention for the 67 km, accounting for 10.65% of the total length of the Great Wall; the basic integrity of 56 kilometers, accounting for 8.90%; middling 116 kilometers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accounting for 18.44%; wrong 95 km, accounting for 15.11%; the worst of 295 kilometers, accounting for 46.90%. Great Online Total city of Taiwan (including the antagonist units, with wall units and war units) 827, where a good platform for the 391, 47.3%; bad Taiwan 436, 52.7%. City of Taiwan is basically a square or rectangular, and South Shicheng Hezijian only to ascertain five other radio station. In addition, half of Chengzihe north of Huairou County, also found that the city sets a rectangular building with sloping dome.
This manner of the city of Taiwan namely exceedingly infrequent. The Great Wall of passes, the territory has been base in Beijing, 71, and they were situated in the ravine, built ashore floor, stone framework next home coupons cavity, tin leave and possible water. General body off ground, a large amount of construction namely very solid. In array to solve stationed themselves by the Great Wall, storage and testing of weapons and additional issues, in decisive parts of the mid wall, also has a square, rectangular alternatively uneven fashion of the Camp, Camp City, has been base in up to dozens. Ancient Great Wall in Beijing of the main architectures of antique military ward, namely likewise one important cultural tourism landscape resources. It attracts a large digit of exotic tourists come apt Beijing tourism. Now open to tourist spots are Badaling, Pass, Mutianyu, Simatai, Huanghuacheng, general customs, along the City. With the hereafter expansion of the scale tourism, the passenger blots have been far from satisfying people's needs. Extending 629 km in Beijing Great Wall, there ambition be more singular landscape was gradually developed into passenger sites area. Great Wall, the world's cultural heritage as the world's consideration, will tourism development in the sunny flood of light radiation.
Beijing is not only a "masculine" to obtain the royal garden and to "show" to win the personal dwelling, but also a large number of palace ruins. Represents the so-called palace for emperors of ancient voyage outside the capital when the palace residence. Palace of the emperors in order to play or graves Ye Ling, inevitably on the road palace built for his residence. The old palace of time, the tempest and battle mar, most of them have convert mars or debris site. But it is like the ancient gardens, temples as a cultural landscape with heritage value. Beijing is an ancient capital of five dynasties, the Ming and Qing dynasties, a lot of construction in the suburbs of Beijing palace. The way of their voyage, maybe the distribution line can be divided into four palaces: the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty to the Ming Tombs on the course into the palace and went to hot spring bath palace. As the road close to the Ming Tombs, the medium palace only River "Gong Hua City," a; the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty on the road to the Summer Palace at Chengde Palace, about the number of dozens of these palaces are now largely mars. The third emperor of the Qing Dynasty palace on the road to the Xiling, the new surroundings in Beijing, there are several also holds relics or remains. The fourth is to Daxing County Haizi hounding palace, according to records there are four books,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], of which the palace is most noted Tuanhe.
"City", in the history of a particular conception, it refers to as a military defense Rhyme wall approximately. This multi-purpose building inside and appearance the city defense wall composed of two different worlds, the interior city in ancient times referred to as "City", outside the city, said, "Guo", it is also known as the "palace." Many ancient city defense building, no only has two walls, yet also defending the city moat, approximately the walls outside. The moat in the past known as "pool", which the city called "wall", the two mutual known as the "city land." Ancient City is to have a complete building system, such as the city wall section, generally 2 to 4 Horseshoe (big walls and more doors, such as the inner city of the Ming and Qing Beijing had nine gates), the city openings on the lofty tower, the city usually has several openings have several towers.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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